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  1. After we've discussed it, I'd like to close the report, we've talked it trough.
  2. Yeah, the server time was actually 18:05, my bad. Well it did kinda sound like you, so sorry if there was a misunderstanding, I might just wait for the kill logs.
  3. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date: 19:05, 11.11.2019 Your in game name: Rob Black Names of allies involved: None Names of suspects: I believe it was Noah Russo @MasonnWB Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I start making my way to Green Mountain to donate some stuff to the charity guys, there I've met two other guys looking to trade something for a NBC suit. I believe 3 people show up in the watchtowers at the entrance, asking us who we are and if we're affiliated with anyone. After they tell the guys, that they don't have any NBC clothing at the GMC, they leave and I'm there with the 3 guys in watchtowers. I tell them my name and that I've been part of the NHF group and that I've come here to donate some supplies to them. One of them ( @MasonnWB ) then initiates on me, one of the guys from the GMC tells me to put my hands up and so does Noah. I put my hands up, Noah comes to me, tells me to put my hands down and drop my stuff. I try to explain to him, that NHF is no more and that I don't even remember meeting him ever. He doesn't care, tells me that he's going to grab all my shit. He then once again tells me to drop my backpack, etc., so I tell him that I just wanted to donate some stuff, but w/e. Then when I want to start dropping my stuff, I obviously wanna start dropping my guns as he told me, so right when I'm reaching for my M4 to drop me, Noah sprays me literally the moment I started reaching for it.
  4. As many people have already mentioned here, it's always about the people here and it depends on who do you encounter during your RP. I came back after +- 2 years of not RPing on DayZ at all, but I've been RPing on GTA for like a thousand hours and I must say, that the community here is something absolutely different, seems like people are actually trying to evolve their own and also the server's story and lore itself. If I should say something about the current state of server (in the RP and lore terms), I actually feel like actions here matter and it's not just a temporary situation, but people actually hold grudges here, keep promises, try to build a community, ensure trade, etc. So far I haven't had a single "badRP" encounter and I've actually had many unique situations, from providing CPR to an absolutely random guy that we've seen getting beaten by Zeds or saving a guy on a shack's roof, trying to get away from a group of wolves and providing him shelter afterwards. So far I really love the experience I've come back to starting from these random funny encounters to the overall large-scale situation with Anarchy and others on the server. But as many people have agreed on it, the best way to get into RP is by joining a group, as you won't run into so many people while you're just passing trough some cities, mostly because of the "political" situation on the server (which I love by the way). Most of the people are part of some groups and either have an outpost somewhere or they're trying to stay out of sight. I mean, you can definitely meet plenty of people by just rolling trough the Chernarus and it's always fun to run into some lone wolf with an interesting story to tell, but you're probably have more RP situations in a group. All in all, it's definitely an enjoyable experience and you'll meet a lot of great people here, so definitely give it a try.
  5. My POV is that we've been carrying our stuff from the shore to our settlement and while I was coming to the shore for some more stuff once again, I saw 2 people swimming to our direction ( @Fae and some other woman). I was trying to see what's going to happen, looked for any armbands they might have had and waited for them to swim to the shore. Then they've set up a fire and started RPing with me. A few seconds later @Pepper comes, so I ask her if she knows these women by any chance. She didn't know who they were either and acted a bit scared in the terms of RP. She had spoken a few words before she stepped back and started ICly talking on the radio trying to get more of our people on the shore, cause it seemed rather fishy. After a few minutes of RPing with them a bit, I asked @Pepper if there's anybody coming. She didn't know, so I ran back to the camp and explained what's going on to @Tyragand 3 other guys that were in the camp at that time. We started heading back to the shore, but during the time I've been at the camp, the people from the shore moved up to the ruins, where we found more people. One of them said that he's looking for person that pointed a gun at him and after we told him that we have no idea, he said he's going to look for him by himself. After a short while, everyone took off and went their own way. I was going on the road close to the east shore and then settled on the hunting tower for a while, to see what's gonna happen. I've seen them jogging trough the woods. Didn't seem really threatening so I climbed down from the tower. A few seconds later I hear gunshots from multiple directions so I had started running towards the rocks on the on the shore (while bullets were dropping around me) and hid behind them. Then I started looking with my SKS and saw @Fae running trough the woods. Then she stopped and aimed at me so I took the shot and hit her. Then I heard some footsteps and got sprayed from behind.
  6. Rob removes the back cover of his walkie-talkie and puts the newly-found battery in it and pushes the PTT. "Hey Leon, I've received most of your transfer, but right when I tried to reply, the noise in my radio cut off and the battery died. " "I tried scavenging the nearby garages and other places, but I've got lucky just now." "Yeah, I'm still wondering around this place and I'll be waiting for your next message." Then Rob removes his finger from the PTT and prepares to get back onto his feet.
