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  1. MY bad, I was on vacation for a few days. This can be closed since I got over my frustrations.
  2. Great job! Copy pasting rules? I can do that aswell if you'd like me to give you a definition of every rule you broke so far. And again and again you change the story each of you says something different so can you do us all a favor and stop repeating the same damn story in different ways everytime.
  3. yes we settled this report in teamspeak and this matter is over.
  4. What? Are you actually reading what you are typing? I don't need to know someone's name in order to make a report. I don't understand where you are going with this.
  5. Why does it matter if he did anything or not? He only had a pistol and he clearly didn't want to engage you both since you had assault rifles. Also why does me not knowing your name have to do with anything?
  6. You never said "hey man are you sick or something" that's absolute bs. Both of you guys were very loud and hostile trying to surround me and the other guy that was there and it wasn't no value for life because the other guy that was there was my buddy and we were in TS together so it was a 2v2. I don't know how you think that's no value for life. I also never pointed my weapon the video will show it once it's done editing.
  7. Server and location: S2 Zelenogorsk army base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21-07-2016, 2:30 Your in game name: Tony Lorenzo Names of allies involved: Louis Parkerr Name of suspect/s: Michael McConnell , one other guy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I will be uploading soon Detailed description of the events: My friend Louis and I were looting zelenogorsk army base, when two men approached us and were acting hostile, they kept trying to surround us and didn't want to let us leave when we were backing away. My character then laughed and they instantly said "Tony, you are acting very suspicous because you are a cannibal". I told them I'm not a cannibal just let me leave and then they proceeded to get closer to me and one of the men with the green camo outfit initiated on me and I raised my gun and we shot at eachother at the same time and I fell dead.
  8. Exactly what Kyle said, I couldn't of said it better he's been constantly going back and forth with you guys. I don't understand what you guys are trying to get at with your lies. You change your story with each rephrase and reply you make. Not only did you commit a failed initiation which only gave us 2 seconds to comply and dumped mags on the others just because I ran to cover you also KOS'd Kyle while he was complying. You do understand that lieing in a report is highly against the rules right? Now I can really tell you have either not read the rules or need to reread them a few times.
  9. ok, I don't understand why you didn't expect me to shoot you when 1. My friend Kodak and I were on the stary road and you come up to him and say GET ON THE GROUND! And you shoot right next to his head and I'm literally infront of him seeing all of this go down while in the same teamspeak channel as him. I wasn't even in your teamspeak channel so I don't really understand what this report is about. Again, you came up to us we were not in the same teamspeak channel and you initiated making us both go on the ground and then you shoot a spray of bullets next to my friends head. How am I not supposed to kill you when I have the perfect chance when you are turned away from me and you had just tried to rob both of us? Not to mention a bit earlier you were also extremely inappropriate with your chat, I don't really know what that's about. But some people in game were actually grossed out according to their ingame reactions. I have never seen someone with this trolling behavior before and I've been playing DayzRP for a good while now. Dusty, to answer your question after killing Mikhail both my friend and I ran all the way to the outer edges of zelenogorsk and kept on running to komarovo. I will be honest with you we had an extremely long run since we jogged it and RP'd with some strangers we met up at pushtoshka. I thought 30 minutes had passed but I guess I was wrong, I know rules are rules but I was literally at the bottom of the map far away from stary and out of sight of anyone who could be a potential enemy. That's why I felt as if it was safe to log out.
  10. After seeing your video, I'm totally in the wrong. From my screen it was extremely laggy voices where all I heard were stuttering words. Which made it sound like we were getting initiated on.which made me jump the gun to quickly, I have never shot somebody like this and I'm honestly not sure what came over me I was just so scared when I saw you guys walking up to us and as you guys got closer and more hostile my heart just started racing so fast. And I made the mistake of just killing you when I thought it sounded like you initiated on me. I'm not going to argue my POV anymore because I clearly made a mistake and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. My friend and I were sitting in the field when two men approached us. They were being hostile and saying that we need to get out of their country. I then told them "look we better get going were not looking for trouble". And then as we are backing away they say "you aren't going anywhere" just seconds later I see them raise their guns and all I hear is a really laggy voice and all I hear is the words drop your So we raise weapons and shoot.
  12. ok, stop avoiding your mistake and just deal with the consequences. Blah blah blah "you guys said this to us, you called us this and that" can you just not live up to the mistake instead of just whining? Come on dude you misfired and you are giving bullshit "I couldn't control the recoil" story and then blaming Kyle for not going prone. When the video clearly shows u shooting him stopping regaining your gun stability and then headshotting him. That kill was def not a mistake on your part and the vid clearly shows it was intentional. Come on man
  13. Honestly, I have nothing to say since Kyle already mentioned everything which I was going to say. At the end of the day you misidentified your target and will face the punishment. It is even stated and recommended that NEW PLAYERS SHOULD AVOID BANDIT/HOSTILE PLAYSTYLE WHEN NEW TO THE SERVER TO AVOID REPORTS. And I feel as if you probably didn't read the rules. Cya
  14. This can be closed due to us disclosing the matter outside of the forums.
  15. again you admit to KOSing me correct me if I'm wrong but in the rules it states that before taking a shot you should identify your targets, and like you said we did not initiate hostilities and just because Kazimir raised his gun doesn't mean you can just turn and shoot me when you didn't even have KOS rights and I also did not do anything hostile to you, all I tried to do was talk to you and you just tried to walk away and avoid RP and when we finally got you to stop you just shot me up.