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  1. Tell me when I shot I a person with there hands up
  2. Who did I shot that had there hands up and where is evidence of this ?? No one said I shot someone with there hands up the person I killed I’m pretty sure is sorted so now ur bring up false allegations
  3. So are you saying I shot someone who was putting there hands up ?
  4. Server and location: server 1 and kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): time is mid day i dont know real time and 27/12/2018 Your in game name: Aaron Kane Names of allies involved: Cian connolly Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: i Know i started saying RDM its just because he took me by suprise as i was putting my mosin away and due to him trolling us with racist comments and false statements of us putting are hands up or we will be shot i though he had no gun or he was just messing around so i wanted to talk to him but this happened
  5. point out i shot warning shots because u kept trying to bait me into shooting you i dont control the other 2 lads with me that started spraying thats there choice and yea if i do a 5-7 flank and i see one of you still in the field looting im gonna kill you as you just shot me
  6. but i didnt actually kill anyone at the ff i just ran for my life and sniped one. I am just trying to say if ur friend and others where alive and you knew you killed 2 out of 3 why didnt you take me hostage and torture me or something i was just annoyed the way you kinda baited me not shotting at me acting as if you dont know me then jst sprayed me down in my eyes its just really bad rp for someone to do that
  7. i just want to know how you knew it was me and how do you know anything about the situation if u werent involved
  8. can we get into discord or sum to talk about this I have read the comments i understand why i was killed in this situation and the reason i killed @Oiram was because my 2 friends where killed in the same field i was the only one that survied after i towards kabanio through the tree line i looked back to see what was happening and they where still in the field looting the bodies so to avenge my friends i killed one then ran i dont think there is any rules broke by me and they started shooting at me first i only fired a warning shot into the ground at my feet because a ill man was running towards us for like the fifth time. I would say that he was baiting us.
  9. Server and location: s1 Outside vmc Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between 17:00 to 21:00 17/12/2018 Your in game name: Aaron Kane Names of allies involved: was non Name of suspect/s: dunno Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: so the river coming out of vmc me and 3 other people who where roling together never caught there names where talking to 2 other people you could say there was tension in the air and then another 2 people came along who where sick that kept running towards me and my 2 friends so we raised are guns a couple times telling them to back of. The 2 other where saying why do you want to kill them and we said we didnt so they kept running towards us so i shot a warning shot in the air and then the 2 lads just started firing at us so i survived then about 30-40 minutes after i am running past vmc to green mountine and some lad that wasnt involed in the situation just came up so me i tried to talk even done the love heart emotion and he just sprays me down. He wasnt involed in the situation and i thought it was rdm
  10. I am a 20 year old irish Man that was the bold child in school and was told that i would never make it anywhere in life so I joined the irish army, I was flown over as part of the peacekeeper force for nato. I have lost all contact to home and im looking for a new brother or lover to keep me sane without someones support I can go a little crazy and start hearing voices of my lover at home that i cant contact. Its my first trour in the army. Seeing my brother in arms eat each other has given me some terror.
  11. ill double check tomorrow and yea i tried to join through DZSA launcher
  12. so as the title when i try to join it gives me the error "bad version server rejected connection" any help on to fix it
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