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  1. God save those families and the fallen in this horrific attack....disgusting...vile....terrible creatures..

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    2. SweetJoe


      Well, if your gonna die in a bottle, let me crawl in there with ya.

    3. Stagsview


      13 confirmed dead now...along with 50 hospitalized.....

    4. Oliv


      oh fuck... I hope know one knew anyone near by or effected

  2. only 2 weeks left of madness...only 2 weeks left of madness....I so need to hit the bottle.

    1. Voodoo


      I recommend marshmellow flavoured vodka

    2. Stagsview


      dude....i just need straight up vodka... im tired man....11 hours shifts daily are fucking klling me

    3. Shadows



  3. Staff Agenda v.2 August 2017

    Make red admin again, there you go...a good goal for you lads.
  4. Jánská (recruitment: closed)

    I'm in love of the concept of this group. So well written and the idea behind it just blows my mind in originality.
  5. Josef Masenik

  6. Well, officially going to Frankfurt from the 18th of October to the 27th. What beers do you Germans recommend?

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    3. Red


      Well I still have to request it at work but I am not at work now so I can't, lol. Frankfurt is pretty damn far away from where I am at. 7 hour train ride. Might get tricky.

    4. Stagsview


      you can do it soldier

  7. Why is it that every time i log into game I get killed by a bug lately? During the middle of RP?

    1. Elmo


      Must be one hell of an insect

    2. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      Man, that would bug me.

    3. Oliv


      I'll take my dad jokes and go, these two are finally ready

  8. DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    Yes I get that, and I am glad that is explained...But my point still stands....If this is the whitelist lore, it should hold some basic background of the organizations or country itself. From a person who know's the bohemian lore, I understand the lore but somebody who has no idea or background of it will only take it for face value....and thats what concerns me, you will have an explanation of each faction/group and what happens in detail..thats all good...but it isn't in the whitelist lore...and thats what concerns me because I have no faith that new players will search more than what people ask of then (the whitelist). Ramon also brings up some good pointers in his comments...some stuff my half asleep brain can't process. More than happy to chat though tommorow... (Please not tonight...Brains completely fried).
  9. DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    When will we get the complete version? It is a whitelist version for sure but my main concern is that...there is little detail explaining what chernarus is and only hints-assumptions to the new whitelists that they already know about the War. Very little is explained what NAPA or CHDKZ is....only having assumptions what it is. It's well written, I ain't going to shit on months of work...But i would love to see the full version as this feels to cut down and faults in explaining some basic stuff that players should know about the lore. My main concern is that, yes for more experienced players we know what they are talking about...but for non Arma Vet's...it's to......Open? I don't know the exact word to use, but something is lacking. P.S: I will give a far more detailed read later...more than likely tommorow after work...but I do like some of the idea's that were in the old doc's where kept!
  10. Qué?

    Bon dia.
  11. Delay the Lore Wipe

    I'm honestly just shocked and concerned on how long it is taking for the admins (The loremasters have done their part) to make public the lore. A lot of this community have work and RL priorities, some of us want to make detailed characters for day 1....yet the lore is still not out. We were told 2 week buffer with lore and info....we now only have 3-4 days left before the wipe. Disappointed how it's been handled publicly until now.

    Yea, time for some Rammstein...Not unknown bands...but something to blast my brains out off.

  13. Anti - telepathic communication rule

    Hi, I don't normally chip in these days but i would like to bring across some suggestions on the matter and some points on it while blasting my ears with some Rammstein. First thing I would like to comment on is what is more important? Realism or entertainment? This isn't because of metagaming or people chatting on the radio, this is due to inexperience. While I do agree, quality of RP has dropped, but this is due to lots of inexperience and no real leading examples. We do have the invisible silence, but that can be easily solved if people simply Roleplay and know how to communicate with each other. People need to change their mentality from "Shit lets get shit" to "lets provide them with something". Good TS communications that focus the RP over everything can actually provide more to the situation rather than doing nothing. Little things has hinters to other players what to do, how to act or even what to talk about if somebody is left in a blind spot. Doing it 100% natural all the time can lead to some misunderstandings or even confusion for some players. I always supported a healthy mix of RP and TS, and this is coming from the self titled Com's Nazi. In regards to this pointer: The problem with this is, it provides to much power over the initiators themselves. If a well organized bandit group is able to set up safe words, or communications from an IG standpoint and ambush players easily, it will nearly be impossible to find if somebody after they have been initiated. Imagine a person is running in the woods and he gets ambushed by a bandit hiding away. Yes, it does provide realism but it provides far to much power and advantage over the hostage, encouraging a lot more ambush styled robberies rather than build up hostile RP encounters. We also will start the: *Takes out radio and mumbles* Guys, I just encountered 4 people in stary, if I go silent, you know the drill. This will become the new: SHOW ME YOUR ID! Meme of the community. The intentions are good, but enforcing it this manner will not encourage better roleplay, just loopholes around it. Thats common sense, it's a shame people don't follow it. Problems: Firefight communications. Trust me when i say this, with my own experience in the matter trying to build up IG communications and coms and IC firefight coms...it becomes a trainwreck of stress and less fun than its worth. Yes, it's realistic but it's not fun, it puts lots of stress on the players in the fight and also a lot of miscommunication that could lead to easier Mis-Iding people in a fight and miscommunication between groups. This will also take away the focus of the RP from the people captured or the center of the hostilities and 100% focus on the firefight itself and "realism". Whats more important? Being realistic or being entertaining for those involved? To me it seems far to complicated for a lot of inexperienced players and those that aren't into the full on realism. The concept of the rule a step in the right direction but the rule itself won't change the quality of the RP, rather the players and encouraging players to better themselves with their playstyle and how they wish to provide entertainment for the community. What we need to improve is the mindset of the community, not the rules on the matter. But either way, I am glad quality is being heavily talked about here once again. Provide a if you agree with Staggs P.S: For the Admins: