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  1. Why are you two stories so different from each other? Don't you think Cody would have called RDM from the get go? We aren't covering anything, you come in with a completely different story to everyone else, even codys and the others were pretty well the same, why's that? As far as I know if random people are in on the initiation then they can shoot if said person doesn't comply Because cody is an easygoing guy, he doesnt care, he is understanding, I am too, but the fact that its being covered up is pissing me off too much. Its because most people here are bullshitting, you may not choose to believe me, but me stating that im ashamed of the community is all that I want to say.
  2. I was the Codys friend in this situation, I remember CLEARLY! AND I SAY COMPLETELY 100% CLEARLY, RDM ON Cody, I remember even someone firing a "warning shot" (RKM hiding in the trees,) Firing about 3 shots, and Cody falling to the ground, RIGHT as he agreed to cooperate, he started running, because of the RKM shots, and I know, that upon him falling to the ground, I heard "Oh shit oh shit, is he dead? Why did you kill him?" And the thing is, The guy that shot, had no association with SASR AT ALL, I recall two members of SASR online at this time. And to mention, I heard no threat of being shot. I was hiding nearby, because I knew my friend was in trouble, but this RDM is messed up, and whats even worse, is you guys covering it up. Im ashamed guys, really, as far as Im concerned, gunning all of you guys down was the best damn thing that could have happened here. (When I opened fire, I said "dont fuck with the FL." I didnt mean for it to be lost in translation.) As a community, you guys need to act better at this, We are a community, and shouting "bloody RDM/baiting/ghosting/metagaming/badrp" at every damn situation to be butthurt at, Is to be honest, is kind of getting out of line.
  3. Shanker

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    What was the clothing you put on? And what were you wearing? I changed from beginner to merc.
  4. Shanker

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    upon changing clothes your main inventory wipes (caused me to die as it removed my ammo.)
  5. Shanker

    DayZRP Bug Reports

    I jumped in a bus at stary sobor and automatically teleported to a base near the big dam up north.
  6. It was an issue with my Launch Parametres, But i fixed it now by using the dayzrp launcher which i had no idea existed at the time.
  7. Hey guys, sorry if this is an easy fix, I've tried as much as I can think of. I have installed the DayZRP 1.2.3-Full and dayZRP-1.2.3v3-Patch as well, and have tried launching through steam also. There is no message that pops up when I do attempt to join through six-launcher, however it does say that I do need to update my Beta to 103718, despite it already being on it, I have tried re-installing, and with no luck. I noticed that when I do attempt to join, it says "Waiting For Host" and eventually shows the player-menu for about half a second, and then kicks me without any popup message. however, on the bottom left, I see "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted." After this it just says a whole bunch of stuff related to ARMA, but I can not see it because it just flashes for a split second. I have tried going enabling DayZRP through the Expansions with no luck. Im probably missing something obvious, any ideas? Cheers for the time. -Shanker.