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  1. Really happy with the current list of group ideas coming up. Comn peeps keep em coming!

  2. Woman make clan. Staggs approves Woman pays staggs now
  3. Give me my ruined clothes!!!!!
  4. LM team fully supports that.
  5. something we have discussed and heavily want to have in the server. The more devs and such we have working on this the better honestly.
  6. until

    overhyped monke
  7. Guys I got it. We are playing in a world where dayzrp is the world...
  8. ive had hickups for nearly and hour...kill me

    1. Inferno


      I can scare em out of you, one sec lemme find a picture of @Hofer

    2. SimpJacob


      Charles Osborne had hiccups for 68 years 

    3. Nudey


      Drink water and scream

    4. Eagle



  9. give me money and i will tell you the lore.
  10. You call it pride month I call it hunting season

    1. KonoSimp
    2. RedSky



  11. il give a double check now..uno momento... Edit: My bad, he didnt have it out. So it would have been 2 on 1 situation. Thought he had his gun out behind the house in the recording.
  12. im counting the 3rd guy also that was hiding behind the building with the armband. He had his gun out from what i saw at the time of the initiation and to your original response, i agree with you there. Its shitty, but play wise it doesnt make sense to me. Course, my opinion on the matter.
  13. tenor.gif?itemid=7844913

    1. SimpJacob



  14. Okies guys, I normally dont get involved with these types of situations and verdicts anymore, but this doesn't make sense in the slightest. Nor is it fair for the defender here at any point. The way this is written while i respect the work of the admins/GM's they seem to have missed out heavily the acts of the players involved in the situation. You can not punish somebody in this situation for what happened here for a couple of simple reasons. 1st: You could see the discord chatter prep initiation. The people with the yellow armbands prior to the initiation that happened showed their
  15. about to start the stream! Hope to cya folks there! xx



  16. some old friends of mine are doing some amazing DnD podcasting for those that are interested. 


  17. Hoi4 time

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