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  1. Stagsview

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Doesn't deserve the slack he gets at time. A good heart.
  2. Stagsview

    Switching characters

    Closing thread since it's done its purpose
  3. Stagsview

    Staff level system

    Why have I only got 3 stars? I'm a special snowflake. Seriously though. Don't like this system, if anything...bring back junior GMs for training if anything. Mods/CH don't need this as imo you only experience true staff workload when either a gm/admin/lore master.
  4. Stagsview

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    Depends on what version we play. If anything i'l call dibs on U.S.A or Spain for the memes
  5. Stagsview

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Always very interesting avatars.
  6. Stagsview

    Community HOI4 Game #3

    As long it's Saturday at 9pm GMT+1 I'm down.
  7. Stagsview

    Battlefield V

    I would honestly like a battlefield game based upon operation Barbarossa . I don't think it will...but the Nazi push and the Soviet retaliation could be so interesting and have some great level design....especially in starlingrad.
  8. Stagsview

    Food For Your Thoughts!

    Or the milk chocolate one
  9. Zombie is going to upload his pov up to your death. I will message you if it is enough...if anything keep it saved and be on standby
  10. Stagsview

    Filii Prophetam [Strict Recruitment]

    Best way to do it honestly....then you don't have people constantly testing Ur religious lore...as u can make up your own biblical stuff.
  11. @Kriss Blade it is heard in the recording that you have video evidence of the situation. Can you please upload it and post it here. That also implies to @TehZombyBeard since he was there in the situation and is heard to have video evidence. Thank you.
  12. Stagsview


    Hungary should have won...or Albania but deep down inside i wanted either Germany or Italy to win.
  13. Stagsview

    Filii Prophetam [Strict Recruitment]

    Quick question for you chaps. What branch of Christianity are you focusing on mainly? From what i can understand you are Baptists...or maybe even a form of Adventist styled religion? If you don't know its all gutchie just curious how you chaps would react to other forms of Christianity...are we going to be hardcore "the one true faith" or allow of the children of the christian god be under his watchful eye and protection.
  14. Stagsview

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Nice ass, wish would share more
  15. Stagsview

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    A really good roleplayed from my experience.