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  7. I was 17 years old, I lived in Glasgow, Scotland with my family. We were a poor family just scraping to get by with little to no money to our names. It was just me, my twin brother, Tyler, and our Mother. Our Father left us before we were born, we haven't even spoke to the man. Our Mother tried her best as always but even we knew that wasn't always enough and she thought we would be better off without her. She also abandoned us with no explanation. We were used to this shit by now and thought that we were in our own. Its always just been us both against the world. We lived in a trailer as that's all we could afford, I left school and got a job to help provide for us while my brother stayed at school. He wanted to go to University and I couldn't change his mind. He knew we couldn't afford it as we wouldn't last with only little money and never would be but I never told him that, I couldn't. The money I was making wasn't enough and had to find a better and more efficient way off making it. That's when I turned to selling drugs on the streets like most people do in this shit hole we call a city. Doing this plus my job we started to keep ourselves afloat. Of course I couldn't tell me brother about this he would make me stop it. But I got too deep in with the guy who was supplying me the drugs and he wouldn't let me go or he would "do something I would regret" as he put it. A few months passed and my brother was about to graduate high school and I was trying to leave the drugs behind before he finished. The guy then gave me an offer to get out which I had to take. He wanted me to take a trip to Edinburgh and deliver drugs to a buyer. I took this straight away but things never go smoothly for me. I was driving to the meeting point when I heard gunshots and the screeching of tires. I quickly walked through the alley to find bodies everywhere riddled with bullets. There was a man with a camera on the roof above me and I seen a flash and knew this must've been a set up. I ran back to the the car and started speeding home. On the way I phoned my brother and told him to get us plane tickets to anywhere of his choosing and that if he doesn't hes gonna lose me too. I told him about my stash off money under the trailer and to bring that with him while I drove to his school to pick him up before going to the airport so we could get out of here for good. We arrived in a place called Chernarus and stayed in a place called Vybor in an apartment building. It was small but it worked. It was nearing our 17th birthday the time the dead started to walk and we stayed down at the coast for about a year and a bit, but supplies are beginning to come short and I'll have to go further inland for more. Likes: -Running -Keeping to himself -Parkour -Red [The Colour] Dislikes: -Loud and Obnoxious people -Drugs -Large groups -Getting close to people Tatoo's: ----- Injuries: ----- -Keep his Brother Tyler safe. -Learn how to use proper rifles. -Find a way he can benefit with this new world. Relationship: None Family: Tyler Holt [Twin] Friends: None Enemies: None
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  10. I was 8 years old when we moved to Dyersville, Iowa and that's where my life suddenly got great. I know you people may think this is sick but my parents died due to a wiring fault which caused an electrical fire. This sparked something special in me, something that I felt has been with me all along. Electricity, everything about it just look so amusing and beautiful to me from the moment it killed my Christian parents. I was put into a foster home at the age of 8 and met a life long friend, Alex Carver, who basically raised me and taught me what I know to this day. We were so close. Alex couldn't go anywhere without me following behind in his footsteps. He taught me how to hurt people and how to care for myself without the need for anyone else. Alex had this obsession with hurting people with fire and told me I needed to think of my own way of hurting people and made me think back to the death of my parents and how beautiful and painful electricity could be. I messed around with a few wires and all the sockets around the foster home became my weapon. I didn't like doing it at first but Alex's ways grew on me. 2 years have passed, Me and Alex eventually got adopted. There was this girl there. Brianna was her name. She was around Alex's age I think, never did ask. We hated her at first and Alex was actually planning on murdering her. But he saw something in her. He saw the fire in her eyes and eventually we became a family and we all had one thing in common, we HATED our foster parents. They both came up with a plan, but kept me in the dark as I was "too young" to understand it all but I understood what they were doing. It took them months of planning and I mean almost a year but in the end it was definitely worth it. The plan worked perfectly and they even let me help out. Alex called me "the spark to the fire", I was hesitant at first but I sparked the fire with the two wires in my hands and that was it. We were free. On our own at last. *WIP*
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