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  1. ...

    Thank you but i get whitelisted today
  2. WHAAAT ???!!!!!

    Yep , everyday is a new lesson huh ?
  3. WHAAAT ???!!!!!

    So what should i do now ?? To start and rewrite averything ???
  4. WHAAAT ???!!!!!

    I pass the second step for whitelist, i wrote about 1 hours for my caracther background step and when i click the next button it returned me to the questions step , i click next again and it was nothing wrote in caracther background ??? WHY ????? I spent 1 hour writting for notthing ?? For a bug to delete everything that i had written ?? REALLY ???
  5. ...

    I did that 2 times , still faill with 1 question....
  6. ...

    i'm 99% convinced that i will fail that one too , but i'll try it
  7. ...

    So if i faill 5 times i don't get any more chance ?
  8. Are you for real ?

    I came on TS , i still fail 1 question , i'm so mad now , i can't even write without shaking , i fail 3 times
  9. Are you for real ?

    Nope , the question test it's IMPOSIBLE , again i found questions that is not on your site , i'm done , this is ridiculios ....
  10. Are you for real ?

    the lore ?? , ok i didn't know about that , jesus i wasted 2 tries for nothing , ty for telling me about the lore i will definetly pass the next time Sorry for beeing so mad , i just want to enter a roleplay server so bad , and i can't find those answers , but it's all good now , ty again and sorry one more time
  11. Are you for real ?

    I have a big question: Are you kidding of newcomer ???? I am trying to get whitelisted but on 2 stage , the one with question it's a LOT of question that didn't have answer on your web site , for example : - Please do not post whitelist questions on the forums, Cheers mate... - Beni For real ?? Where should i get answers for this questions ?? Or you're just jerking around and i have to become a premium to obtain those answers ?? Waw , what a comunity , ask questions without an answer on your site ...