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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist Why the verdict is not fair: I think that the punishment is too extreme. I have been told that my blacklist is for an unlimited time. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I understand that what I did was wrong and I was stupid for doing it. I was just being impatient as I had already done the whitelist multiple times before the change over to standalone. I was making a character that was a brother of another players character and would have had a very similar story due to them being together all of the time. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to reapply again and have my blacklist lifted eventually. What could you have done better?: I shouldn't have been so lazy and edited another persons text. I also should have communicated with staff members before submitting the application as to prevent wasting peoples time.
  2. INFORMATION: Group Tag: [54th] Group Name: 54th Ranger Company Group XML: Here Group TeamSpeak3: 54th.teamspeak3.com BACK STORY Deep in the Chernarus wilderness, a former military encampment lay hidden among all the chaos of the apocalypse. Not one of the soldiers who were a part of the original 54th Company survived the infection when it hit, or at least, it is believed. See, the 54th essentially gave us our start. A new beginning, if you will. We don’t know who they were. We don’t know what they were about. All we know is that they gave us – the survivors – a chance to renew our lives, to let us pave our paths the way we want them to be. Our group began as nothing more than a group of like-minded individuals seeking one common goal: survival. Once we came across this encampment, we saw our ticket to success. We entered the camp’s uniform locker, spotted the military garb with that pretty 54th patch on them, and took on the mantle and name of the 54th Survivor Company. The 54th Survivor Company is a paramilitary organization dedicated to the survival of those within our ranks. The survivors within our ranks are all family, now. In this new, savage, heartless world, “family first” is the motto. Our Company operates under the mindset that if we believe something is necessary for our comfortable survival, we will get it in spite of what is in our way. Family First. Men from all around the world populate our ranks, and we all have that common goal of survival. Should one wish to become a member of the Company, they must prepare themselves to join an eternal brotherhood dedicated to that idea of survival, no matter the cost. Morality died when that plague of an infection struck; there is only life and death now. What matters to us, of course, is life. Our lives. Right and wrong have become subjective, meaningless terms in our eyes. Survival is what matters. We are here for us, for our own sakes. As long as this world is ravaged by this plague, it is all that will ever matter. RANKS: Major - Founder Captain - Leader Lieutenant - Co-Leader Warrant Officer - Veteran Officer Master Sergeant - Officer Sergeant - Officer Corporal - Veteran Member Private - Member Recruit - Probationary JOBS/CLASSES: Soldier - Fight the war, Raid the enemy, Patrol the territory, Guard the camp. Trader - Trade and Barter supplies necessary to keep the company alive and well. Soldiers will accompany you. Scavenger - Search and find supplies necessary to keep the company alive and well. Soldiers will accompany you. UNIFORM: KSK Woodland 02 (Black Face Mask OR Camo Face Paint) *More coming Soon* DIPLOMACY: Allies: N/A Friendlies: N/A Neutral: N/A Hostile: N/A Enemies: N/A APPLICATION: *Please PM this to Austin_Martin, and wait for a reply to come on TS3 for a verbal interview* [b]In-Game Name:[/b] [b]TeamSpeak3:[/b] [b]16+ Years of Age:[/b] [b]Country:[/b] [b]Timezone:[/b] [b]DayZ Experience:[/b] [b]Character Background:[/b] [b]How active are you:[/b] [b]What job/class would you like/fit into?:[/b]
  3. [attachment=1082] The Gusarov Brothers are open for business for anyone needing something extra. We are in many places but you can find us and our wares at the tradingpost. We deal in everything between heaven and earth whether you want painkillers or our special blend of jet.We could hook you up with pretty much anything, just come by the Gusarov brothers and watch your worries fade away. If you want our premium, high quality products just ask around and we will be there to meet all your 'medical' needs.
  4. Cool thanks. I was just wondering since it kept going up and down.
  5. Hi guys, i was just wondering how the whitelist qeue works. Is it when it reaches 700/700 my application gets reviewed or at 0/700?
  6. oh, i had no idea this was the case ,thanks. But is there anyway to change my progress with the whitelist?
  7. Hi guys, I made my first account back in June and uploaded my white list application. But while waiting for it to be accepted I tied to log in to my account and it said it no longer existed. This has now happened twice and when ever i remake this account all my progress with the white list is for nothing. Id really like to know what i can do about this because I've been waiting patiently for months to get onto Dayzrp and I just want to play ASAP.