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  1. Im David Llorente and i bornt in Jerez a souht city of spain famous because of the international circuit of motorbikes, like i said i bornt here, in a village near the circuit, all weekends i went to see the bikes and one day i said i will be become the best rider of Spain, but my family was so so poor..so i couldnt buy a bike and start to train, but this didnt stop me, since i was growing up i was becoming more smart, and i dont care from where take the money, hitting people, stoling, trafic with drugs, i really didnt care, all i wanted was my motorbike and go to ride, but this was expensive, and the money that i was winning wanst enought, so i knowed a traffic dealer, he had a job for me where i could get a lot of money, it was simple, just go chernarus, a city called Berezino, here a worker will give me cocaine and i needed to put on my back and return to Jerez, i think i could do this was soo simple, but i never thought what i would see..when i arrived on Berezino i toke the drug put inside my bag and fast as i can i go to the airport, but when i was inside really so close of my plane i heared shoots¡¡ i looked behind and i saw how a couple of monsters bit and eat the people, the polices were shooting but nothing they still eat..i saw blood every wear, the panic started..the people running for all the ways, suddenly the gates of my plane closed and just they lived...i was caught on the airport people diying everywhere, the few police also died now eating other people, this was maddness¡¡ i needed hurry up and exit that hell..i breaked with a chair a big cristal and i could jump out of the airport i saw a motorbike, i stoled and just i run away the fastes i could, i could find a TV and i put the news, all channels were talking about the same, something a epidemic, something about we cant exit the country, something about quarantine, what the hell was going on? i was cought in a foreing country with people killing each other..i only could do one thing..survive, i growed up in the streets..i know how to avoid people, i know fight i know survive i wont die.