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  1. isaac lineheart

    The Quarantined (Media)

    *Play the bagpipes off the tower as are enemies draw close to us .* @StewieRP @Harvey
  2. isaac lineheart

    New Dawn | Media Thread

    you loved it
  3. isaac lineheart

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *The crackle of fire can be heard after he hits the PTT* "who died and made you Judge, Jury,and executioner? admiring you carve people up. Those are poor pick in words. As i see it my dear, you are just all talk and no bite. so for your safety and saving my brain cells. place! scuttle back into your whole before you get hurt. *set the radio down laughing*
  4. isaac lineheart

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    *takes a bow* you are really welcome, it was great seeing finally come over to island and have that RP with us. Hope to see you again soon
  5. Alexis Merko POV. We were at the prison Island talking about letting go of some prisoners. i was up in the tallest tower because we heard from friends we may be attacked today. soon i saw big group of people coming over to the island. i went a grabbed a mega phone and sound the alarm. From there i passed off the mega phone to Lemons. to where he gave a verbal worrying to get off the island. from there fire fight started. i was hit a couple of times from the the top tower. soon i moved down to the lower parts of the prison to help keep the gate protected. around there i show a man from a window who was trying to break in. this person being "Hassan al Abhari." . after that, more people would die until it was a 3 people with in the prison. Dean Lockwood,Constance DeVoe, and me. we had a stop in the fighting to try and talk out the issue;however, nithing could be agreed on. Soon another crash would come. And then the reason to this report happen. I was not able to see it. Then I died
  6. Alexis Merko - pov We were heading out to take Pepper to some of her friends, and when we got down by the little shack by the docks on the prison Island i saw something was up because bags where laying about the ground. Then they told us to drop are guns. by the time they said that Tiger was shot and killed before he had a chance to even act, from there i ran away and they shot me in the back.
  7. Before we start sorry again, i hope our talk before hand may have helped clear some stuff up. also, i will be out with family stuff it may take some time for me to reply, but this Invalided kill as to deal with me and andrey. so i will post my POV now. POV- We ( Crim and I) heard someone was braking to our base at the Prison. Crim and i were running around looking for who ever broke into the prison. we did give a verbal warning to 0-anyone who was there that could hear," if you don't come out, you forfeit your right to live." after a bit more running we found a man at the front gate. ( Andrey). He was at our gate, and we told him a couple of times to leave, but after a bit he didn't so we initiated on him. when i open the door and i walked out to tell him to move in. he did.Then i went to close it. From there, a man who i couldn't see open fired on me with out a addiction, so my reaction was they are a group, so i moved and shot, and killed Andrey, on the assumption he would pull is gun out also. from this, i acted on my reactions that the person we had could pull a gun on me when i got shot and it lead to me killing him. ( POV-ended)
  8. @DrMax @Pepper @Brayces @Ouromov and anyone i have missed, Thank you all for the great fun, and RP today. Rivers, it was amazing to finally see you and this time no one lose their head. Pepper, i enjoyed meeting your character today. Ellie, AT FUCKING LAST we got you, we suffered almost 3 days to find you. thank you for the RP and see you again soon. Jaro, Well looks like this time our story start off with out the want of me killing a person. see you again soon
  9. *he hits the PTT , and the mans breathing is heavy * " my name is William Bucter, and as of now the men are in somewhat okay contention but its a bloody mess. place come quick" *turns radio off*
  10. * He wakes up from his quick nap and grabs the radio* "we are not far from the town of Vyshnoye. we can meet there if you want? but, it may take us a bit to move the wounded. also to help understand are injures we have 3 men shot, one being me, and the other two are in more critical condition, and there is one more guy who did it. he is badly beaten, and may have broken bones. I hope you can come fast" *sets the radio down and has someone help him out*
  11. *the man pulls himself up off a medical bed and picks up his Radio * " yes hello? we very much need doctors now. me and a couple of others were shot last night by the men who needed help. it is a long story as of now. when you hear this get back to me when you can. i can give you the location when i hear back . but for now i am going to roll back over and sleep. bullet wounds are never any fun" *sets the radio down and goes back to sleep*
  12. *Merko hits the PTT* "hello, we are in need of a Doctor who is able to travel to us, we have 4 men who need checking on, also if you are psychiatrist that would be much welcomed. we are in much need of one soon. *lets go of PTT*
  13. The build anywhere mod Is amazing when it comes to building in places that nornmly would not allow players to do so;however I only see one issue and thats people crunching 2 to 4 different part together to make walls or towers that stand 20 feet up. So minus that everything seem okay
  14. *traps self into a set and takes a notebook out as a friend starts to from him south to Chernarus* Dad and I never really looked eye to eye. We had our difference ever since I left. Being Born in Gorka was a great time to grow up, but something about being there just never felt right. so I left and went to the US to study oncology. During there it was amazing. soon I found out what happened back home. being stuck in America was horrible. I thought to my self if there was any chance I could to get into the country I should take it. so after about 4 months, I found someone who could take me on a boat half way. but the rest I would have to walk, and I thought walking around in a hospital was bad. After getting on land I start my long trip to my home. over the time I heard rumors of what was going on there and some stuff about dad. wasn't sure if any of it was true until I got close enough to start picking up radio transmissions. some of the transmissions I heard were quite weird, but whenever I heard dads voice something about it made me want to get there faster to be with my family again, and at last, i am here. * steps out of the car and looks over the small town*
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