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  1. Accused of RDM

    Im responding to a RDM i was accused of i wasnt able to post my POV because i just graduated and been focused on studies, Here is the story some people where getting kicked out of the TP and while they where there I thought they were pretty cool people, On our way out we were Rping about how terribly bright the lights are so I told them i would shoot it out and i took one shot at it and left i wasn't shooting at anyone just the light , Sorry its been awhile sense i could answer Original post: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rp2-attemped-rdm-breaking-of-tp-rules-08-05-2014-15-30ish?pid=660498#pid660498
  2. Real life picture Thread

    this be me (:
  3. What do you listen to ?

    Mostly trap and dub for me (:
  4. Just thought some of you would like this, its no promotion or anything i just like it and i think some of you would like to put it in a video or something
  5. lobby idling kick as soon as i join?

    haven't tried here let me see It works
  6. lobby idling kick as soon as i join?

    Just wondering i was just playing fine i died and then i respawned back and was kicked and i tried to join but everytime i get lobby idling to long admin kick? any reasons to why?
  7. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    banned for banning
  8. Only happens to me?

    im always killed
  9. [GAME] Rate that Joke

    whats the difference between cereal and babys? you need milk to eat cereal
  10. what are you doing for thanksgiving

    Hey guys im in class witha half day so i have a half hour on the computer and i was wondering what are you guys going to do on thanksgiving if you celbrate it, IS there going to be a ingame celbration for people who arnt? i know i might just spend it with friends and party or i might go see my korean family and eat a shit ton of korean food. Im sitting here and none of my friends are even here today and im typeing this pretty fast so any grammar errors my bad but im curious tell me what you are doing tommorow. Happy thanksgiving
  11. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Boring 0/10
  12. Bi-weekly flea market.

    I think this a very cool idea. I think it would be a nice RP session for everyone and it would be cool to sell stuff to other players for well needed things. Good job on the creativity
  13. Standalone thoughts?

    So when do you guys think the dayz standalone comes out. let alone thoughts about it? im just curious
  14. bug with my character

    have you tried respawning fresh?
  15. Worst game you've ever bought

    Dead island.