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  1. Stagsview

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Any evidence that could be provided towards the situation please post here please. It will help us solve the report.
  2. Stagsview

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Gents....Chill. Keep to the topic and only post evidence and povs of the situation. If you wana discuss, keep it to the pms.
  3. Stagsview

    Where is player activity?

    Moved this also to the question threads.
  4. Stagsview

    Is DayZRP dying? :(

    Moving this to the questions thread...but its been pretty much resolved already as it is...This topic has been brought up more than 100 times
  5. Stagsview

    hostile role play question

    I honestly can not believe half of the responses I am seeing from this thread...I am in utter shock. None of this is what I have fought for the last few years as staff...I am in shock. Asking OOC permission to act hostile? I... can't put words to clarify or even understand that statement.
  6. Stagsview

    Fallout 76 Thread

    I will be playing with private friends or extreme hardcore communities that are friendly to adapting their rules. Sadly i dont see dayzrp adapting to the needs of falloutrp
  7. Stagsview

    Fallout 76 Thread

    I can see that happening..however i will be playing privately a lot of this stuff.
  8. Stagsview

    Fallout 76 Thread

    Ow im down for a RP community on this if there is confirmed IG voice. and dedicated servers that are private pw protected
  9. Stagsview

    Studio Ghibli Appreciation Thread

    I havent really watched proper anime for a few years. I enjoy my cartoons but more adult humour styled. I do have a weakspot for gravity falls though. But yes, this studio is fantastic.
  10. Stagsview

    Studio Ghibli Appreciation Thread

    I really do enjoy watching these movies on how they are meant to be watched, in their native language. The dubs are good but i prefer subs. It just feels closer to what the director envisioned in their storylines. But yes, love their work as a studio, their more graphic work in the 90s and early 20s are my favourite though.
  11. Stagsview

    Studio Ghibli Appreciation Thread

    The lack of princess mononoke is depressing:
  12. Stagsview

    Does a banned player lose their donation privileges?

    Closing as you have gotten a response from the big man.
  13. Stagsview

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Its served its purpose yetting this thread
  14. Stagsview

    Question about ooc hate

    Incredibly hard to prove and those who try to do this need to rethink their lives as it's a pathetic waste of time.
  15. Stagsview

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Well-deserved. Will try and get captured tonight
  16. Stagsview


    Need some good music folks. Big fan of Post-Rock and shoegaze but willing to try anything. Kinda numb atm at any music lately.

    1. RedSky


      Nothing new to offer on my side, all I have is a decent Belgian singer-songwriter with an amazing voice. (recorded live with no additional mastering).

    2. Stagsview


      Sounds like a self promo there Redsky 😛

    3. RedSky


      Pffff, I wish!

    4. Eagle


      Hardcore rock? if so check this out.


    5. Stagsview


      Know these guys ironically Eagle. On my folk playlist xD

    6. Eagle


      Ow lmao, Ramstein?

    7. Jacques





      You've probably heard of these two artists if it's your kinda thing, but if not...yay!

      And have a few of my favourites right now as well (I'll let you decide whether they're for you or not):




    8. Elk


    9. Honeybee


      After looking up what in the world shoegaze is...Electric Wizard is pretty loud and dreamy. Only doom metal band I listen to, tbh.

      Drink with the Living Dead by Ghoultown, Normal by Eddie de Pretto, and Mick West's Kringsatt Av Fiender are all good, too!

    10. Stagsview


      Thanks for the suggestions: @Jacques and @Honeybee. Sadly I already have those bands in my libaries, really good suggestion though. Trying out some underground goth syth again...see what I can find.

    11. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      A place to bury strangers.

  17. Stagsview

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    The symbol of my family is 3 Staggs facing towards the east. We have proud Irish bloodlines within our family. So i took up the nickname "Staggs" IRL and here. It became Stagsview when I wanted to make a youtube channel but found out my internet could not handle the upload speed. But they all know me as Staggs.
  18. Stagsview

    Fitness and Work Out Thread

    I bike to work and back twice a day. Do roughly 15kms each trip and takes me 30 mins to get there. I aint an expert but it has helped me.
  19. Stagsview


    Well, Spains officially fucked again. o7 chaps.

    1. Mademoiselle


      What happened?

    2. Elk



    3. Stagsview


      Vote of no confidence and a huge political crisis. Basically we are going to enter a period of no official government again along with the major party in power (the PP) rebelling against the current government

    4. Mademoiselle



    5. Stagsview


      Plus there are rumours of deals being made with the pro-independent parties in catalunya and basc regions. 

    6. Oliv


      I got a couch with your name on it staggs

  20. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    What about the invasion of France done by Henry VIII that also failed and the invasion of Scotland that was lost due to french support to the Scottish crown? :3
  21. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

  22. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    100 year war *coughs*
  23. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    We also had something called....the Spanish inquisition? Idk if you have heard of it. (Real downfall reasons) The loss of holy Roman territory, failed outdated millitary tactics, the fall of the royal bloodline and division of Aragon and Castello thanks to the French, colonial wars, focus on purely gold, lack of industrialization and coal, constant revolutions and corruption.
  24. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    We never wanted south America, we let them revolt. Our kings where inbread. We blame the French and napoloen.
  25. Stagsview

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    Normally if you express Spanish nationalism here it's treated as a meme that your a FATCHA!