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  1. Stagsview


    So people....when it comes to lore...should i be harsh on players being stupid? Making the wrong choice and consequences for their actions?

    1. Hofer



    2. RedSky


      Yes. (Is very biased)

    3. Eagle



    4. Kenyi


      The apocalypse is a unforgiving place and people seem to favor the harsh approach in general, so yes.

    5. PaulB


      If they try hard. ..give them a chance....if they dont care  make them feel the consequences.

    6. DerrickStorm


      It's not that easy to define a wrong choice for a character but most certainly:


    7. Elmo


      How vague

    8. Stagsview


      I want to treat rhe server like a huge dnd game. Thats my philosophy @APositiveElmo @Eagle of course my objective is to push the players to win...thats what i want. But to build an enemy...u need to make them seem legit a threat. So, punish stupid players...

      Lets say i did an event with an important cdf charavter. People decided to attack and kill that charavger. I will give you the freedom to do so, but the consequences are those that follow for your actions.


      You catch my drift?

    9. Elmo


      Sure, as long as players and LMs pre-agree on terms I don’t see how people could be upset.

    10. Scarlett



    11. Scarlett


      If they are trying to do the right thing give them a chance if they brush it off and dont care then that should have consequences

    12. Zero


      I don’t know how you could carry out the consequences if we are talking about server events. Personally I would think killing any important government figure would result in air strikes and deployment of special units.

      That’s why I disliked the decision of having anarchy bomb the capital. Nothing happened because the server lacks fighter jets, helicopters, and other military hardware.

      I think the action requires an appropriate response. If something like that happens I would have been fine with a forced PK and even group archive as the consequence would have been appropriate. Of course I would also like a big lore thread talking about how it unfolded and why. 

    13. FalkRP


      People make shit decisions and they should be punished for there actions

    14. IsaiahCortez


      Yes. Scorched earth motherfucker

    15. Malet


      As long as it is in a reasonable frame (Dont nuke someone who calls you a meanie IG 😄 ), give them hell.

    16. Stagsview


      It's very simple @ZeroRP. I do not believe in consequences that can not be inforced IG. Airstrikes and bombs i personally find it to much of an easy cop out and not really caring for the storyline of the players. If a person fucks up IG, and i mean do something that is directly going to effect outcomes. I will allow them to do that, but when the consequences hit them, it hits them where it personally will hurt their character. 

      But i will never force a PK on somebody as a staff member. But im always happy to accept volunteers for that. As did @noir  willing be one for the events. 

      I want outcomes that will hit the person head on and a way they wont forget it.

      Btw, yes @Scarlett I will give all the chances in the world. Thats being a DM. Allow the players to do as they wish..but the outcome is the outcome 😄

    17. TheGlassSpider


      Does it encourage role play or not - that's the only question. We're not here to punish people. Lore mastering isn't about punishment, it's about collaborative story-telling.

      And this isn't DnD.

    18. Kordruga


      If this means firefights without reports because it's lore I'm down

    19. Roland


      PK them all

    20. Zero


      At least give them some radio broadcast or lore post. ;( 

    21. DerrickStorm


      Made a mistake of asking Staggs who does he have in mind... 


    22. Stagsview


      @TheGlassSpider that is my full intention. To encourage roleplay and get people engaged. I should apologise, i picked the wrong word with punish. I am a man of reaction but with always with the value if entertaining the player. Thats why i say i treat it like DnD, i aim to entertain the players and involve and build something for them, not a story that has to engolf them.


      And at the moment, everyone has been willing and it has brought storylines-arcs along with fun for all :D. If anybody has concerns im always ears.

    23. TheGlassSpider


      I've had a BLAST @StagsviewRB - it's been a lot of fun decrypting, wondering, hiding out, being careful, and even getting angry at these guys!

      But you know me: My biggest questions are ALWAYS (and for everyone): are we encouraging role play, do consequences go both ways, are we making sure we're paying attention to various perspectives, and ABOVE ALL: what can be accomplished IG?

      For instance, with your example of the CDF guy. Let's say my character killed him - this might appear to be stupid but:

      - Can I prove this is really a CDF guy? Maybe he got a uniform off a dead guy and is trying to pull one over on me
      - Either way, is he a threat to my well-being, or do I have a beef with that faction?
      - Do I really believe that he has the power he implies? DOES HE have the power to accomplish things that he implies? Does my character believe the CDF is really that big a threat? After all, when's the last time I saw any real CDF threat in the area? And If I've caught him, and am killing him - do I see evidence of any actual power to stop me or my crew? If I don't - I don't think I can consider the act of killing him stupid. 

      As for repercussions...well that all really depends too, doesn't it? Assuming this guy really IS CDF guy and there's someone in charge or waiting for him to accomplish something or report, they may very well get angry and decide to retaliate, but there are also other ways to go. Perhaps that leader INTENDED this guy to go out and get himself killed, maybe it's just not a huge concern that he did - after all, soldiers die all the time. Maybe, like other leaders I know, CDF guy's commander likes people who don't get caught. 

      To me, the question should NEVER go ooc: "do I retaliate for stupidity" - the question should ALWAYS be: "What would this character do now and why?" - with an eye toward rolling out the tale and surprising people with the unexpected. 

      And I trust you to do that, btw - and know that the feedback is all part of your process and you take it seriously ❤️


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