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  1. mitchnana1

    DayZRP T-Shirts

    Id buy one they look sick.
  2. mitchnana1

    Recovery Sortie Order # 11306

    Is this like an event or something? So will there be millions of people gathering in that area?
  3. yes please Unsurprising. I will get you booked down for an appointment. When is my appointment? lol
  4. 16, England, like to make people laugh..but booked with a psychiatrist
  5. Friend told me to join with him and then he left... Awkward.
  7. Sir, my name is Dr John Atkin and I am a professional psychiatrist, having looked after those not quite secure within their heads. Do you need assistance, by any chance? yes please
  9. Listen to Valkerion. You need to read it slowly and I mean slowly, this happened to me but I was just trying to skim read it. Trust me its there you just need to find it. Keep looking and I hope you find it soon.
  10. none but im hoping to join one soon
  11. Hello There, have fun here and enjoy. This community is amazing