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  1. Born and raised in Philly, PA with his best friend Alec. He grew up comfortable with his family not having to struggle too much financial. When having to pay for most things his parents would take care of it. Being the case his parents were very loving and caring. He also grew up an only child so he got all the attention he could ever want. His father was an avid hiker and hunter which he took part in frequently. Usually camping in the mountains of PA for weeks at a time. There he learned plenty of survival skills and crafts from his father ranging from building a fire to skinning wild life. His favorite part was usually taking picture of the beautiful scenery. Most of the trips would also include his bestfriend/neighbor Alec. Alec was always around hanging out with and going on trips with Bryan. Jump to December 2019, Alec's grandparents invites Bryan and Alec to visit them in Myshkino, Chernarus. Bryan being the adventurous soul couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to travel abroad. Getting there Bryan knew little to none of the native language so Alec was translating ninety percent of the time. Alec's grandparents were very welcoming and accepting so it was a pretty easy transition between cultures. They were having a great time the month of December. Going to the ski lodge, hiking in the mountains, going fishing, etc. Then January rolled around. In the beginning, Alec and Bryan paid no mind to the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu thinking it would blow over in a couple month and everything would be fine. That was a mistake. In February of 2020, Alec's grandparents caught the infamous virus due to their weak immune systems. They went into intensive care while Alec and Bryan watched their house. A couple weeks past and they got word that Alec's grandparents had past. They planned to gather their things and leave in March to avoid more devastation. They were then told at the border they couldn't leave and were to stay in the country until the virus cleared up by government officials. Trapped in Alec's dead grandparent's home they began to worry when they would be able to leave. April went by quick. They avoided the riots and angry citizens and stayed at the house most of the month. Then, officials started going door to door forcing people to leave their homes. Alec became enraged at the fact they wanted him to leave his deceased grandparents home and downright refused. The officer grabbed Alec's shirt and shoved him toward the door at which Alec charged at the officer. BANG! Alec was shot in the chest by the officer. Bryan being dragged out of the house screaming for his bleeding out bestfriend on the floor of the house. Distraught at the sight of his bestfriend bleeding out Bryan went into survival mode looking out for himself and himself only. He was determined to know what happen to his friend but he remains hopeful that he was treated after being dragged out of the house. He vowed to find his friend until the end of his days. Bryan was brought towards the coast of Chernarus to a camp near the city Chernogorsk. The camp soon became abandoned by officials at which Bryan left and decided he should make his way back to Alec's grandparents house for a clue for where his friend is but being the fact he doesn't speak the native language he doesn't really know where to begin. Determined to survive and hopeful to find his friend Bryan is now wondering around the city trying to find a map.
  2. Oh my god! Thank you so much it worked.
  3. I need my PID reset. //Chris: PID reset, please enter your new PID on the Donation Exchange page. Hopefully it works this time!
  4. It will not let me activate it. I have nno idea why.
  5. I tryed and when i did it says it had saved but it says i still have to activate it. Yes
  6. When i press activate and go into the game my skin is not on. Ive been trying everything but its just not working. Need help please.
  7. Thanks for the information guys C:
  8. Okay i created an app and i was in place 14. But then i donated and got moved back to 24!! Someone please help me idk what to do.
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