  7. Rob sits down on the freezing floor of the airfield's radio station, takes out his walkie-talkie from the backpack, takes a deep breath and then presses the PTT. "Hey, my name's Rob," he says with exhaustion in his voice. "I don't know if there's anybody listening to this frequency right now, but-" *gunshot echoes closely* "-damn it. I'm currently located at the airfield near Stary and Novy Sobor. I don't know for how long can I keep on going like this. He takes a deep breath. "I'm really tired by only scavenging from town to town and I could really use some goal, that would prevent me from going crazy." "I heard about a group called New Hope Federation." "If there's some member of it listening to this, I'd like to chat a bit and to gain some more info about you guys." "Even if you're not from New Hope, but just want to meet and get a bit of a social interaction in this damn apocalypse, I'll wait on the airfield for a bit and we can even share a can of pudding I've found." "Somebody come please." "Anybody." Rob sighs and puts his walkie talkie inside the backpack.
  8. *Rob gets woken up from his daily nightmares by a voice coming from his radio* *Even despite the heavy buzzing, he easily realizes it's Mark and his heart stops for a split second* *He quickly reaches for the radio and presses the PTT* "Mark? Mark! What's going on?" *He feels dizzy even thinking about their base being taken over by a horde of zombies and bandit scum. Their base. Their home.* *Rob goes out to take a few breaths of fresh air and presses the PTT again* Mark, if you can hear me, I'll get to you as soon as possible. Just let me know where. What the hell happened while I was gone? *A wave of pain throbs in his head, so he releases the PTT and waits for the response*
  9. *Rob hears someone's voice, slowly opens his eyes and reaches for the PTT* Understood, Sergeant. Going to pack my stuff and will get out of here as fast as I can. *He checks the entrance to the tower, still being surrounded by a bunch of zombies* Well, at least I'll try to. *He starts to gather his stuff and puts the buzzing PTT in his vest, awaiting another transmission*
  10. *Rob leans against the wall and takes a few deep breaths, then opens his backpack and takes out his PTT* Does anyone hear me? *There's only a slight buzzing* To any survivors out there, my name is Rob Black, an ex-member of the US military. *He stops for a second and realizes, that it probably means nothing these days* I've been wandering around here by myself, since the ambush... *He gets a flashback of the event and holds his head in pain* I'm sick of these infected bastards, I'll go insane pretty soon, there's no doubt. Right now I'm stuck at the airfield, close to Stary Sobor. I'm resting in the radio tower, there's no way Zs would get all the way up here... *He takes a look at the swarming zombies wandering around the tower* Or at least I hope so... I have no idea for how long am I going to survive out here, the food's running low. I guess I'll have to scavenge those damn barracks once again... If you're receiving this transmission, I need you. We need ourselves. *He feels a slight dizziness, turns off the PTT and falls asleep on the cold floor*
  11. Rob was born into a poor family living in Detroit as a single child. His parents weren't the best, they weren't even decent. His mother didn't have any job, his father was an alcoholic and Rob was getting beaten a lot. Despite the facts, he cared about his family and he geuninely loved them. Even though he didn't have the best life nor family, he was determined to become a useful and respected person. At the age of 11, Rob's mother died of overdose and his father was relieving his stress by abusing Rob. Even those events didn't stop Rob from trying. He focused all his time on school, then later in puberty he started to work out and surprisingly, he became a respectful, honorable young man. He had to work part-time jobs to help his irresponsible father with the rent. One night, when Rob came from the work, his father was in his usual drunk mood. But that one night, he started to yell at Rob for being useless, smashed things and when Rob tried to calm him down, he pulled out a kitchen knife. The young man tried to disarm him, but his drunk father stumbled upon his own foot and stabbed himself in stomach. Rob called an ambulance and it wasn't any serious injury afteralll, but he didn't want to stay at home anymore. He joined the army as a foot soldier and served there for 4 years. One day, when they were returning from a mission, his unit had a stopover in Chernarus. It was swollen by the infected and their plane got stuck on the airport. He and his comrades had to build up and fortify in one of the airport buildings and resist the undead. More and more infected were coming and his team didn't have many options. After 5 days, some of the soldiers started to get crazy and because of their food and water shortage, some of them even suggested that they'll have to resort to canibalism. They had more and more weird ideas, so Rob didn't have any other option but leave. And since then, he's wandering trough Chernarus all by himself looking for some comrades.
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