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  1. KOS 18-02 00:01

    After reading through this report we are glad that both parties have come to an understanding of the situation and are willing to put down the report. As it is stating throughout the report. The dynamic rule is still set in motion so for now it still is in play, we will make a web wide announcement though when we change it. Closed
  2. Bad RP Situation

    @Alessandro Trulli ¦Bad RP (excessive OOC) + Combat logging¦ Guilty @melkerornberg ¦Bad RP¦ Not Guilty After reading through this report we have came to the following conclusion for the situation that unfolded. The first thing we wish to address is the OPs accusations that there was Bad RP. Due to the lack of video evidence of the situation and also the description of the events that unfold we see no reason to punish melkerornberg for his actions IG. He text emoted due to his mic not working and played out his character within the logs fairly. We see no foul play, immersion breaking from him however we do wish to address one thing to him and this is where it also leads to the OP. The abusive text OOC. The text here is excessive. Not only did both parties use emojis while talking (this is no emoji movie) but also alessandro kept going out of character asking questions or talking about stuff irrelevant IG. Only use OOC if its extremely important such as melk did asking if somebody could hear him. Thats a legit reason and motive to go OOC but asking people if they are in a group or about eating something has nothing to do with the situation. Because of Alessandros actions, we are going to give him a punishment for this abuse in the chat logs. Moving onto the next subject is the combat logging done by the OP also. You initiated, you asking him to raise his hands (hands up) and became a threat to his life. Just because you did not decide to act upon those KOS rights you gained because he kept running does not excuse the fact that he has KOS rights on you also. As seen by the logs, you log out 10 minutes after the situation unfolded. If you really needed to log out, we always recommend that you try and find this person on TS or ask a member of staff to find him on the forums or TS and ask permission to log out. If you get it, its perfectly fine for you to log out after but if you do not ask, you do not get so you would need to stay on for the entire 30 mins. To conclude this verdict, the last thing we want to comment about is the contrast of attitudes. Reporting peoples character pages and calling people "noobs" because you didnt like something isnt something we want to see on our forums, while we would rather want to see and encourage melkerorns behavior. Somebody who replied maturely and respectfully during the situation, keep that in mind for further reports and actions here on DayzRP. With all this said, we have come down to the following: Alessandro Trulli: ¦Bad RP + Combat logging¦ ¦5 IG day Ban + banstrike (10 points) Verdict done by @Chewy @Hebi Kotei @Stagsview
  3. “Well aren’t you a pretty one?” Snickered the masked man as he opened other's man’s jaw, placing a spoon across his teeth, making a slight pinging sound as it traces by them. “Still got all your fucking spikey sharpies and hello!” He gasps in excitement. “All in place it seems! What a lucky one we have here gotta boi’s, your mama would be proud of you no?” Belittles the man with a grin behind his covered face, softly slapping the man’s face with the metal spoon. “So ya get a good meal out of everything, eat well and looks like ya ma’s taught you well bug” He continued ranting under his muffled mask, slowly getting to his feet, looking around what was a high tire apartment block. His footsteps crackling on the broken glass, side stepping towards the other masked men in the room, looking over the city view of Chernarus. “The cunt’s got more sharpies than the dogs back at home lads! We all know what that could mean don’t ya? Andrei’s been looking for a fiiiinee set of nashers ever since that fight back with Bogdan and you sir.” The man turns towards the sitting man on the chair with his mouth wide open, held by the same spoon sideways while the other masked men pointing an old broken pistol at his face. “Mmm, you sir are going to be a willing…”unwilling” contribution to our course one that well...is going to need some sort of “distraction” while my good friend here accepts your contributions towards us.”The man, now with a small little knife in his hand squats right in front of the tied up man, resting the knife on his leg leaning on him as they level eye contact. “But don’t worry, we got some music for you, and hell if you keep quiet enough...maybe a little story, see? Afterall, we are guests to your home and it would be soo ruuude of us if we” *Chuckles slightly* “Well, didn’t repay the host now, should we?” “Now!” He claps his hands suddenly at the man, rubbing both his palms together. “Let’s have another look at those fine snappers of yours, turn on the music, we neeed…. some...motivation!” [mp3]http://puu.sh/rehqw/97a338052d.mp3[/mp3] Our home, back in Novigrad, bugs, pets and insects would band together like herds of animals. These cunts would form groups that focus on helping each other survive, scavenge together and protect each other from the ever growing threat of those brainless meatbags. At first it was communal (Like brav’s and sis’s and that shit right?,) parts of the cities would help out each other out. Neighbours supported neighbours, fam’s stuck with each other or friends bounding together for was to them a never ending nightmare. But all weren’t mindless bugs. Smart wankers, like minded curva would gang up to help each other the so called opportunists of the city who would prey on others for their own benefit. Many went by different names: Raiders,hooligans Bandits, thieves, zloději and criminals. Some of these other groups were killed off by the meatbags.