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  1. Never played. Is it fun or will it make me break my personal property?
  2. Trimbly

    Blood Donation RP

    Same for me I've done the regular one and the double red and never felt a difference from it. That being said I've also seen people pass out from getting a small vial taken. It should really just depend on the person if they want to RP that out.
  3. Trimbly

    Desolation Problems

    Happened to me. I had to close arma, make space and re-subscribe.
  4. Trimbly

    Mis-ID targets that were warned.

    If they are warned it's that person's fault. But I can also see it happening that group C never actually got warned and where mistaken as soon as they where spotted. During a fire fight I feel like everyone would just be shooting at what ever is moving in that area. Never really thinking a third neutral party could be there. Maybe just playing nice and being a good person is the right choice stop the violence bruh.
  5. Definitely not a bad idea but, I don't think this is necessary. You'll know what the alignment of the group is when you read their post. So this just doesn't seem like a needed thing to me. But I do like the idea in that it would make it go quicker to find the type of group you want but, I like reading through all the posts 'cause every single one has a bunch of work put into it. My two cents but either way great post dude.
  6. Trimbly

    Hall of Fame opens

    http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Rich_f09470_1431815.jpg[/img] PLEBS
  7. Yea it's pretty cool, get to see a lot of birds and put wet stuff on hot stuff occasionally.
  8. I said I'd be back in my farewell post so here I am. I went to MCRD Paris Island in August of 2014, graduated in November went to MCT and MOS school and now I've been with my unit for about a year and figured I could come back on here. I'm a 7051 crash fire rescue Marine if anyone has any questions I'll answer them. For right now I'm going to lurk on the forums and see what has changed before i get back into the game.
  9. or what you just wrote is in the foreign language. ooooooooooooo
  10. With out closer view and a zoomed out view I'm going to say those could be a farm set up of some kind maybe a prison compound. A lot of buildings where added to the standalone map so you'll have to explore the whole map again to know where all the good locations are.
  11. You might be able to get your guid and pid reset for your new version by a staff member.
  12. People have suggested interviews and it would be to time consuming and would require a much bigger staff. 98 people isn't much when this community has 10,494 members. I understand your frustration, but it states you have to be 16 and up to play on this server. You could have chosen to read everything carefully and lie about your age, if it was discovered you where not 16 you'd be banned though. Also if you are 16 you surely would have some kind of proof, in my country the age you get a learner's permit is 16. Right there that is ID and it has your D.O.B on it too. You could also get a passport issued or a state ID if you don't plan on driving in your life time. It just takes a little bit of effort put forth to get in if you truly are 16.
  13. I'm sick as hell, but thanks for asking.
  14. There's nothing there? It happened to Elissa so I give it 3 months before Melu is server owner. You mean to say that three Admins taking an interest in this thread isn't prove she'll become staff soon? What, are you banging the oracle that you stand up for it like that? It was an easy prediction. HA! You crazy Gijs.
  15. Trimbly

    Maybe a Change?

    This... Also with the Blowout's Bloodsuckers and the cold temperatures it will force people to work together and survive. Even if it was just Namalsk without the Epoch im sure people would enjoy it. I call BS on this.. It would more likely be more banditry to take peoples warm clothing they find.. I -1 to this especially if it involve replacing Panthera. Maybe if they replace epoch chenarus as some of us want something different for a change I say definitely keep Panthera, epoch chernarus can go though we all know the map of chernarus. Namalsk is nice, new and exotic in an apocalyptic sense. People will be more bandity in Namalsk I think also, but with a smaller map you might be able to get more random survivors grouping up and playing together. Pluses and minuses to all situations but a change of scenery would be nice.
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