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  1. 30 Days... and counting

    1. Chief



    2. AlanBrian


      Seeing how many days I can get on the server mate

  2. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Welcome @Spartan and @Clumsy
  3. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    It's finally up! Looks great.
  4. Remove the protection of simply running away

    The fact that we responded to them saying that we had to leave as there was someone who was close to death that we had to save. We had a doctor there who needed to get to him as soon as they could. I'm certain that we made this clear before we ran off, If we did not I apologise. We even told them up at Green Mountain thay we had to leave because of the urgency of the situation.
  5. #NewProfilePic

    1. Dallas

      How I feel every time I'm hanging with my ninja @FieJaxon


    2. FieJaxon



  6. Remove the protection of simply running away

    By the sounds of things, you basically want to take away a natural human response. Fight or Flight.
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. Factions and Settlements?

    I thought it was a good idea. But after reading everyone else's views and comment's I understand why it is terrible idea and agree we should not bring settlements back.
  9. Computer giveaway

    Ohhhhh! count me in.
  10. 10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    Free Hall of Fame rank? Give me it please.
  11. Anyone out there? [Open Freq]

    *Andrew hears multiple radio chatter and grabs is radio and presses the PTT* "Thank you Finn." "i will look out over there" *He releases the PTT*
  12. Anyone out there? [Open Freq]

    *Andrew pulls out his radio and presses the PTT* "Hello, anyone out there? I've been alone for quite a few days now." *He releases the PTT and waits for a moment* "I'm looking for my brother, his name is Joseph Green. I lost contact with him since the outbreak hit. I just need someone to reply, anyone."
  13. Bring back S2 US

    There are definitely not enough people at the moment for a second server. Wait for Beta to hit.
  14. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Andrew Green Age: 23 Country: Scotland English skills: Perfect DayZ Mod Experience: 2 months DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 year Roleplaying Experience: 10 months What kind of In Game role best describes you: Cautious Survivor Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: Best way to contact you: TS or Steam
  15. Andrew Green

    My name is Andrew Green, I lived in Scotland in the city Glasgow. I was living with my Mother and my brothers Joseph and Garrett. We were a common family, there was never any commotion in our household, we all just got on with our lives. I was just about to finish University, I was studying to be an English teacher. Then My mother decided to move to a country south of Russia. The country was called Chernaurus. I went along with my family and taught English in a local school in Zelenogorsk. The outbreak then happened a month or two after we arrived. My brother, Joseph, was training to be in the Police Force before we moved and fled from our home in Chernaurus. My Mother, Garret and I hid in our house for 2 weeks until bandits came banging on all doors. They broke in and to us hostage. They killed my mother while me and Garrett ran, I watched her get murdered. I don't know what happened to Garret, I'm sure he escaped, I looked everywhere for him and i didn't find his corpse so he must be alive. As for both of my Brothers, Joseph and Garret, I swear i will search across Chernarus until I have found at least something that can confirm both of your deaths.