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"“Where now are the horse and the rider?""

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  1. Nocheluz

    • Nocheluz
    • Stagsview

    *blows a kiss at her Staggsy and wonders what in da hell he's been up to*


    1. Stagsview


      AW my goodness..the beautiful lady herself. How are things doing hun? Still doing good with work and ur partner? I'm having a moment and can't remember his name again XD. Yea things are good, works been busy as hell with the new job...but its been well rewarding. Finally got decent internet connection and made loads of new friends 😄 How about yourself? All good and well for you?

    2. Nocheluz


      Oh man it makes my day to hear from you 😘

      Kind of going thru a rough patch in life, but this too shall pass. That's what makes us grow, eh? Congrats on the new job! And the internet connection, that can make life real sweet, lol

      I hope we'll meet up in game, I think? lmao Met some of your boys I think. Wild, rough riders 😝. Looking forward to some good times mate. See you soon I hope!

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