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  1. Kaiju47


    Just be prepared for robberies lol. Just be cool and collective and most people are going to treat you nicely. Might lose a gun or two, but you’ll be good.
  2. Kaiju47


    DayZRP has been one of the best RP spots ive ever been in. After almost 7 years being around DayZRP, and I still love it. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Welcome. Picked a great place to learn.
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  5. Hahahah! Watchman is a glorified American.
  6. Thanks for having me. Hope I can put some of my medical know how to good use.
  7. Hello Brother ♥️

    1. Kaiju47


      Guess who's back, back again. 😁

  8. Why ya at my house bro, leave.

    1. Watchman


      Oh shit im sorry,

      my bad B

  9. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Samuel Cole born and raised in Sacramento, California, raised by his Law Enforcement dad and Nurse mom, had a pretty much normal childhood being taught morals of helping out in society and giving a helping hand, later in his early twenties he met his young wife who was Half Chernarussian and Half American, Her parents had immigrated from Chernarus because of the civil conflicts in the country, later on when the country was trying to rebuild his wife wanted to return to the country and help out in the rebuilding, so they both decided to head to the country and settle down with her old folks remaining in the country. After about a year in the country and Sam being hired as a Park Ranger in the country making sure the forests was kept in order and safe in the new country and searching for leftover Military Equipment in the forests and rivers. After about 6 months in the country Sam’s wife was raped and killed on a visit to a nearby Summer Camp for routine checkup as she worked as a social worker for schools and kindergartens. After the incident Sam started drinking immensely as he was somewhat lost in this foreign country where he didn't feel at home at all, eventually revenge ate at him and he used the skills learned from his dad and mother to slowly but surely hunt down the man who had killed his wife, fueled by unrelenting revenge he killed several people in the progress however the person who raped and tortured his wife was arrested and sent to the so called Prison Island, now consumed entirely by hatred and revenge he got himself arrested and placed on the prison island where he at first given opportunity stabbed and beat the man who had raped his wife to death. Spending his days in solitary from there on, eventually as chaos broke out on the island the prisoners as well as staff turned sick he was let out by some guard and he made his way out of the jail and eventually up on the mainland where he met another prisoner by the name of Joseph Colt, they had talked briefly in the prison and agreed to have each others back on the inside, not for any other reason than they liked the same music, and they seemed to both be able to handle themselves pretty well. As they roamed the now disease ridden country they met other people from the prison island or as they knew it “The Devils Enclave”. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. No video evidence on my end either. Walters POV; I had woken up in Vybor Industrial building, to being held by 3-4 Gentlemen. They didnt have very serious hostile intents but wanted my Mask and other misc things, which is fine, I had no problem with that at all. They wanted to read German bible literature and just talk, but then Quiet( @Kittendo ) and Neil ( @Jamie ) approached through the door. Neil was told to drop his weapon, which he completely complied, hands raised and all, but then about 1 or so minutes passed and one of the Robber's men dropped to the floor with an arrow in his head. One of the men in a Gorka Helmet and gas mask, approached Neil and executed him without any hesistation. There was no reason for the execution and they tried saying that it was Neil's friends who killed kill him, so he deserved to be killed. The others that were roleplaying, did not kill anyone or cause any issues, the man in the gorka helmet was the one who was completely hostile the entire time. A bit tired so my account might sound a bit off, but if you would like more information, please feel free to message.
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