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  1. Loved the RP tonight around the NW area, with a person that really enjoyed the thought of "playing a game" what ever that is ? I was starting to wonder if you were a good group to have protecting me! it all worked out well though! Thank you all. I had a great time and I hope you did to!
  2. Jicster98

    Echo designs

    Request type: Signature Color scheme: Black/White/Red Text: Stanley Aksakov Images: something like this if you can make it work? : https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fd1jrw5jterzxwu.cloudfront.net%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fstyles%2Farticle_header_image%2Fpublic%2Farticle_media%2Fwolf-of-the-moon-1.jpg%3Fitok%3D3orS7iFk&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Findiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com%2F2013%2F01%2F26%2Fhungry-full-wolf-moon-howls-outside-frigid-january-or-does-it-147264&docid=L6JRe82xZV_XNM&tbnid=BqnN1pTXLA1ypM%3A&w=600&h=450&safe=off&bih=955&biw=1920&ved=0ahUKEwjJk5ihj4zOAhXHCcAKHU3kBB0QMwgmKAowCg&iact=mrc&uact=8 Additional requests - Something including a lone wolf - I'll leave it to your imagination
  3. I'm not upset I died I just feel like it was a bit shitty on your half to be honest, surely you should have initiated with Kojo or at least before you shot me? And shooting me in the back of the head straight up just because you had KOS rights is pretty bad RP to be fair, you could have told me to drop my gun or anything. There is so much more you could have done in that situation rather than just killing me. Nor did you make it clear you were in fact a robber and not a victim, To be honest there is a lot of Ruleplay over Roleplay in my opinion.
  4. Video will be up in 10 mins, Everything has been cleared with Alex Gray as Luka killing him was a miss ID but that is all sorted : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-KOS-RDM-12-07-2015-7-47-GMT Video/My POV: 12 minutes in is when I get shot... (sorry for the poor quality)
  5. Server and location: S2: Vybor Military Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/07/2016 Time: 19:45 ish Your in game name: Stanley Aksakov Names of allies involved: Luka Aksakov Name of suspect/s: Izaak Shirko Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me, Luka and Izaak got initiated on at Vybor military base by a man names Kojo, Shots were fired we complied and were let go but Izaak was told to stay so he did, Me and Luka thought Izaak was I cool guy so we headed back to him to try and save him, We got there after firing at kojo and Izaak was ok, After walking around the walls a bit I decided to go under a hole in the wall with Izaak following me and try and flank Kojo While hiding behind a barrack and peeking out Izaak then shot me in the head without warning or initiation. Sorry if my explanation is poor, the video evidence is uploading at the moment and should be up in an hour and a half
  6. Jicster98


    The Storm is rolling in with the night...
  7. Jicster98

    [TAF] - The Aksakov Family [Recruitment = Open]

    Are you looking for a clan to join? Are you looking for awesome people to share your adventure with? And are you looking to help your country and fellow human beings? If you answered yes to at least one of these then we maybe the right clan for you! Come an join us in the fight to reclaim our land and establish our trading group now! Our world needs YOU
  8. Jicster98

    [TAF] - The Aksakov Family [Recruitment = Open]

    We're Back in business MotherTruckaaaaas! glad to be back-ish haha look forward to rping again
  9. Jicster98

    DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

    Jicster98 - JICSTER98
  10. I got civ medic.....its a shame, but its a gift non the less so I am greatful. Thank you Rolle clause
  11. Jicster98

    B-Day :D

    Happy Happy birthday!
  12. Well, I know no one will buuuut, does anyone want to buy me the DayZ standalone? for an early Christmas gift haha also what are your guys favorite features of it
  13. I would like this, however what if it doesnt fit your clan background? As a family we wouldnt wear specific uniforms? I'll try and figure something out but if anyone had s ome suggestions that would be much appreciated