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  1. Stagsview


    Keep your children and wife's hidden folks. Not even solved reports are safe. Rolle is on the hunt for bad verdicts and appeals.

    Pray you have been good and not naughty ...or he will get ya!

    1. Harry



    2. Chow


      Shouldnt you hide then? Kappa

  2. Stagsview

    The Green Dragons

    Hello chaps I was involved in the situation last night also. I was brought in at the far end (guy in the yellow raincoat). Be EXTREMELY carefully in the future in regards to shooting in the leg, when I'd arrived I was on low yellow blood and after shot almost died because of it along with intense bleeding. Avoid or at least ask that in the future. Not permission to shoot, but to know blood levels as this game can kill you with anything. Also, as Lyca experienced it felt very mumble jumbled with to many voices speaking over each other proving a bit hard to focus onto the experience you tried to provide. Besides that hoping to meet you ig more often. Pleasure.
  3. Stagsview

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    We went north, originally grouping up south of Stary we encountered a Russian. Branka’s russian, after a few rounds of beating the liska had decided it was time for her to prove her worth, to prove she was loyal to the fox and to her brothers by ending his life. She stood there, proud of herself and knowing what she must do she grabbed them man and hung him. She had past the test. Later that day the remaining liska met up with her, all proud of their sister they decided it was time for her to become an official liska. The brothers got together, in the same traditional meeting grounds and voted on her and Karel, a man who earlier also had proven himself to be true liska. After the vote, they earned their brotherhood, they had earned their right to bare the mark of the liska. The black fox of chernarus. Both proud of each other, they stand up proud and are welcomed by their brothers. Only to be spoken to by both Xaver and Jitka: Bratri! Today we officially welcome Karel and Branka as our bratri! How about we celebrate with a little hunt eh?!! ANO! They all screamed, motivated, angry and slightly drunk the liska headed north. Following the powerlines and a hint of russian blood to the north. Fueled with alcohol and rage they ran, they moved as one force, getting lost 3 times around Gorka and twice around the airfield only to encounter what they had been looking for: Russian blood. The fight was fierce, with people taking losses from each side but slowly one by one the brothers fell. Arno died running with his knife at a russian, headstrong against his mortal enemy. Xaver and Jitka died defending Vania, Jiri and Branka, bunkered down took the last blows helping the younger Liska escape the fight both shot in the head in the midst of the fight. Emile gunned down while running to meet up with his brothers… After the fight..so few survived….leaving the liska scattered, leaderless and broken. The fox came out of its den...only to be murdered by a bunch of disgusting, filthy…. Rats.. Was a pleasure all of you... Praise Budha.
  4. Stagsview

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    How long can we keep this going before the staff ask if we wish to archive? Don't archive..im writing something.
  5. Stagsview

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Nice job bois. Great meme. Lets get back IG.
  6. Stagsview

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    • PatZ

    Agaaggagagagagagaggaggagagag Ur old. Get older patzi the (you know what)

  7. Stagsview

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    • Muntz

    Now that is a logo I have not seen in a long...long...long time.

    1. Muntz



      Wait, you talking about my avatar, or my background?

    2. Stagsview


      Avatar 😉

      I recognise the background also.... But the avatar is more...... Secret ano?

    3. Muntz


      Ah yes. The avatar.  All reference has been removed from the forums by unknown methods.

  8. Stagsview

    Antique Mystery Dagger

    The blade if anything looks like a tourist item purely to attract foreigners to exotic blades and concepts. I highly doubt it's old and if it was anything post ww1 I can assure you if it was a millitary blade it would be highly illegal. Due to the laws on weapons of war after the ww1. Get it checked by an expert my dude.
  9. Stagsview

    Antique Mystery Dagger

    I don't know the laws in America in regards to knives but without proper seal of manufactory do not expect a treasure value of the item. More than likely an illegal copy but I'm no expert. Get it checked by an expert...not by the internet.
  10. Stagsview

    To the Kozlovs

    ::A voice speaks is heard crackling over the frequency, matured voice, one with a lot of weight in a thick tone of a smoker and a tired man. The sound of crackles and breaking comes through but the tone is calm, monotoned yet slightly intimidating as gusts of wind distort his voice. But his words are heard clear in that thick Chernarussian accent:: Do not spit on the ground boy. These lands are our people as we are part of it, spit on it is spitting on all that share our blood of our fallen families. Do not disrespect what we all fight for. You speak drunk and curse yourself and your families name, your tongue rolls and shivers like you have a violin stuck down your throat, a nervous rant one that screams like a coward who knows fate with claim him. ::Suddenly through the crackle his voice becomes clear, stern voice as it raises in a fit of anger and aggression.:: You are nothing more than an embarrassment and a curse. ::He finishes after taking a deep breath, calming himself down only slightly to finish with the final sentence. Blood, for blood. ::He cuts off his radio, turning it off to finish the conversation as he looks out over his new home::
  11. Stagsview


    Was a pleasure roleplaying with cipher back in the day. A dedicated roleplayer...an all star. Much respect to him.

    1. Terra


      I totally agree. ❤️

    2. Melvin
  12. Stagsview

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was a pleasure Territory chaps. We hope to return the favour soon Brilliant from your chaps end.
  13. Stagsview

    Free Territory

    True mascots are original. Not sneaky breekie kwai shit. -1 wouldn't meme.
  14. Stagsview

    Looking for sadist

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