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  1. Stagsview


    So, since i heard a bit of feedback about the situation last night. I am gonna leave some open responses to the people that i can't contact directly and for the more general questions.

    Why didn't you shoot the person that asked to be shot?:

    Thats not within our philosophy. We WANT people to survive these encounters and we want them to be able to spread the lore. So we did not kill the user so their gear was not lost (non was even stolen might i add) along with giving their character an encounter they could question

    The picking isn't random enough. Are you purposely picking and choosing people?:

    Yes, we pick streamers and people ICly whom we know will spread the lore. It's already bringing results. However we do pick random people out of nowhere if our gut feeling is positive on them.

    Tools should not be used in events and it should be natural:

    No brainer, try and make events for people without tools. You need to find the gear, store it, organise locations, organise players, meetup point, cars, etc etc etc etc. Try and do an event without tools on a regular for the players and see how long you enjoy it. We do this to entertain overs, not to gain an upper hand. We are humans, we do this for fun and i do not want this to become a daily job.

    The events are confusing, is there only 1 outcome?:

    Course they are confusing. Ever played DnD? Not everything is black and white..there is grey and not all outcomes need to be the same. Spanners and hints are dropped to each player. Communicate with each other and maybe you will get results...but you need to think outside the box.

    Streamers muting while discussing staff stuff?:

    We muted for simple reasons:
    We where giving locations of players and names away on the map, we wanted to avoid any possible metagaming for these players. We also had moments we talked about tools and staff being discussed about the events in staff chats. Protocol dictates by staff rules we need to talk in private about these. Why it was muted. 


    Feel free to ask anymore questions. I'l happily respond to them.

    1. Stagsview


      And before people ask. The Aron situation has already been dealt with staff wise

    2. Mommy


      It takes us long enough to organise events with tools... imagine how long itd take us without 😭

    3. DrMax


      What events? Where’s my invite 😞 

    4. Para


      I got a Q, who is playing Eclipse. I need to know who's codpiece I kissed, and who smells fucking terrible.

      Also keep doing these events, fuck "natural" i'd rather have active staff based events to properly progress a lore / story for everyone. 

    5. TheGlassSpider


      DnD? Play a REAL tabletop, Staggs - CoD 😉

      In all seriousness, I've had fun.

    6. Stagsview


      I take my style more CoC @TheGlassSpider

    7. Major


      Did you lose tools already Staggs?

    8. Stagsview


      Nope! @Major :aD

    9. TheGlassSpider


      On the subject of tools - having created IG events in the past - I can definitely see how spawning in outfits, props, etc would be a HUGE help and isn't bothersome, IMO. 

      The only tools I think would provide an advantage and shouldn't be used once the game is really in motion are player mapping & teleportation. If ppl are being hunted, give them a shot to be good at hiding or fooling you (or to suck at it lol). But I don't think it's going to be a problem

    10. Stagsview


      @TheGlassSpiderof course. Last night we made the mistake teleporting in to close, but from learning from our errors we are gonna teleport in within 100m of the situation. Giving us time to set up and players attempt to spot us...but that's with more surprise events in the mini event style 

    11. Para


      I feel ignored >:I 

    12. TheGlassSpider


      Oh, I didn't even know that - I haven't heard much oocly about whatever the situation is. Was speaking only in general. Collaborative story-telling is a process! We're all getting better as we go! ❤️

    13. Stagsview


      @APositivePara that character is not confirmed yet. Will know more in future dates...but have candidates 

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