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  1. Born in moscow, 1996, Artyom was not destined for great things instead his life would be full of rough patches sent to test his value as a human being; first he was abandoned by his parents and set up for adoption in which he would jump from household to household before he turned eighteen and was able to fend for himself, he'd join the Russian Armed Forces. This was what Artyom thought of his last way of proving himself, of making himself a person of value to his country. He'd end up serving five years in the Russian Armed Forces before he was abandoned in Chernarus woods after a strike mission had gone wrong and undead overran his squadron, they were sent over into Chernarus territory to deal with a gathering of infected personnel; their squad was overran and Artyom was left for dead, he didn't make it to the evacuation point leaving him MIA and lost in foreign land. Artyom has been a wandering remnant over since.
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