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  1. Hmff. Showed that tree fucker. haha.
  2. Glad to see you whitelisted, excellent back-story! hope to see you soon.
  3. Hey! Check out the whitelist tab under DayZRP for more info on joining the server!
  4. +1 This is a huge [pardon this] fucking issue to me, interrupted rp because of "robbery" and KoS plastered with "It was a holdup!" is a issue I would consider rampant aswell as banditry that is as mentioned robotic and verging if not fail RP.
  6. Stumbled on this scene earlier and was very confused, did not get any names off the bodies unfortunately. Just wanted to share.
  7. /rant Yeah. Its fail rp in my eyes how many 'bandit clans' there are now. Every fucking time I got to the ravens nest there are bandits metagaming waiting for it to become night, then trying to raid the compound. The lat time I was up they're every bandit was killed and on they're corpses they all only had czech vest pouch packs, like they know they are going to die, then come back a few hours later with the same minimal gear die & and rise and repeat. On the topic of not giving enough reaction time before Killing, yes. Just yes. The first time I was at the ravens nest dogpigs caught us all outside. They said drop your weapons then lay in the parking lot, so I dropped my weapons and complied, so did everyone. I noticed they had not said to drop backpacks and that most of the guys around me had backpacks, a guy walks up behind us and says specifically to someone "drop the backpack", I turn to look and at him and ask "Me?" before I am even fully turned he guns me down. In my opinion these mass raids disallow and break RP and almost all banditry I see is fail RP/Rulebreaking or just lack thereof RP /endrant
  8. darkshark6

    Zombie skins allowed !? why!?

    This. I've nearly killed so many people because they had the typical zombie skins on, and at a distance or in the dark it is damn near impossible to tell zombie from accidental KoS.
  9. Hi, I am Viktor море [darkshark6], And I cannot wait to get started and see you all in game. After I get white-listed of course. I am a serious role-play fan and survival horror fanatic, for a while I thought nothing could combine both and now here I am. If I were asked what I most look forward to observing & interacting (with) I would tell that I think the Factions and groups are so enticing, structured orders and settlements ran and manged by players, so many Economic factors, organic disputes, conflicts & heated moments almost like a miniature society. Anyways, Back from that sidetrack. Hello All. -darkshark6