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  1. --You asked for more so I had some spare time and threw this together. I originally planned on having this part combined with the first but I forgot to edit. I thought my character was a bit wussy and I wanted to show how he had overcome his fear and did what had to be done. I may have went a little overboard though. I may edit it to perfection but here's a rough draft.-- I awoke to a brisk breeze blowing up the hillside, sun shining onto my face. I struggled to open my eyes but everything was so bright. I must have been out for a long time because I could feel my face beginning to burn. The sky was a gorgeous blue with clouds slowly passing by. I sat upright and looked at my surroundings. Was it all a dream? It couldn’t have been, otherwise why would I be all the way up here. Peering down at the city I could see smoke billowing from the fires the night before. It was eerily quiet. So quiet I could hear the ocean waves crashing upon the shoreline. What on earth happened last night? I tried standing upright but my legs were still worn from the long sprint uphill. It took me awhile to regain what little strength I had but once I did I slowly began making my way down the hill. As I walked I kept a very close eye on the city that lay before me, looking for any signs of movement, any signs of life. As I got within a hundred meters of the city I stopped and crouched beside a bush. I must be crazy going back into this mess, but where else was there to go. I didn’t know my way around this place and even if I did there was little chance I might find someone that spoke English. I had to gather my wits and find some way to get out of here alive. All I could think was how far this chaos spread. Was it contained to this city, this country, the world? I spotted the same pub I was at last night a few blocks away. I knew I definitely wasn’t going back there, but where was the police station? What did a police station look like here? I need to find some way of defending myself. A baseball bat, a lead pipe, a tree branch even. Then I remembered the bartender who had the shotgun. The only bit of information that may help, the bartender’s shotgun. I didn’t want to, but it was my best defense. I crept through the streets moving ever so slightly. The streets were vacant, cars destroyed with smoke rising into the air above them. Bodies were scattered here and there missing limbs and drenched in blood. The wind from the coast blew gusts of debris down the street. The smell of decay hit my senses and I instantly began to vomit. I tried to keep quiet and held my hand over my mouth as bile and booze seeped through the cracks of my fingers. Wiping the vomit on my pant leg I crept further into the city. There was only one more street between the pub and me. I glanced around the corner and saw a person standing there. I was so relieved to see someone I immediately jumped out and screamed to him. “Hey! You there! Can you help me!” as I sprinted toward the person he began to turn towards me. I stopped dead in my tracks, my face went pale and my legs began to shake. I could feel my heart beat increase rapidly. It was the fiend I ran from in the pub last night. The same fiend I threw the fire extinguisher at. The creature opened its mouth and let out a howling moan as it began to sprint towards me. F--- my life I thought. I tripped over some debris backing up in fear and scrambled to get to my feet. I sprinted for the door of the pub and slammed it close behind me. Bodies covered in flies lay everywhere. The smell of rot was intense in the air. Boom, boom, the front door of the pub began to shake as though it would give any minute. I scrambled over the bar counter and searched for the shotgun. It was nowhere in sight, not even the bartender. The door suddenly crashed open and there were four of the fiends making their way in now. F--- my life again I thought. I bolted to the back room only this time there was no escape in there. I ran right into a group of three more fiends just sitting idle in the back room. I looked for a quick solution only to see a set of stairs to my right. I ran for them, I ran for my life. I didn’t find any solace upstairs though, only a long corridor filled with locked rooms. I had to think outside the box. This wasn’t home, and the rules there don’t apply anymore. I saw a fire axe in a red case along the wall. I quickly smashed the glass and pulled the axe out. I waited holding the axe and ready for a fight. My hands gripped that axe so tight my knuckles were white. I saw the first creature arise from the stairwell, his face intact but his stomach hollow with organs spilling out. It’s arms stretched out as it ran for me. I raised the axe and swung. It cut deep into the things neck leaving it half severed and exposing bone. I raised the axe again and swung missing the same spot but cracking the beasts head open and spilling it brain matter onto the wall. It fell limp and ceased to move. By this time the other two creatures were in tail. I didn’t have time for another power strike so I quickly shoved the axe head into the face of the first creature. It fell back into its sickly friend and I jumped over the beasts and bolted for the stairwell only to run into another horde led by the one armed fiend. I quickly raised the axe and buried the blade into its skull. It stuck there and wouldn’t budge as the creature fell limp. I tried with all my might but only managed to break the axe head off. Now all I had was a broken stick. I backed up the stairs as the rest of the horde continued on stampeding over their fallen kin. I looked down the corridor and saw the other two creatures making their way for me. I was a goner, I could feel the sweat dripping off my forehead, my hands clammy and slipping the axe handle. I began to feel terror once again, the confidence of killing two beasts have all but disappeared now. Behind me I saw a window, a two story drop to a cement walkway. It was my only chance, I smashed the window with the axe handle and jumped. Crack, my leg broke upon impact. Searing pain shot up my leg into my side. It hurt incredibly but I couldn’t stop here to whine, I had to run. I had to survive!
