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  1. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a standalone GUID Reset //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset
  2. PC build

    If only it had the FX-8350. If i were in your shoes I would build a computer, but whatever floats your boat in the end.
  3. Back story?

  4. Signature Making For Free [CLOSED]

    Something military themed, maybe an apache or a m1 Abrams tearing through zombies . Says: Micheal Axe Morris, First sergeant , and US Army.
  5. Which skin should i get?

    civ 4, civ medic, civ suit or whatever works
  6. Shotgunshells rework/ crafting

    Not a bad idea actually, Shotguns are most definitely under appreciated, and giving them more appeal seems like a good idea.
  7. DayZRP Epoch Server

    I really do love epoch, the whole base building thing, its epic, but i really don't think lockpicks or locking cars, or anything of that sort should be implemented...
  8. [GAME] Predict the future!

    false, i am indeed a cat the next person is a donor
  9. New Player!

    Hey! Well first off this isn't normal dayz so make sure you read the rules a few times. Things are very different on here compared any normal dayz server. Rules: dayzrp.com/rules.php
  10. [GAME] Predict the future!

    False - the next person is eating some type of food.
  11. Cooking canned food for more health

    I like the idea +1
  12. Hello

    Hey man! Hope to see you on the server.
  13. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Cat, because they are sly and agile and loners, just like me! (Minus the sly and agile part). What's your favorite place you've been to on vacation?
  14. Got new kittens!

    u have just melted my heart. They are soooooo cute
  15. Tom Clancy is dead :(

    Well there goes a wonderful author, and all those great Tom Clancy games... RIP