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  1. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." Micheal Javert joseph victor Delmont VII seems to be a man who had daddy give him everything in his life, but the truth is his father never once wanted him. Because of this his father disowned him. his grandfather who was a scientist took him in and watch over him. The grandfather came from his mother's side of the family. later in Micheal, he would take up his grandfather mantle of being a scientist. He went back to London to study. When he finally graduated, he had some of the highest marks he could get. many people wanted to bring him on and use his skills, but he declined. During this time he used this time to become a modal for a short time until he got one job from the United States. a very hush, hush job. it was called the roots of the zodiac (RZ program). Each member of the team got a name. mine was Leo. the work would lead him to south Zagoria to study the outbreak in the country. for some time he did leave the country to keep his work going, but in the end, he would return to keep up the study on how humans are now reacting to being in this hell for so long.
  2. Link to the source of punishment Why the verdict is not fair: NVFL-Lying Additional statements/comments: this will broken into two parts. if you see CAPS is mainly to point out parts. (part one lying) During the fire fight you can hear in https://plays.tv/video/5da4fba7ee7df2d03c/idk from 18m on, i only give a warning to the people outside the walls " if they keep fucking with that lock we will start shooting." they kept doing this and this can be seen as them forcing our hand to take actions to defend . I never meant to make my state meant for this to come off as a threat, and i DID NOT KNOW this could count as initiation . along with that you can hear in the video i never knew if i was initiated on. I NEVER INTENDED IT TO BE INITIATION.ONLY A WARNING. We were then told to put are hands up ( due to padlock being dead you can not hear this in the video) and THIS IS WHEN I PICKED TO START FIRING. I find this to be a unfair ruling because i was only warning people during this whole thing and did not see this as a initiation because no one has ever done this and i have never seen this happen before. (part two NVFL) When running to the shore of the prison, anarchy was there and i had to choose to lie or they would known i was a prison island member, and they for sure would initiation on me, and very sure they would of killed me too. to try and get out of the issue i picked a fake name and started talking to them. also stated in. Lying In character does not give them a reason for killing. (do note i know they have execution rights from pass issue now, but ill get to that part soon) after a while they start putting the peace together, BUT NEVER ONCE INITIATION AND I NEVER SAW MY SELF UNDER CUSTODY OF THEM. I DID NOT SEE RULE 4.6 WAS IN EFFECT BECAUSE OF NO INITIATION OR GUNS BEING POINTED AT ME. I still felt i had control in the situation somewhat and had a choice . (helpful info but do note it is not complete and it shows me in a small box where i choose to walk to ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=23&v=qIYwCF5jJGk (they also state in the video at the end, that they think they will get permed or reported. THEY KNEW THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG, OR IT IS QUESTIONABLE ) DURING THE VERY Aggressive RANT by the guy on hesco he still never initiated on me and his comments i saw as mainly insults. If they did not shoot me they would of kept having RP and could of asked for PK rights, but they picked to shoot first. Also every character would act different in this case counting on if they are being held up or not. As for merko people know he has big mouth when he is not in danger, but changes when he is and would be more respectful. I find this ruling unfair because i never once were initiated on and it was RP during the whole thing and i never saw my self in danger of the issue and still was in control. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to get Alexis Merko back , and have NVFL and the lying taken off. If one can be appealed i wish for the NVFL. What could you have done better?: I could of had a better understanding of how Initiation rules can be done , and pick better choice of words during both situation that i was in. i also can see i could have made much wiser choice in the action i took.
  3. To clarify Jim. We are not an official group on the prison which means we do not share kill rights or initiations because of that. if one of my guys initiated, he initiated on his own terms and I never did. I only started fighting because I was initiated on and was not leaving the prison. Which means i never initiated. you guys successfully killed me in that fight do note. I have said before, if i was not killed you would of had your answer who i was but i was still killed
  4. Yes we have taken part in multiple conflict with them but not as the aggressors, along with that they've attacked the prison 3 times within the last four days. 2nd yes that video is incomplete they need to add the parts they started talking to me if they can. Also I know you can assume people off by voice but you didn't have any proof or full evidence that I was the same character. I could have switched characters sometime between the time I came back. The only time you could fully know it was me is when I had to do my // to inform you I had to leave soon Lastly, my character would have no recollection of who the attackers was because I've died in the last two conflicts so I didn't know who you are I also still want to note I was never initiate on onces. Which never once put me as a hostage. It was RP over the situatio, a long with that if they wanted to execute my character they should have asked for PK rights Subnote if this was a meant for trying just to get people banned why would this be my only report I've ever posted? I'm simply doing what I should be doing and putting up a report on a rule that was obviously broken Also add on to one of norways comments, I only inform you that I had the log soon I never logged and got out of the situation I continued rping to the very end. Also second note you can hear at the very end of them talking in the video that he could be reported and Parmaed. Which obviously shows they knew what they did.
  5. Norway, i am not here to argue,But if i said 1 i am guessing i missed putting in the 0. Never the less i was never onces initiated on or turned into a hostage. so I did not have to comply at all with what you asked, but i did to keep up the rp. I kept Rping until i was shot. If i did not get killed then you would of had your answer who i was.
  6. Server and location: 1S Shoreline of Prison island Approximate time and date of the incident (01:28) Your in game name: Alexis Merko Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: (unsure) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (none) description of the events: After spawning back from dying on the island hours ago, I work my way down in the dark on my own to get close to the island so I can log back out. when there I see people in orange armbands. They start talking to me and wondering what I was doing and why I was passing by. I gave them a statement that "I am going toward Cherno", along with that I gave them a fake name to cover up who I was. from this I went ahead and had to do // have to leave soon. but did not leave because i was still in RP and was just giving a heads up.From there they started acting more like they knew who I was even though minus having to do //, they had nothing to go off of minus maybe a voice. From there I started laughing because the person who shot me was using a variety of harsh and rude insults. because of this I couldn't hold up the act, and laughed and stated something on the lines of, " cursing just shows you are not intelligent." lastly i get shot my the person who was insulting me, but during the whole time they never once initiation on me.
  7. posting my POV because it been a long day and i need to sleep POV- after waiting my hour from dying before, i return to the island which i was told negotiations were going on. from this i came to the conclusion the fighting came to a end. by this time, no one who was apart of the original initiation was still alive. I found a yellow car and made my return and found my self face to face with the Federation group, and a friend. they talked to me for a short second and gave me a gun so i can use to walk back to the main part of the prison . before we even made if half way up the small hill by the docks at the prison a person shot me and killed me. during that whole time i did not ever hear a initiation -end of POV Note- i did go to a staff member about this issue and he cleared up some of it on how ruling may be taken.
  8. @PropaGandalf hippy hoppy! had a great time with you at the prison. thank you for being a good sport and make sure to visit again
  9. Today the prison island colors fly over the prison
  10. Prison islands new floor mat.
  11. still i see it as this. off brand is a general term. Own brand makes no seance because at that rate just call by the companies name.
  12. you darn Brits call it own Brand which is so damn weird 0-0. we Gun loving, beer drinking, American loving people call it Off brand. i think we can agree between the Brits, the Canadian, and the Americans this talk won't get any where.
  13. @Harvey @Pepper *mouth hits the ground* i am struck on how amazing that talk was! i was just watching and was emotionally stricken on what i should of done. Amazing RP. thank you all so much.
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