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  1. Fantastic Idea. This would also give our more modeling and texture sided Devs a change to really flex here. Wouldn’t need so many coders! MAKE A POLL! (could even do commissions)
  2. Thanks man! Thank you to everyone who saw me off! I’m heading to college so it ain’t gonna be much of me around. But I will sure as shit be back, y’all better be around when I show my lover reporter face again! (Also I was dying that entire conversation at the checkpoint from hypothermia!)
  3. A girl better not be involved this time around. You wont have bishop to take a bullet for you this time...
  4. Want beans? Post something that triggers peoples Chernorussian Nation Pride! Slava!! Havent lost a fight yet... No dex, just fists... Imagen an American Reporter leading the charge!!
  5. "I may not be a doctor. But I know how to use a fucking Pen..."
  6. Ill win any fight hand to hand. Make Bishop the Leader of the Nationalists - 2021!!
  7. Damnit! As soon as I gotta go back to school!? You planned on this didnt you! Great to see yall back, kick some ass for Ol Bishops fucked up head.
  8. Am I allowed to Bump this? Was shown it again and well.... Just damn I miss this!
  9. Id be so down to do some questing! "Mornin' Nice day for Fishing aint it?"
  10. Ima make this quick cause Im dead tired. To everyone who was involved in the Green Mountain Pen Operation, FANTASTIC Rp from everyone! Just... Amazing to all of you!
  11. TheBishop

    I got called edgy

    Eh, backpack could be bigger for extra edgy points
  12. Holy.... Amazing!!! Yall are litterly, without a doubt copying Olsha and New Divide. Im getting Deja Vu
  13. @Zanaan I will answer ya question Bellow. 1. I wasn't in any OOC Coms at the time with any of the people involved in the Situation, I only followed Wyatt when he told me he knew where the Hostages were being held. We were merely 50 meters or so from the Area. I asked them how they knew where they were, as I oocly thought it was a little suspicious that Wyatt knew where to run. I was Told that the only surviving Hostage, I think @SpectreRasher (Sorry If I get the names mixed up) , still had his radio. He said "Yeah the dumbass took my gun, but not my radio. I left it transmitting" I figured that was good enough and I knew that I was only following Wyatt so I figured he knew where to go. 2. Second, I personally never heard the warning of them killing the hostages, I wasn't the leader of this attack and was following the Lead of Wyatt, he knew where the hostages were and knew about how many we were gonna face. As soon as I heard the first shot I knew that no matter what demands were made or anything if someone was shot at it was all over. I made the decision that if I could kill the attackers quickly, I could save the lives of the people I was with and hopefully the people being taken Hostage. Again I would like to state I personally didn't hear the demands made by @HDragon as I was past 2 bar range and was giving my own demands in 3 bar. Also, I do not record and tbh really should. I do not have and evidence to add like a video or pictures. Sorry! PS. - After Review of the second video posted in the OP, I can see that @HDragon Did say something regarding the hostages, However @ChaseRP was speaking over him. Sorry if this caused confusion.
  14. Bishops POV: So after hanging around Olsha, my old stomping grounds, we decided to check the bar that had just been screwed up by a recent fight. Han Lee came with us and was an idiot and got trapped inside the bars only locked area. We were spending some time trying to stack things to get him out without destroying the base. This is around the Time @MoreNerdshowed up crying bloody murder. His buddy was being taken hostage and needed our help. We followed him up, @beatbapple669 and Candy came with us, making our numbers a strong 4 team. We heading up to the cliff face where Wyatt said his buddy was. We found them and approached from behind cover. When we got close enough I think @beatbapple669was spotted and the hostage takers were yelling at em, this is when Wyatts initiation was dropped, I followed up by placing my speech at 3 Bars and telling them to put there hands up, that's my voice with the terrible accent at the end of the first video. I stayed in cover and saw, who I later knew was @HDragon character turning and running for cover behind the hostages. I heard him scream "HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE WE WERE!?!" The men who were taking them hostage had multiple different color armbands, I know I saw Blue and Orange. Once I saw the two men turn and burn it away I stated in game, "Look at them running, classic non-compliance" and someone else fired, so I opened fire. I killed @HDragon and shot the second man. While @HDragon was taking cover behind one of the hostages I was shooting at him, I was worried I had hit the hostages, however I never had a round land near me, leading me to suspect they shot the Hostages as a reaction to being attacked. I am not entirely familiar with the rules regarding Hostage execution in a situation like this one, but I would like to state I am currently not part of any group and my Initiation was my own. I also did not hear the Hostages or the Hostage Takers say anything after the Quotes above, however I was a good distance away at the time and wouldn't have been able to hear a 2 bar speaking. After the Situation we found 2/3 of the hostages didn't make it, kinda makes me a shitty hostage rescuer. None the less we continued to Rp and I learned who was shot and who wasn't. We later all returned to Olsha.
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