-Little Bugs were killed by the ever growing presence of raiders. Survivors that turned to violence and intimidation tactics while others turned to internal fighting. But we remained strong. We survived the initial test that was imposed upon us enough to keep on going. There was not many of us probably around eleven or so all together from the beginning. We all bound together once the military took control of the streets, nearly everybody had a gun or weapon back where we lived but those Tinheads were not ready for such an infestation, they were more trained in scratching their ass’s than firing a weapon. That made weapons resourceful making us resourceful. We knew where to search for supplies and how to make the most out of what we had. Numbers don’t matter in these situations. Those fucking pricks that “survive” because of numbers need to take that stick out of their ass. We survived because we tested these idiots, we survived because we pushed the boundaries and thought outside the box that people safely locked themselves in. Even when it is at it’s worst, people always try and look for the positive in life, even when your uncle Nikola is abusing your little sister for his own sick pleasures. They kept telling each other “they will survive”. Grow up and let your balls drop. Nobody truly knows what life means until you have experienced the shit it gives to you. It just takes that one day to show you that nothing is fucking important and fucking going around being a carebear and praising yourself for being a white little skinny virgin looking for his first “date” is a complete waste of fucking time. All that matters is ourselves and even thieves amongst men, the strongest will always survive, he or she will guide us. He or she will lead our pack throughout these wastes, after all who gives a fuck when you have all the wacky in the world and more tits to suckle on than a pimp without business eh? This is what kept us going despite our “low” numbers our own needs and desires. Some learn it the hard way. You would try and keep yourself under wraps with the tin-heads guarding your backs in the early days. Their job was simple: To keep the streets clean and to be that middle man, they would be our guards, postmen and supplies all in one tight nit package. The only way to know of the outside world was through them They did what they could but local bums would keep raiding them and their food supplies, arms, bullets hell I even remember witnessing one of the kids from “Empty Heads” try and steal a tank for an initial test, fucker got fried though. This just showed one thing to not only the raiders but to anybody who lived in the cities: the Tin-Heads won’t last. Charlie fucking called it though, soon some fucker in the tin-heads while their commander was on a on patrol gunned him down in our sector. Bastard didn’t stand a chance against three auto’s on his back. This is when The Tin’s changed their policy and didn’t care about the sectors anymore and just took what they wanted. They wanted food or water? Someone to work for them? Fuck even if one of the pricks was horny it was the same old drill: six men armed to the teeth would walk down the alleys demanding it. Most just went along with it cause if you didn’t they would just open the gates letting the brain dead in. That was the fate of some of our neighbours. “Flower Men of Peppermint” didn’t have guns or weapons and relied on either the Tin’s or the local gangs for protection against the meatbags so there wasn’t much for them when the gates were flooded. Each of us remember exactly what we were doing that night when the gates were opened, the screams and begging you could hear through the gunfire. Very few of them survived and those who did ended up as pet toys and puppets for the tin-heads. From that point on everybody started calling the Tin-Heads Runners. Because it was a name that their leader Bogdan had for them. He would chase you with their pet hounds if you were caught out at night or breaking Runner Rule, it was a manner of sport for them. You could call it a game in such a sense where they had what they needed, they controlled what they wanted and lived the way they decided. Safe to say that very few dared to touch them and after a few weeks of this continuous behavior from the The Runners and in an odd sense they were more fucking organized than when they were still the Tin-Heads. Can’t help it but you have to admire the leader type when you meet one and this prick ruled with an Iron fist and swinging his cock around enough times to blind out any virgin mary, plus he had the firepower behind him to back up his desires. Sure he had a Ego-wanking habit and spewed more shit from his mouth than his ass but the man got shit done and hell, he got what shit he wanted. There was more “protection” with him in charge and the “Empty Heads” were more like their little attack dogs, compared to the Pit Bulls that were the Runners. It didn’t take long until most raiders, clans or fucking insects joined up with the Runners. Whether or not it was voluntary or by force it really didn’t matter much, you don’t bite from the hand that feeds you as the old expression goes. After a few months there was nobody within a few square miles that would try and touch runners turf at least the main bulk inside runner territory. However on the outskirts it was a different story. They focused on internalising their space were on the outskirts they would have people like us, myself and other survivors that they regularly called Fodder. A sort of meat shield against the other Raiders and especially the “Toy Troopers”, a local group that took control of various gun and weapon stores on the outskirts of the city. If it wasn’t the hassle from the Runners one evening it was these cunts from the other side and on a lucky night it was the meatbags. They were more a pest than an actual threat and were good target practice for the most part but you would still have those rare nights when a huge city horde would pass by and even with all our target practice we always needed the Runners help. This is where it went too far for us, day in and day out we were fucked on each end by either the living or dead, our own or others. This is what life was for us and how far we were tested by it, a fucked up asshole stretched further than a hookers pussy. Afterall, it just took that one push, that slip of the tongue or stepping of the toe to finally make meat of us all. Can’t really tell in all honesty when this all happened but we all know how it went down when things turned to the worst.You tend to stop counting and caring about the days after a while and those who did normally ended up with a rope fetish. At first we would look and it was shocking, then the shock value would just turn into dread. Now? We do nothing else but laugh about it, can’t help but smirk thinking about one choking himself off both ends as his salute away to the Runners and the rest, a fucking fat big bird right at the cunts. But we needed them back then and they knew that when it happened. I remember well when Andrei returned from the usual “pick me up” downtown past former “Empty Head” turf with the blankest expression I ever saw on him in my life. A horde, the size of a football stadium six streets down south on Trooper and Silver Turf, little but nothing remained there, explaining the extensive noise over the last few nights of gunfire now ending with a chilling silence. We were left with little option, once again we had to ask for help from the Runners, once again we had to get on our knees and lick whatever they wanted so we could survive the following horde attack. But this was not the case this time. Bogdan knew we needed their help