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  1. StagsviewRB

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    Adam here. Very little to add my end. I was there for the intitial assult on the base. We captured a few while others when initiated on ran. Once restart has finished and i was on. I helped people gather and re-initiate one by one on players. Hostilities wise, was mainly dealt with house, i was mainly on guard. With some many people...more voices would just ruin everybodies experience. I talked and providers when the 3rd restart happened. Once got initiated on, i didnt comply and got shot in the tower, no i have no recordings of the event.
  2. StagsviewRB

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    The goals and alphaship have been updated within the batteries. As it stands...The horde has no alpha..and nobody knows of his actual death. Who will take the power? Who will proclaim themselves as the new leader? Civil war. I tried avoiding this so early..but this is gonna be fun.
  3. StagsviewRB

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    ur a nerd and u left like a nerd. Love you Elmo, thank you for giving me a chance. xx
  4. StagsviewRB

    S1 Stary Sobor 20-05-2019 21:10

    Hi Sleepy, I was directly involved in the situation and I hope we can clear up some details for you. We had taken you people hostage in the church. After some RP we had be initiated on a group of people (whom we ID'd as possible two people) After deciding not to comply and getting shot, we managed to take out the hostiles on the outside. We then decided to let people go free at their own risk and will as we still suspected a hostiles on the outside. This is where I had met you, I saw you on the outside of the church, looting a dead body for their weapon (an AK). I looked at you and was about to shoot as I assumed you as another hostile in the active firefight. However you told me you just had been released, I trusted you so I told you to go now multiple times. You stated you where leaving. Roughly 3-5 minutes past and we still had eyes on you with your weapon out standing within hostile range and deemed a threat. We decided from that point to open fire and take you down, as you seemed like a direct threat and had been told by what i have been informed @CraigRB and myself to leave the area. If you want to speak to me, I am more than happy to explain more over voice..as text can be so unpersonal. I can be on the DayzRP discord and if you wish with staff presence also.
  5. StagsviewRB

    Nozzy's Not So Good Edits

    Agreed, Next time i wont meme as much sgsgs
  6. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • JimRP

    So...when u free for the game? 😄 Jannik and I are ready

    1. JimRP


      I'm ready!

  7. Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. Art is subjective, there are no rule’s nor are there real key guideline motives behind it. If you went up to an artist and asked him or her opinion on: What is Art? They wouldn’t even know themselves, as it’s something you feel inside you and impulsing you to do something or create something. Each person has their own view on what it means to paint a painting or to compose a song. Some take art as a way for people to express to just using it to make a quick buck. Others though do it as a cry for help, a continuous way that they vent at people about a message, a meaning. What is a story without a plot? So what is art without motive? Adam always had that type of eye, he was born into a middle class family in the late 90’s and wasn’t he proud to be a 90’s child. Brought up on the morals of Toy Story and taught about meaning of friendship in Monsters Inc. Being the only boy in the family after his father died at a very young age, Adam was always trying to find that male figure in his life, while at first it was in his young years Sally the Monster to his favourite superhero Batman in his early teens, he was always looking and learning. There was no real issue with his family, besides the size and lack of that male Role Model, his mother would take up most of the burden in raising him up. By the time Adam was 5 most of his sisters that he had for company had left the house to study at university. His mother was an accountant and would regularly put him in a playschool along with other children, but something never clicked. He would always like how his sisters would act, what his sisters saw was the norm and the right thing to do. In his young age, hugging another male was fine no? If his sisters did it all the time why couldn’t he? Children are so hurtful at a young age, they do not think before they act and just say their thoughts before they even consider the others feelings, and That's how Adam felt and was treated most of his life, under constant judgement from the norm. He grew up with regular grades, even though he wasn’t the smartest kid in class he always had a nack in observation skills but lacked in social presentations or social skills. He always enjoyed sitting in the middle of the classroom, not too close to the teach but neither too close to the end of the classroom, where all the “cool” kids sat and as time flied by so did Adam imagination, slowly getting the hand of a pencil and paper, learning to draw exceptionally well at a young age. It was his way that he could express himself, a way that was praised by everyone for his work without the need for talking as he always struggled to find words for the moment. Why talk when you can write? Why explain when you can draw? Why make a fool of yourself and rush when you can take your time?
  8. StagsviewRB

    Failed Robberies Thread

    @Kordruga wreckt.
  9. StagsviewRB

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    A cheeky breekie at heart.
  10. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • JimRP

    Hoi4 when? Its been to long.

    1. JimRP


      Whenever, just let me know.

    2. StagsviewRB


    3. Jannik


      hello i am jannik 😄


      i am free in the weekend


    4. JimRP


      Like good old times. 😁

    5. Jannik


      yes 😄 Like the good old times

    6. StagsviewRB


      Exactly....time to learn how to play again.

    7. StagsviewRB


      Right...so tommorow gentlemen @JimRP @Jannik

    8. JimRP


      It's on.

    9. StagsviewRB


      Right...so tommorow gentlemen @JimRP @jannik

      Sorry for the double post

    10. Jannik





  11. StagsviewRB

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Props to @ZorullRP today down by the tents in the south alongside his friend (didn't get name) Apologises my end..Ive been drinking whiskey the last 6 hours..and i dont have many braincells left. Sorry i couldnt do better xx
  12. Bot Elmo

    • Bot Elmo
    • StagsviewRB

    This man violated my holiness.

    1. StagsviewRB


      Suck my ass boy. I'm horny lately.

    2. Falk



    3. GenjiRP


      Did he violate your holes?

    4. Dan


      Horny staggs is a great staggs

    5. Xehara


      What does RB mean?! Are we just putting random letters at the end of our names?!

    6. Bot Elmo

      Bot Elmo

      Raiders Bitch

    7. StagsviewRB


      Raiders Bitch

  13. StagsviewRB

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    I was there with Dusty
  14. StagsviewRB

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good RP from @YNW Dusty today folks. Enjoyed our semi friendly then scaled up hostile Encounter we had. Hope we provided a fun experience for you chaps also. Also, thanks for being sports and complying xx We had great fun with @YNW Jasper and the two others (sorry i dont know their forum names). Hope to see you again!
  15. StagsviewRB


    I wanted to post on @NozzyRPprofile to tell him i love him. But once again the oppression of the system is not allowing me to express myself directly to him. This injustice needs to stop. 

    1. Roland


      I agree, fight the system! 

      joel mchale pitchfork GIF by NETFLIX

    2. StagsviewRB


      Hail El Presidente!

    3. CraigRB


      Down with this sort of thing!

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