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  1. The character I will be presuming in dayzrp is Curtis Jones (aka Bubba). 6'0 man, white, tough skinned and hard working, he's a good ol country who happened to be spending his afternoon fishing when he came home and notice things were missing his wife and kids who were once beautiful creatures turned into ugly malicious brain eaters, he had to end it all.. Once he became aware of the apocalypse that had begun he fleas in search of better places to survive, he ran into Chernarus and decided he was done with all the running and wanted to settle, but he can't do it alone and is searching for surviving people to help bring together a group that will try to out play and survive the outbreak in patience for a cure, currently alone and helpless he feels this is either the start of something amazing, or could be the end of everything he has worked for. he has realized his lifetime may not be long enough, but if there's one quote he has, it's, "I won't back down, a country boy can survive".
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