desperately this time, using this to his and the Runners advantage there was only one price for their protection. So the cunt looked at us, I remember his gaze and the presence of control he had over his men at their stronghold at the city center one that reeked of not only men that hadn’t showered for months but of gunpowder, gas and chemicals used for their drug line. We sat there like obedient pups only to be told one thing would save our lives: Our Women. This was a constant problem for them, within the original ranks of the Tin Head’s they had zero to no women so most of them would come from other turfs or were captured in their local night parties in their territory to boost their ever dying ranks of women. In those days as Bogdan would always say: if you wanted to live under runner reign, you run by runner rules, fucker always thought himself as the new Valle In-Clan with his forked tongue. This for us was our snapping point were we would take no more of his bullshit, we all knew what would happen if we gave up our families and friends to them and this is where enough was enough and left the camp all with the same thing on our minds, the same objective and same desires: Run the Runners out. We returned back one hand empty but the other with a gun in our hands loaded to the brim with bullets. We knew they would come if we didn’t reply to them within 24 hours, it was a rule that Bogdan likes to have to put a little bit of pressure on those inside Runner turf so we set up at our homes, preparing traps behind the walls, guard posts on the roofs and cars blocking all back and front entrances readying ourselves for the fuckers to walk right into, no longer would we sit back and let them take from us, no more shall we allow them to abuse us and use us we are in control and this what was said: We know things are bad. Worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy so we don't go out anymore. We sit in a house as slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster, and my TV, and my steel belted radials and I won't say anything. Well I'm not going to leave you alone. I want you to get mad! All I know is first you've got to get mad. You've got to say, "I'm a human being, God Dammit! My life has value!" So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Did you expect a hero’s story sweetheart? Where the princess finds her husband and we all find the Garden of Eden? It was a fucking slaughter,the fuckers gunned us down one by one quicker than a slaughterhouse killing of a herd of animals. Face the facts,we stood no chance at that moment against the former Tin-Heads but we did gain something from within their ranks: A respect. Very few actually challenged them at this point of their rule, they were always looking for people who would say no and prove their worth. This is what they looked for somebody to prove their worth just like how they said no back when Bogdan shot down his old boss. Those who survived were taken in, either as slaves, bags or as future fighters like myself. Our women were put into use as they desired and our children were either put into the care of the Runner Elite or put into cheap labour, children required less food and less to drink so why waste supplies on feeding full adults in labour work? It wasn’t a simple process though, we were chained up like animals, our mouths covered by a mask to silence us and dehumanize us, making us their Pups training us like wild animals to become a trained killer. Simple things of obedience, being told that you had to sit when they told you to sit, it was drilled into your head from the beginning and from the moment we entered the camp. The fact that we were allowed to live because of what we could bring to the pack. No matter how much you hated Bogdan for what he did to us, what he did to our families and women there was one thing that you always had for him, that was respect. He taught us what it truly meant to survive here in this world and what it took here in this shitfest. At first it was hard, shooting a man because you had to or robbing a family because you must but if you didn’t you would have been shot yourself and the more you think about it that's all that matters: Ourselves. We learnt that if we all strive together for our best trying to push each other it will push others with us. An Alpha chain and pack were the those strongest would climb, while the weaker would get shot or serve as a pet. We served under him, served under the Runners for months working with them gaining their trust and slowly becoming our own family not by choice but by necessity. What never kills us shall only make us stronger and we must be the strongest. (character names are still WIP) @Stagsview - Adam Finn @Hebi Kotei - Mark Durhill @Oliv - WIP @Mischief - WIP @Buddy - WIP @Sunshine - WIP @DarkStyle - Ragnar Seil @Major - WIP Our group in reality as it currently stands has no goals as they are basically “survivors”. There is nothing original about this group besides we are trying to bring a new flavor what it means in “Bandit RP”. The group is based off of hord/alpha mentality and our actions will be determined by the leader who leads the group. The name could change as the leader changes along with the playstyle of the group and the objectives. More information in regards to our objectives are found on our private documents that have been provided towards the Loremasters and will also be able for those who apply for the group itself. We hope to bring something special with this group. Interested in joining? We are always looking for new members, regardless of age and experience. Just fill out this format and sent it to Staggs. One thing i do have to do. Is Thank Both Valkerion and Fox for the help with design of the group. Both great lads and miss you both xx. Age: Country(Timezone): DayZRP Experience: Previous Clans: Experience with Russia/Russian culture: Explain to us what you understand from the lore: What is your favourite 80’s track? Why would you like to join us?: Your activity in a week: Brief backstory: Character skills: What role would suit you best?: Suggestions for the group: Extras:
  4. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    As long it breaths and 18+ I'm down.
  5. Just a quick question for both parties. Do any of you guys have any recorded evidence of the situation? If you do, please post it here.
  6. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Basically some of the original lineup left to make their own concepts. We opened up recruitment and slowly but surely got a roaster I felt comfortable with. That's why I requested to the Lms to hold back accepting until I'm happy with the concept. Plus my work hours are making it imposible for me to look on the forums let alone get IG lately. Will be updating tonight.
  7. Real life picture Thread

