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  1. I love bad accents mine is rough but improving but some of the Asian and African ones crack me up. I have to wait to talk again I'm laughing so much. I hope that they continue it is the racism that kills it stone dead. I hear a lot of "hey you white man" not a big thing but really grinds my gears.
  2. Des8559

    English-Russian Translations

    -snip- I not quite got the idea of the first phrase, it would be helpful to have more context. --- Proper: Spasibo moji druyg Thank you my friend (Спасибо мой друг) Southern: There no exact dialect based on the sides of the world. There is more specific thing called subdialects. They exist on certain historical territory and varies of cultural and historic situation. But here is another version of this phrase, it implies more friendly and closer friendship between two people (males) More friendly version: Spasibo drujishe! Thank you my friend (Спасибо дружище!) First phrase is my char nickname he is called bear as his father made him fight bears so he was known as bear. And thank you I will be using it once I have pronunciation better Des
  3. Good luck buddy hope to see you soon
  4. Des8559

    English-Russian Translations

    Phrase: it's more a translation I don't have crylic keyboard so used "hectn" as bear is this correct? What you want this to be: some southern dialect Phrase: thank you my friend What you want this to be: again proper/southern dialect
  5. It comes and goes appears to be a correlation with settlements and sever pop but that may be wrong
  6. As a personal opinion I value the life of my char and running solo at the moment seems to mean clans who take a settlement are only interested in what I have not rp it does sadden me I haven't been here long but that is just the way it has seemed to me from what I have experinanced so far
  7. Must say I was a little dissapointed in my being robbed the other day gave a few lead ins for rp but got nothing back really was dissapointing and that was from a big group. Guess everyone can have their bad days still hopefully next time
  8. I work with disabilities every day the illness I see and the inspiration I get from those people is beyond anything. The will to live and the strength it can produce is beyond measure. My friend I feel for you if I can help in any way just say. Attack this disease get angry fight for the things you want and you will not believe what you will achieve and remember drs always prep you for worst case senario they want to be proven wrong. So as we all say stay strong. And from me fight like the devil
  9. That was a good read buddy and maybe misty he is Pliny the elder and the miracle of the herring redone?
  10. Oh that's brought a tear to my eye so so beautiful.
  11. Character name: Boris Gagarin Clan: none Combat specialty: support/frontline cannon fodder Omg this sounds ace
  12. Da the Bear will help If anyone see blonde crazy person she mine to kill Bear will be there help others Da
  13. Des8559

    [Game] Giving ID's

    *digs in wallet pulls out justice league card "IM BATMAN" *