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  1. BigTy

    S1 | Invalid Execution | Kabanino | 7/31/2017 18:00

    POV: See I dont know what is this about and I dont feel like reading all this stuff im allready banned for a long time so.... You can go to my twitch channel and watch some video evidences if you want here is the link:https://www.twitch.tv/bgtbigty/videos/all Cheers fellows!
  2. BigTy

    "S1: KoS/FailRP in Kabanino - 07/13/2017 19:00 - 19:30

    POV: Denzel Morrison: I have a video evidence https://clips.twitch.tv/HonestAggressiveDillKevinTurtle right here..Its obvious that this was just an accident as he says:"Oh shit!" as the guy falls through the doors. This is DayZ and we all know that there are some weird bugs and stuff like this going on... So yeah..Here is video,here is everything it was just an accident..
  3. BigTy

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    Ok ,thank you and sorry again
  4. BigTy

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    No,I do not have a video evidence of that situation... Sorry for not repliying. Can I get unbanned now?plss I want to play
  5. BigTy

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    Well I mean I just teamed up with those guys...I didnt really understand what was goin on but at the moment when UN guy started fire at one of those guys I tried to defend him... I apologise if I did something wrong or stupid.... You get me fam.
  6. BigTy

    S1 BadRP | Kabanino | 7/29/2017 | 4pm

    Orite orite lads Denzel Morrison POV: So I just teamed up with those noice lads and we went to Kabanino.We saw some UN guys there,had a little chat with them and then we told them to cut their ties with Russians.So things got little intence so we told UN guys to put their hands up.They didnt listen,one of them started shootin my friend Devin O Donnell so I tried to defend him and shot at him but I missed and got killed.End of my story! You get me fam.
  7. Hi there,People call me Denzel. I was born in the New York very nice and big city in USA.My parents were both doctors so we had a lot of money and because of that I was going to best collage in the USA.As hollydays were gettin closer we were thinking where should we go.My parents really wanted to go to Europe so we did.First we visited Croatia very beautiful country.We had a lot of fun there.After Croatia we decided to go more east.On the trip we had to cross the border of old country called Chernaus.There was a lot of people waiting on the border to get in. At some point we just heard a shot and everybody freaked out and went crazy.Someone started shooting and we didnt know who was it but all people were grabing there stuff and running into the forest,so we did too. We were running thru the forest next to the border and found the hole in the wall.We managed to get in.When we got in I saw a house and we ran to it.We found some food and ammo in the house but no guns.My mum looked thru the window and saw a military guy at the distance and said that he is probably Russian.My dad pulled out the gun out of his bag.The guy was commin to our house.Dad told me to hide with mum in the cabinet so we did.. The guy walked into a house.Dad was behind the doors so when the soldier came in he just pointed the gun on his head.The soldier turned around and tried to fight back but my dad just killed him.After that we took some of his stuff and left the house. We were hardly survivng days.My mom got very sick and we couldnt do anythinf about it.She was slowing us down so we decided to leave her because otherwise we would all die.(It was very hard,but we did it). Me and my dad are still alive and trying to survive.
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