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  1. AlanM


    Jackfish has mine.
  2. AlanM

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    Love the graphics, hope to meet you guys IG.
  3. AlanM

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Jay Ashton IFF
  4. AlanM

    Dayz Vanguard Horde Media Thread

    My Arrival
  5. I really enjoyed my time in the event. If you managed to make it to the sprint to the south barracks that was great.
  6. AlanM

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I feel like we definitely need a lore wipe, that being said the lore wipe would be even better if we had the ranks like Loremasters back and do the same thing that Taryn done with the VDV. One thing I don't like is the actual seasons part, that's basically just telling you that you have to end your characters story and not be able to finish the story that you would like to end on and not have to rush last minute to kill off a character you could have spent a year with and instead just give us the lore wipe and from then we could get the option to vote when the next lore wipe when things get stale again.
  7. AlanM

    The Cavaliers [Applications Welcome]

    Good luck guys
  8. AlanM

    Free Territory

    Good luck guys, hope it goes well.