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  1. isaac lineheart

    *You suddenly hear the Chernarussian language coming from your radio*

    * the Doc hits his radio * Hey, listen i am Dr. Merko. i am from Gorka. anyway, pass who i am. your wounds are going to need more than just a normal doctor to fix that issue. I have had a couple with a wound like yours come by lately. If you need a doctor who is from here that you can trust come see me in Stary soon. ill have the doors unlocked. * turns radio off*
  2. *Hits PPT* " how so? the fuck you talking about?" * lets go of PPT*
  3. The sound of soft piano music can be heard in the background as the Doctor hits it PTT* " hey, Moody you alive? it's Doctor Isaac Merko. I think we need to talk. I am in toploniki." The doc let go of the PPT and waits
  4. * man name lou can be heard messing with a radio but unknowing he doesn't note it is working and on, then a door opens and merko walks in* "you're still messing around with that piece of crap?" " Fuck Yeah! i almost got it. you See doc people need to hear the good stuff . and if i can fucking get this peace Russian junk working it will be great." * the doc looks and see the radio is turned on and points it out to* AH fuck! yes, it works! Hello all out there today starts the first day of the patriot radio on 89.5 system. my name is Lou Wolfic . Have a fucking marvelous day! * the radio starts to play a blues song and keep going on*
  5. @Jackfish @deserteagles72 and the tradesman franky, it was great finding or running with all of yeah. fisher your guy still gives me the creeps but still love seeing you in game My dear none talking a friend, zero words were said but the action alone made it amazing, just no shooting me in the back. lastly, the man who made it the best. frank i loved what you are doing and how you talking. i hope to see you again and we shall trade for a good time.
  6. @Jackfish @ScarletRose everyone I had RP with today I enjoyed it all too much. Rose next time lets not shoot me in the leg, I like walking, but i loved seeing katie today and having are story closed up a little more; however, the doctor is looking for a lovely assistant so the offer stands if Katie shall live on. Now Fisher, my dear Crazy ass mother fucker. 100% love the new guy you are playing, and I am hoping we have more times together. enjoy being sick now.
  7. * As Isaac rapes bandages around his wounds, he thinks back to some old memories and takes his radio and turns it to frequency he knows all too well* * with a low almost weak voice * " Fisher if you can hear this know I am up and moving again." * a long pause happens. when he comes back his voice sounds more lively than ever" " to everyone else who may hear this my name is Doctor Isaac Merko, and today I am returning to the one thing I know well. I will be attempting to reopen a clinic for everyone, but I do know as soon as this goes out, my enemies will be at the doorstep waiting for me." * a mass of static outs out the rest from there until it clears up * "Shit! damn static." " anyways. To those who hate every part of me, I know you may never forgive me for what I have done, but know I am sorry and I do live with the wrongdoing I have done every day. for now, more information will come out soon about the clinic. this is doctor Isaac Merko signing out now " * the radio goes to static*
  8. isaac lineheart

    It starts now. [126.23]

    * the doc hits his radio and takes some time before saying anything* "My dear, if justice, power, or the seeking of good things is what you are going for, then you don't. This country, these people are damned to their own never-ending hell. A dream like this was thought weeks ago and it turned to a bloodbath. I will say this. if this is the road you seek then may whatever higher power out there protect you, and if you never need a hand, I know some good heart people. *the Doc sets his radio down, and grabs a bag and start filling it, then the radio goes out*
  9. isaac lineheart

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    * he sleepy reopens his eyes to answer in a weak voice * " a story that is vast. one of trust, one of betrayal, one of war, and still I can't find an end to it all. I still alive, but fisher if this is truly you. know as of now this is the second time the lady of black as allowed me to live and not welcome death. The bank sought riches that cost more than bullets. it was the cost of blood and a lot of it. A wedding came to an end. she was left with a mark. one I won't ever forget. but now I am here because of it all. laying in a bed with wounds that should have killed any man. I hope you can understand, I can't say where I am if I do I may be dead the next day." *let'ss go off the PTT *
  10. isaac lineheart

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    * a heart monitor can be heard beeping in the background as the doc sets up and turns his radio on. He holds the PTT down for almost 10 minutes but finally answers* "fish... I... " * the doc struggles to speak but is unable to get the words to come out. soon you hear a door open and a woman comes in. she talks to the doc about wounds he has received and that he will have to stay at the clinic for a couple of more days. soon she leaves. "I hope you heard that" * he sets the radio next to him as he lays in the bed and allows the beeping to sing him to sleep*
  11. my name isvlad , i was born in chera, in Stary i think. i lived with my father Ivan who was a tank maker. he was good at his work i loved watching him. my mother was a teacher, but like my father they hated. they said i was a mistake. my father would a lot of the time never want me around, but he did love me even if he would get drunk a lot of the time to stand me. when i was 7 i started to notice something about my father he would at times act different and sound different , but soon that would fade because my mother would die soon. because of a sickness that he got . then it started those things came and i was scared. my dad said what i should do if i got lost but we got overran and then, he was bit. after that i ran away.
  12. isaac lineheart

    S1 | Kabinino | BadRP/Avoiding RP/NVFL | 2018-12-1| ~19:00

    yes, i was talking to him about it if there was metagaming, then I checked with sleepy about the ruling about what he said why he knew. so i already said i know i am guilty from what is put up. so no need to keep going on about it. just get the 3 people to read it., and hit me with the ban and points
  13. isaac lineheart

    S1 | Kabinino | BadRP/Avoiding RP/NVFL | 2018-12-1| ~19:00

    well, I don't think i have anything to really say that won't get me BIG fat L. ( so I plead guilty now ) right off the Bat the NVFL yes i will admit i did run. i only saw three guys from where i was so i thought i could make the run, but when seeing the video there was no chance. second the BadRP i gave RP and kept to it, however, I didn't know about the ruling on you take face look from the forums, so that was me fucking up and not knowing. lastly avoiding RP, i was stuck between that i just got meta-gamed when they found out or not. I went to check ( also get a sandwich )along with that hostile RP did not truly start until right before the crash/ whatever took the server down. but then did come back after checking with on the rules. so i rejoined. as of now the evidence that is given does not side in my favore. from 17minutes in when it all started really, and when after the crash, and my rule check i was back around 30 minutes. so with how everything stand i do plead guilty
  14. isaac lineheart

    'Cowboy' to Doctor Isaac

    * quickly picks his radio up* "Shut it David. You murrdering ass, if you are going to say anything tell are friend here my handy work on Katie. Tell the truth and dont slander my name like moody. *leta go of the ppt and waits *
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