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  1. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • RedSky


    1. RedSky


      oh my what will I do with you?

  2. StagsviewRB


    I just love giving players a bit of lore..thinking they have the advantage...and i pull a hidden card on them.

    Check mate.

    1. Aisling


      I threw it up!!

  3. StagsviewRB

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Yes to all the cars. Yes to the flipping, yes to the fixing... No, god no to pvZ area
  4. StagsviewRB

    A shell's fissure.

    Me, this was my idea...
  5. Ryan Shepherd

    • Ryan Shepherd
    • StagsviewRB


    Can you wipe out twatch shirts as your first act?

    Thanks mate


    1. Voodoo



    2. StagsviewRB


      I decided to make it the official flag of chernarus 

    3. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I heard @StagsviewRB got admin tools, how does that make you feel @Major?

    4. StagsviewRB


      I don't u numb nuts

    5. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Gets admin tools and now he thinks its okay to flame a community member.

      Smh I stand with @Major

    6. Craig


      down with this sort of thing

    7. Major


      All of you can hang. LMs have no real power.

  6. StagsviewRB

    A shell's fissure.

    Glad our little encounter thickened the plot for u folks
  7. StagsviewRB

    Staff Feedback: StagsviewRB

    Aw shit...i forgot to add a feedback page. Please feel free to flame me. I will do proper formatting on an evening when i don't have work. Enjoy!
  8. Ark

    • Ark
    • StagsviewRB


  9. StagsviewRB

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    Thank you gents for letting me be involved with you folks. However my storyline has taken me to a different path. Great coms and great system. Love you folks xx
  10. Alkis

    • Alkis
    • StagsviewRB

    If the comfort drug was an anime. 


  11. StagsviewRB


    So people.... What do you want to see event wise on the server? General opinion...

    1. Ron


      Let's start with a "provide good rp event" to begin with :^)  

    2. Rover


      Dynamic on the fly events/interactions directed at roaming single/small groups of players, as opposed to only for large collections.

    3. Hofer


      What Rover said 🙂

    4. Conor


      Council vs UEF/CTC type shit.

      Remember the old events from back in the day: example 1 and example 2

      Extremely fun and well thought out events with continuous story lines for people to be engaged by and involved in over long periods of time before and after the actual event.


      Maybe get a CTC style tradepost back 😉

    5. Hofer


      @Tomeran we need you back as well. Imagine that LM team giving us all that RP

    6. Aisling


      Once again, I volunteer for any help the LM team needs for events!

      I liked the trade post events

    7. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Northen Alliance!

    8. Finn


      Here's a few ideas: Furry suit fashion show, who can devise the edgiest outfit contest.

      Nah but for real: literally nuke Chernogorsk.

    9. StagsviewRB


      So the general gist I'm getting right now is nuke the world and end it..... 

    10. Finn


      Fallout : New Chernarus...

      "Patrolling South Zagoria makes you wish for a nuclear winter"

    11. Craig


      Just general MemeRP!

    12. Phoenix


      Just Lore improvement please

    13. StagsviewRB


      Very vague @Phoenix please give more detail.


      @Craig DW bratri...il make sure the nivek family is lore official 

    14. Major


      Finding my long lost salt shaker.

    15. Baron


      Well firstly instead of a lore wipe, how about a major event in current lore?

      With the advent of nuclear gas clouds somewhere on the horizon, instead of forcing yet another slog through the same tired "new infection" lore. A nuclear plant finally reaching critical mass, the threat to life evolving and the world actually being effected by a progressing event over a long term period. Make the infected important again, stop setting aside the major and underused enemy that are the infected, perhaps evolve the infection, make it something new. I have so many ideas written down I could go on forever.

      Just don't throw out what we already have, it's clear it doesn't really work or improve RP. 

    16. Tomu


      as @Baron said progress the lore in its current form! Lets make something out of it.

  12. APositiveElmo

    • APositiveElmo
    • StagsviewRB


  13. StagsviewRB

    • StagsviewRB
    • APositiveElmo

    I love you... Dont hate me...

  14. Major

    • Major
    • StagsviewRB

    Looks like my blood sacrifice to the Rolando Gods for more LoreWhores was received with warmth.

    This is only the beginning of our ascent. 

    *nudges @Tomeran*

    Complete the circle brother....

  15. StagsviewRB


    The LoreWhore is back on Duty.

    1. Alkis


      You did it




      Well I'll apply for staff then

    2. StagsviewRB


      okie dokie.

    3. Demaabd


      Oh my god Staggs is a LM now? We're all going to get invaded by ChDKZ...

    4. Craig


      Fucking meme right there.

    5. APositiveElmo


      Now that you're staff


    6. Aisling


      Loremaster Staggs! Finally

    7. MajooRB


      Took your time, good to see this

    8. Ron


      ahahahah, I always said pink suits you best. 

    9. DerrickStorm


      Meet this guy on a random stream yesterday. 5/7 chap. Cheers!

    10. RedSky


      Loreparrot incoming

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