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  1. Feels great to be back in the RP saddle after a long break and started it off with amazing RP. Big thanks to @Jackfish @Watchman @FireDude and @Franny for an awesome time. Over a years time without RP and it couldn't have gone better for my first day back. Thanks guys!!
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    Kaiju you son of a lovely woman

  3. Augustýn was born in Novigrad, Chernarus to his Chernarussian Mother and Father, he had a relatively normal childhood for a child born in the Khrushchyovka areas in Novigrad. In the apartment complex he grew up in he met Nikola a tattoo artists son who always seemed to be up to trouble.. in the Khrushchyovka's they lived in they grew close, and it was them against the world August always seemed a little lost in what to do with his life.. however following Nikola gave him a purpose a brotherhood and a companionship that was enough purpose for him.. following Nikola in his advances in the Tattoo world, being his right hand man, his security and greatest critic. The two of them traveled the world for conventions and when things started getting sour with Kola's business tattooing criminals in Novigrad and the police got involved, the two of them decided it was a good time to guest artist in another country before catching heat, they traveled to Denmark together and Kola worked as a guest artist there. Eventually they went back to Chernarus, Chernogorsk in the North Eastern Region of South Zagoria here Nikola opened a new studio with his new reputation in the tattoo world.
  4. Kaiju47


    Just be prepared for robberies lol. Just be cool and collective and most people are going to treat you nicely. Might lose a gun or two, but you’ll be good.
  5. Kaiju47


    DayZRP has been one of the best RP spots ive ever been in. After almost 7 years being around DayZRP, and I still love it. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  6. Welcome. Picked a great place to learn.
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  8. Hahahah! Watchman is a glorified American.
  9. Thanks for having me. Hope I can put some of my medical know how to good use.
  10. Hello Brother ♥️

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      Guess who's back, back again. 😁

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