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  1. KOS 18-02 00:01

    After reading through this report we are glad that both parties have come to an understanding of the situation and are willing to put down the report. As it is stating throughout the report. The dynamic rule is still set in motion so for now it still is in play, we will make a web wide announcement though when we change it. Closed
  2. Bad RP Situation

    @Alessandro Trulli ¦Bad RP (excessive OOC) + Combat logging¦ Guilty @melkerornberg ¦Bad RP¦ Not Guilty After reading through this report we have came to the following conclusion for the situation that unfolded. The first thing we wish to address is the OPs accusations that there was Bad RP. Due to the lack of video evidence of the situation and also the description of the events that unfold we see no reason to punish melkerornberg for his actions IG. He text emoted due to his mic not working and played out his character within the logs fairly. We see no foul play, immersion breaking from him however we do wish to address one thing to him and this is where it also leads to the OP. The abusive text OOC. The text here is excessive. Not only did both parties use emojis while talking (this is no emoji movie) but also alessandro kept going out of character asking questions or talking about stuff irrelevant IG. Only use OOC if its extremely important such as melk did asking if somebody could hear him. Thats a legit reason and motive to go OOC but asking people if they are in a group or about eating something has nothing to do with the situation. Because of Alessandros actions, we are going to give him a punishment for this abuse in the chat logs. Moving onto the next subject is the combat logging done by the OP also. You initiated, you asking him to raise his hands (hands up) and became a threat to his life. Just because you did not decide to act upon those KOS rights you gained because he kept running does not excuse the fact that he has KOS rights on you also. As seen by the logs, you log out 10 minutes after the situation unfolded. If you really needed to log out, we always recommend that you try and find this person on TS or ask a member of staff to find him on the forums or TS and ask permission to log out. If you get it, its perfectly fine for you to log out after but if you do not ask, you do not get so you would need to stay on for the entire 30 mins. To conclude this verdict, the last thing we want to comment about is the contrast of attitudes. Reporting peoples character pages and calling people "noobs" because you didnt like something isnt something we want to see on our forums, while we would rather want to see and encourage melkerorns behavior. Somebody who replied maturely and respectfully during the situation, keep that in mind for further reports and actions here on DayzRP. With all this said, we have come down to the following: Alessandro Trulli: ¦Bad RP + Combat logging¦ ¦5 IG day Ban + banstrike (10 points) Verdict done by @Chewy @Hebi Kotei @Stagsview
  3. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    As long it breaths and 18+ I'm down.
  4. Just a quick question for both parties. Do any of you guys have any recorded evidence of the situation? If you do, please post it here.
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      I think u meant to say: "meme!"

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  5. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Basically some of the original lineup left to make their own concepts. We opened up recruitment and slowly but surely got a roaster I felt comfortable with. That's why I requested to the Lms to hold back accepting until I'm happy with the concept. Plus my work hours are making it imposible for me to look on the forums let alone get IG lately. Will be updating tonight.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    Very cold staggs and very tired CBA to open eyes staggs
  7. What do you listen to ?

  8. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Basically we would rather start with a good core than bare minimum
  9. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    @PCJames relax man, this clan is going to happen it's just a slow process, we aren't rushing the Lms to accept us nor do we want to rush the process. We are gathering recruits, seeing who is interested and from there get the show running.
  10. Things have taken a turn...

    Hey, fembois are best bois.
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    Hello GM Staggs

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  11. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Time to welcome some cannon fodder! Welcome @Major get us accepted through abuse @DarkStyle old friend of mine. Good lad. @Sunshine original member returning for the American timezone Still recruiting for both timezones! Feel free to send in apps.... We shall arrive in south zagoria this week!
  12. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Both Major and Taryn were given copies of the Goggle document with the goals put across them already. They also have been explained OOCly the goals and objectives before the thread comes up. In regards to activity we are gathering the troops up and will be getting IG ASAP. This clan isnt for daily activity but for fun. We just recruited a further 3 members and are ironing out the last inner workings before we start out story. P.S if then you ask why the thread is up, it is because we want to recruit more members to the clan....we have a set goal of people we want before starting the story and are almost at our goal.
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    Perdona la molestia, Tomas. Pero tu no eres Loremaster, desde hace mucho tiempo. Porfavor remueve tu banner, lo antes possible. Maldito puto. Gracias ^_^

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