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  1. Now i feel bad :((( apologies for the waste of time gearing up, good experience nonetheless
  2. Damn they really wanted our stuff! That's DayZ for ya, at least they got what they deserved, nobody robs from the twin backpack duo and leaves alive!
  3. @LilyKatzchen Very fun meeting you today! Wasn't expecting to find you twice and had a great time exploring the air field with Emika. Super crazy ending to the session though, Patrick definitely got my heart beating pretty fast. I'll see ya around! Also, i have never met a faster typer, gg no re
  4. Gizch


  5. Gizch

    Cool pictors :)

  6. another +500 for space virus
  7. As a groupless campfire RPer, I can confirm that robbery was one of the only things that brought me towards actual hostilities. Now I don't even feel at risk 90% of the time I play.
  8. I’ve got Ruby (Black Lab/Corgi) and Delilah (Slightly obese Golden Retriever)
  9. My POV: I met David about 30 minutes before and we ended up passing Matt and Quinn on a road back to Kabanino. David noticed the bruises on Quinn's leg and then after we had walked away, he told me that she was a hostage and we have to save her. From my judgement, I thought that Matt was acting a little suspicious so I assumed he was the hostage taker. David then called his friend (Max) on the radio and asked him to help us get her back. I agreed to try and help save Quinn and we started heading towards where we last saw them. I have my gun out but when we get closer I put it away because I didn't want to come off as hostile, I wasn't planning on robbing them so I started to start have a conversation, then Dakota goes to get water and walks away. Next thing you know, David and Max both had their guns raised and were shouting. As you can see in the video evidence, I start to back away and then I realized that it was too late to back down so I raised my weapon too. A few seconds after I raised my weapon, Dakota comes out of the house up the road and begins firing at us. I immediately seek cover and by the time I get behind something, no one is shooting so I go and try to help the hostages but they were all dead except for Matt. I then started scolding at David for shooting the hostages when they already were surrendering and apologize to Matt.
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