  2. Here's my character. I tried to do something a little different than the run of the mill ex military mercenary or looking for a family member so here's what I came up with. Let me know what you think. It's rough but it gets the general idea behind my character I think. You may have to read between the lines to understand him. The name is Liam Gambit. Until recently I worked for my father in his logistics company ‘Gambit Services’. We worked all over the United States but had acquired enough standing to expand globally. We were originally from the Midwest but our work sent us all over the place from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and the like. I hadn’t been home in months but it’s not like I was married or anything. I did have a sweetheart but she was tied down with a family of her own. I would see her from time to time but it wasn’t something I would call serious, just a casual hook up of old acquaintances. My Father opened up a line of communication between some smaller logistics companies from England, France, Germany, and Japan. We separated and he took to England and France while I took Germany and Japan. From what I heard last before my plane to Japan my Father had nailed a business deal with the English company. We were making good grounds, but I didn’t get a straight answer from the Germans. I decided to let them think it over and make my way to Japan for the next business meeting in hopes of having better success. I ended up getting into a layover that put me in Chernaurus. The next flight out wouldn’t depart until the next afternoon so I decided to hit up a local pub before getting a room for the night. I sat at the pub with a bottle of scotch, sipping away the evening hours while the locals were getting drunk and having their own fun. Two fellas in the corner kept nodding in my general direction and kept laughing and snickering while speaking their own language. I knew they were making fun of me but I didn’t really care. As I sipped down half the bottle there was a commotion outside. I didn’t really know what was going on at first, I don’t think anyone did. There were people frantic in the street running in mobs. A small group came bursting through the front door and slammed it shut. An Englishman was part of the group and he kept shouting “Barricade the doors!” while throwing tables over and shoving them against the entrance. “These people have gone mad!” People just stood there in shock, not knowing what was going on. Gunshots could be heard accompanied by screams. A young girl that came in with the group had an enormous gouge from her left arm that was pouring blood. The sight of all that blood made ill, and I could feel myself becoming feint. Another woman screamed for bandages and tried wrapping the girls arm in cloth napkins from a nearby table. Suddenly the girl began snarling, growling almost. She began twitching like she was having a seizure. Her hair had been covering her face this whole time but with a twitch of her head the hair revealed a pale face with soulless, milky filmed eyes. I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I was so scared. I just stood their petrified, watching the whole thing like it was some kind of three dimensional film that was happening around me. The girl leapt for the woman aiding her and bit deep into her neck. Blood sprayed across the room and an old woman screamed from somewhere in the front of the pub. Suddenly the pub was alive with terror, people were jumping over tables throwing chairs out of windows and un-barricading the door trying to get out. The Englishman shoved some men trying to stop them shouting “They’re out there, don’t let them in, stop!” It was futile. One man threw a fist into the Englishman’s face and he was out cold. The second the pub patrons got the door open a horde of enraged, sickly looking people rushed in. Their faces pale, smeared with blood. Eyes were gray and had the same milky film look the young girl did. This horde of people began attacking the pub patrons, biting and scratching at anyone close enough. The bartender had pulled a shotgun from behind the bar and began firing into the crowd. The first shot rang into my ears sending me back into reality. I jumped behind the bar and grabbed my half empty bottle of scotch. The bartender let out another shot blowing the head off of one of the sickly people. I looked around in utter disbelief, the whole room in chaos. There was blood, intestines, brain matter and the like scattered all around the room from floor to ceiling. One sickly person ran for me with one arm stretched out and the other one missing. The lower half of his jaw was held in place by a small bit of skin. Terrified I threw the bottle of scotch. I missed and it went straight past his head. I looked to the bartender for help but he had already become overrun. I turned and ran into the back room. I looked for some sort of escape but I was too terrified to think. The same sickly one armed fiend followed me. I could hear the screams dying down in the other room while the snarling became louder. My hands were trembling, my face was pale and I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my forehead. I screamed for help but deep down I knew it was useless. While backing up I bumped into a fire extinguisher. I grabbed it without hesitation this time and threw it. Again to no avail, the device bounced off the fiend’s torso and he just kept coming. I glanced to my right and then to my left. There it was, my only chance. I saw a door with a lit up sign. It had to be an exit. So I darted for it, threw it open and to my utter terror there was nothing but more chaos and destruction outside. Cars and trucks were aflame, people were eating people, and the police were shooting into crowds of people that just wouldn’t drop. I turned and ran. I ran for my life. I ran until my legs burned so much that I collapsed. Then I crawled. I managed to make my way up a large hill and into some woods. When I turned to look at the city below me all I could see were small fires here and there, muzzle flashes and tiny dots of people running about the city. I could hear the screams, they trailed off as my vision began to blur and I passed out.
  3. Hello, My name is John, gamer handle Eyebomb. I stumbled upon this site due to some youtube videos and found out that there is a dedicated RP server. I was extremely pleased with this as I have been looking for some in depth storyline gameplay with other players for a long time and it just fell in my lap. I hope to get by background story in line, creating my character and start interacting with other role players.