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  1. Awesome Idea! Hopefully you’ll get some awesome Role Players to help you for this group. I’d suggest checking out my thread to see if anyone is interested! Awesome Graphics btw
  2. Cannot wait to see how this is different and unique. Just based off the Group page I’ve already got a lot of hype!
  3. I Smell real Raiders! Cannot wait to see the scrap cars y’all drive!
  4. Oh no no! You can’t archive before I get to reply. Even trying to do it while I’m at work won’t slide!! LSS. I hate joining groups normally. Being put on the roster of anything typically leads to issues I’m not after. But the collection of fan-fucking-tastic Role Players that came to create such an incredible group are like no other! Thank you for letting me be appart of your RP hub. And thank you even more for letting me take over every RP situation and talk your ear off!! I better see all of you in some capacity during the next New Map! -Love you all Cordis! Bi
  5. I voted +1 But Can we get a link to the Steam Page for the mod. Is it compatible with our server? This would be an awesome group concept. A group that holds all major production of ammo in the area, sorta like a Gun Runners in FNV
  6. I remember last lore. Played anothe reporter at first. Eddie Malone. Then played a Lawyer Noah McKaine. Remember the Saviors and the triangle. New Paris being ran by I think it was Ex UN folks from France! Lotta old good times!
  7. Age: 36x + 3 = 690 (19 If ya lazy) Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I want to be involved in the awesome events and stories. Being hands on and apart of what makes these events fun and memorable! What can you contribute with?: I can do a small variety of accents. I also think Im a damn fine Role Player in Hostile and friendly situations. Common, ya know ya gotta have me! Timezone/when are you available (server time): EST and mostly any time of the day, depending on my Night Shift Schedule What kind of roles do you think fit?: Public Relations, H
  8. Rip you just under minded my whole thread! Im joking. Feel free to use both threads or just mine! Post group ideas as well. I wanna see some cool stuff for the new map!
  9. Hello fellow Role Players!! Ill keep this short and simple. We are all excided about the new map! Im excited to see the new groups and factions being created. This thread is designed to be a Recruitment board, If you want to be in a new group for this new map Please post some information bellow. This thread will also become a place to discuss your possible Nyheim Group Ideas!! Lets hear em all right here!! Promote your possible group, maybe youll get some interested people!! The goal is for people representing New Group Ideas are meant to DM anyone who posts bellow at
  10. Legit scared about what Im gonna do with Bishop!!! 

    1. FaeLR


      mad homer simpson GIF

    2. TheBishop


      Getting Old Betty White GIF by swerk

    3. Thersty


      The last surviving New Yorker,

      it is his destiny to open a Pizzeria.

    4. TheBishop


      Oh shit now you got me thinking @Thersty

    5. Thersty


      Pizzeria mod 🙏

  11. That’s me! In all blue lying in the middle of the lineup
  12. Hello again! Considering the grand reveal is just around the corner I think the point of this thread has been served. While I Did Not get the Answers I, and the community, was after, It is clear that it simply doesn't matter at this point! I look forward to the announcement! Cannot wait to see all the work and effort our team have spend to create this experience for us! Id lastly like to state that, clearly the community has strong feelings regarding this topic. Perhaps this could be something addressed in another way? Or maybe another time. Admins, you are welcome
  13. Close buddy. It’s me! Your local disappointment. lemme guess… Greeny?
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