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  1. Roy was an auto mechanic specialist in the United States before the outbreak. He loves racing rallies and his family. His wife died in a car crash one night and he never got over it and blamed himself as she was out getting him from the bar, causing him to become even more of an alcoholic. However, when hes drunk he isn't one of those rowdy - lets fight types of drunks, he is a sad drunk recalling the memories from when his wife was alive. Roy and his wife, Alison, have two girls, now they are 7 and 13 years old. Before the outbreak became reality and not something people took as a joke Roy left the girls with his mother so that he could go to a rally in Cherno. When the outbreak hit he was trying to leave so that he could get back home and see his girls, but all departing flights had been canceled. His quest now is to find a pilot that would be willing to fly him home so that he is reunited girls, the last living connection to his wife. Roy isn't a confrontational guy and tries to keep calm in the hectic world around him. Roy has kept his sanity during the outbreak because of an old crumpled Polaroid picture of his wife and children, and because of the thought that one day soon he might be able to fly back home to see his girls.
  2. Hey guys im Roy im excited to join and be apart of the community. Hope to see you all ingame.
  3. Hey There Oliv I dont recall it. But My steam account was not linked to another Account. Also You cant be accepted if you have a Vac Ban Even if its 630+ days old?
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I Cant Find It My Steam Account IS Black Listed As Spam Why the verdict is not fair: I dont remember ever spamming anyone i just made this DayzRP account. I know i had one at a past date. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I turned 18 in August and i honestly dont remember what happened but i have the faintest idea that i filled out the app wrong when i was younger What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Being able to play on DayzRP with my buddy What could you have done better?: Not have been a lazy little kid and filled it out correctly? if that is what i did wrong
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