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  1. Approved already... Congrats!

    1. Jaxon


      My man Clay and Hannah dancing

    2. Alan


      Man literally started season 3 last night and the end of 2 killed me.

  3. Finally approved. But still suck one @BrianM
  4. nom nom nom

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      Just finished nomming.

      Om nom.

  5. This guy is way cooler then @BrianM

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      I agree tbh.

  6. Don't you just hate it when people talk shit about your friend in front of you. Like of course man, I'm gonna back my friend up , Fuck you!

    1. Major


      "Tell me not what they said about me, explain to me why they were comfortable enough to say it around you."

  7. If you think about this things haven't changed too much. Find what people need, bring it to where they want it, and profit. I grew up in Glasgow, a quaint little area called Bothwell. With not many worries, we were an upper class family with plenty of cash to spend on curing boredom with everything from relaxing on our yacht to jumping out of a fucking airplane, we had everything. Living without troubles allowed me to pursue college and keep the family business alive. The family has always had a foot in the automotive industry. We had motor stores across the country and throughout England allowing me the liberty of travelling and working wherever I pleased. With my families distain of the English it left the managerial status of southern Scotland and Northern England up to me. Profits were stable but nothing to write home about with how my family had been running the business prior to me taking over. I saw room for economical expansion immediately. The first day was rather uneventful, the night however proved to be the chance of a life time. I was walking to meet my local dealer when the idea hit me. I'd ask him if he needed help to transferring his goods across the English border. Thankfully he saw this as an opportunity the same way that I did. I smuggled Cocaine through the load compartment of the cars and the transporters that delivered the cars across the branches took them through the borders. The best part is only me and a handful of my drivers knew about it. We made so much money from and eventually my family began to question as to how I acquired so much money so fast. My father found out and forced me to give up my position. He gave me an option, leave our company behind and my legacy. Or go to our new branch and resume management at our singular branch in Georgia. Obviously I had to choose to go to Georgia. I traveled over there and the money was shit, worse than before the drugs. Again I met a local dealer and struck a similar deal again and things worked out. Of course it was successful, some would say it was too successful. This wasn't my turf. It was owned by others, I heard mentions of them but I called bullshit on them. They confronted me and said I had a debt to pay. I'd like to say I played it smart and thats why they kept a close eye on me. We came to an agreement and I eventually paid off my debt. That's when they offered me a place with them but it meant I'd have to leave my families business behind again. I had an important choice to make. I joined the some what Georgian branch and left my life behind as a businessman. I still but the skills to good use. Eventually that was the beginning for the world going to shit. I survived with my people and as the time went on, we carried on. Trying to claim a place in this new world. That's when I was prompted to join a newly formed branch in a place called Chernarus. After the last people failed to take a foothold in the country. So my new story begins on my arrival to this beautiful but horrid place.
  8. Gonna have to disagree there.
  9. Alan

    The Dollars

    Doesn't the leader IC need to be the thread owner OOC??
  10. Well deserved and about time!!

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