    Very cold staggs and very tired CBA to open eyes staggs
  8. What do you listen to ?

  9. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Basically we would rather start with a good core than bare minimum
  10. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    @PCJames relax man, this clan is going to happen it's just a slow process, we aren't rushing the Lms to accept us nor do we want to rush the process. We are gathering recruits, seeing who is interested and from there get the show running.
  11. Things have taken a turn...

    Hey, fembois are best bois.
  12. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Time to welcome some cannon fodder! Welcome @Major get us accepted through abuse @DarkStyle old friend of mine. Good lad. @Sunshine original member returning for the American timezone Still recruiting for both timezones! Feel free to send in apps.... We shall arrive in south zagoria this week!
  13. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Both Major and Taryn were given copies of the Goggle document with the goals put across them already. They also have been explained OOCly the goals and objectives before the thread comes up. In regards to activity we are gathering the troops up and will be getting IG ASAP. This clan isnt for daily activity but for fun. We just recruited a further 3 members and are ironing out the last inner workings before we start out story. P.S if then you ask why the thread is up, it is because we want to recruit more members to the clan....we have a set goal of people we want before starting the story and are almost at our goal.
  14. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    Heading home now
  15. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    My friend also will be joining us to. He will take whatever country is around.
  16. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    I call for Italy plz. For the event il be max 10 mins late as I am biking home tommorow.
  17. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Says the gypsy
  18. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    no teams...let them form naturally....
  19. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

  20. HOIV Game -Saturday Edition

    has to be 9pm for me...as i finish work that time. Also what DLCs?
  21. DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 Game

    Make it Saturday and i'l join....I so want a Dayzrp hoi4
  22. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    You know you have an instant invite xx. Send my love to Sasha.
  23. The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    Hit me up if you want to create some interesting interactions. Para and Dusty know the behind screens workings of dead batteries and know how I like to unfold RP. Ok defo be messaging you to make interesting situations. All I do ask though is @Para and @Dusty keep the inner workings of the concept secret plz xx
  24. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Recruitment is currently open btw. Looking for people that want to try something different, details will be given over ts along with our clan document for you all to read. All timezones are being accepted.
  25. DayZRP Hearts of Iron 4 Game

    If it was Saturday I could play. I have work tonight ;/