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  1. Sen Talha is an impartial, dauntless and daring man from the weather bitten coastline of the south eastern part of Norway and he knows a thing or two about the outdoors, yet he was not prepared for the situation he now is in. Sen being a simple man, was always perfectly content with his job on the open sea, but his younger brother Odin decided to follow in their pharmacist father's footsteps and got himself some fancy diploma. The last time Sen saw Odin was when he traveled Miroslavl for undisclosed reasons. Just a week passed until Sen waved goodbye to his family he transported to security on a remote island, heading out to locate his lost brother, who now promised to meet him in Bor in Chernarus before they lost reception. But after days on the sea and more trekking on foot, there were no-one there waiting for him. Except the sick.
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    I was told it was requested that I would upload my POV which I do not have any problem doing, but I did note this: For those of you who are early, youtube takes a while to finish proccessing higher resolutions. (The recording of my POV starts from 05:22 if you want to compare with Sitches POV: https://plays.tv/video/58f65b516cd2590dfc/ekzz-dee)
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    Exactly what Stiches said: I did not record the initial engage as the attack was unexpected, but I can confirm that Brodie Smith was armed and ready as he engaged the compound through the main gate as I put him down with my IZ. Brodie Smith body is lying where he fell as he entered the facility double carrying, so his gun was clearly drawn. I have recorded the later part post his death, but as I was defending the facility it would not show any further relevant information, outside the in-combat radio coms.