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  1. S1 | Invalid Kill | Vybor | 22:44/6/24/17

    No video evidence on my end either. Walters POV; I had woken up in Vybor Industrial building, to being held by 3-4 Gentlemen. They didnt have very serious hostile intents but wanted my Mask and other misc things, which is fine, I had no problem with that at all. They wanted to read German bible literature and just talk, but then Quiet( @Kittendo ) and Neil ( @Jamie ) approached through the door. Neil was told to drop his weapon, which he completely complied, hands raised and all, but then about 1 or so minutes passed and one of the Robber's men dropped to the floor with an arrow in his head. One of the men in a Gorka Helmet and gas mask, approached Neil and executed him without any hesistation. There was no reason for the execution and they tried saying that it was Neil's friends who killed kill him, so he deserved to be killed. The others that were roleplaying, did not kill anyone or cause any issues, the man in the gorka helmet was the one who was completely hostile the entire time. A bit tired so my account might sound a bit off, but if you would like more information, please feel free to message.
  2. Safe Zone.

    I'm just throwing this in here, this goes back to 2013 to present, but we have had safe zones before, I'm sure alot of you other elders that have been around as long as I have, remember all the camps and safe zones we had on Mod. It was a blast, back when Raven ran the trade post and safe zone. Now, don't get me wrong, I thoroughly had some amazing experiences and very good times when we had proper zones setup, but in my eyes DayZ SA is not setup for that. I think, personally, it is a good Idea, I believe having safe zones ran by players with IC consequences is a really good enhancement for people to kind of figure out who's who and maybe for other characters to meet new people and maybe find their place. That being said, I feel like the atmosphere on DayZ SA has changed, as well as the player base that's come in and that's not necessarily good or bad, its just a new generation of people and gamer's. I feel like provocation is a major thing in safe zones, mostly because the intimdator knows nothing can happen to him/her, which creates unnecessary OOC tension between people, this is just my opinion of course, but if the two characters IC can squash their beef with each other then and there, then of course it would alleviate some of that malicious intent outside of the safe zone. This is just my old school two cents on the situation.
  3. Just got whitelisted

    Welcome and congratulations. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    Couldn't agree more brotha. Its unfortunately the way that all games are going this day and age, negativity is no longer a motivation for Game company's to fix their shit, they take it as negative and they think their game is perfect, so they end up censoring everyone from talking about it. Which is complete fucking madness. This is how I feel the DayZ Media team is when someone comments about their game in a negative way.
  5. Help me convince my friend to buy DayZ

    I agree with these Comments for sure... The Dev's really could give two shits about anyone on this game and really could care less about what we want or what we think of the game itself.. It really is by definition "The Worst best games" you could buy. That being said, there are so many opportunities, memory's and friends to be made in the Community that stands behind DayZRP.. All the things that happen to you, all the glitches, bugs and other misc things that kill you, those can't compete with all the fantastic friends and memory's that I have made on this game. The hilarious moments, the sad and almost tearful moments that I have had on this game, have basically made me feel as though the 20$ that I spent back when Standalone first released, has already been paid back in memory's. Just my two cents.
  6. Rising from the dead

    Its always great to see the old times still around in general. I see ALOT has changed, but the personality's that I always enjoyed are still here to the fullest.
  7. Hey everyone, just recently came back into the community, after a very long long break. Been around since 2013, back when Mod was still poppin and then switched to standalone for a few months before taking my LOA. That aside, this is the one community I keep returning to, even after taking a long break from DayZ. I will probably be taking another break starting next year due to going into the Police Academy, but up until that point I'm just trying to have as much fun as humanly possible. I hope to create many more memory's with you all and it seems that there are plenty more new people to meet and talk too, but I still see some old faces as well. Anyways, its good to be back and hope to play with some of you very soon.
  8. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I am requesting a GUID Reset. Seem to have put the wrong one in when I entered it for SA. // Cid GUID reset. Please enter it on the whitelist page.
  9. Thats what happens when you play with cannibals LOL. No it was a grenade! Hasn't your mother ever told you to not be silly with explosives? hahaha.
  10. Just got whitelisted!

    Congratulations on getting white listed.. There are loads of tutorials and areas to get help at if you need it. Hope too see you around the server
  11. Thats what happens when you play with cannibals LOL.
  12. After the patch, at some point, maybe, hopefully? Sounds like its coming in the next patch
  13. [SSC] Life Among Us

    Outstanding, this will be a fantastic addition to the server. It'll really make the simulation of DayZRP Feel even more real. Great job Moxy!
  14. Appreciate it, hope to have some great RP's in the future with R.S.M.