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  1. Adrian Hardy

    Adrian is 24 years old soldier. He is part of 51st Kresy Infantry Regimant of 12th Infantry Division. After serving few months in polish army he and his regiment was send to Chernaus to provide help and stabilization in Eastern Chernarus. Part of the Multinational Battle Group East (MNBG East), based at Joint NATO-CDF Base Garrison on Utes Island, he would do patrols and work alongside CDF often in South Zagoria. Then, the infection came. *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon* *soon*