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  1. Always good stuff man!
  2. TT By far the best option. Not only do the animations work well, but it fits in the theme of Chernarus extremely well. A post soviet country fighting. Cannot imagen a better executioner gun other than the Makarov! Also, PPSH is in other Mod packs, Havent seen much in the way of the Russian 1911.
  3. I didn’t... I just kinda woke up here on the shore with some rags and a few flares...
  4. +1000 Yes a thousand times yes! This adds everything I wanted to see in terms of Weapons customizability that can create truly unique characters as well as extremly well made guns. The choice to have a wooden SVD made this Mod alone, but the HK417/16 is an addition that has been begging to be added into the game! Add this needed! Unless we find an issue with the mod I do not see a downside. It is apparently also a Monetized version. Also look at this bitch! Ive been wanting a tatical AKS-74U for ever. Now we can add sights and flashlights. Do I hear Spetnaz Lore Group?!
  5. -1 I mean... wasn’t this already suggested by @Empress? Or am I going crazy. None the less I want Bows but with no Animations I don’t think I could stand seeing it in the game.
  6. This is something that would be awesome to see in the game. I have seen many times first hand cool, prepared radios that were attempted in game, always being interrupted by anyone on the frequency. I know that Coding would be an issue but we do have some damn good coders in the community and on the Dev team!
  7. The ADAR is a real weapon as much as the AKM or M4A1 would be. Also, two completely different games, Tarkov and Dayz. It would be easier to recreate the ADAR in MS paint than port over from Tarkov. Simply just is not added in may games bacause there would be no reason to have a budget M4 when you just have the M4. In terms of Tarkov and Dayz, a survival game, it makes a lotta sense to have civilian versions of the Military weapons that are so effective. Such as the Vper and Adar. I would use these weapons, as well as them being effective enough to compete the amount I need them too. Sure they are not full auto .308 50 round mag machines, but they can get the job done all wile looking fucking runway ready wile doing it!
  8. I brought up this idea with our very recent Dev @Watchman. I asked about retexturing already in the game guns to have unique varriants. From what I remember he stated that retexturing In game weapons is apparently a pain in the ass, something to do with modeling. And he would have done it many times over before if it weren't for the amount of work it took and how little reward would come of it. Basically TLDR, its not ez from my little understanding. Give em a chance here id say. Ps. We haven't been adding many mods for whatever reason. I want to believe it is because the mods out there really screw with our server. This mod is a retexture project, It should not effect performance any more than our own mod does!
  9. Looking through this mod I noticed this is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. Not only does it provide Variety for free, but it also adds variations of guns that are already in the game. "But Bishop!?" I hear you cry! "We already have these guns, why would we just want retextures?" Well let me tell you, the differences may be small but they are clearly unique and well made. Having variety in the Civilian gun market is extremely needed in such a saturated area. Id say do it! Test it out if we are able. What's the harm. Imo we need more mods like this, things that effectively add variety to our characters, Squad did this, now that its gone we need more things to fill its void. A PHAT +1 from me!
  10. TheBishop

    A Chance

    This screenshot gives me hard Arma 2 Dayz Vibes
  11. Lets start a GoFundMe for this. Call it whatever we need to get the money for this...
  12. TheBishop

    Scrubbing in

    Oh my favorite! Got some great Doc RPs, learned first hand, so I know it was a good surgery!
  13. TheBishop

    Scrubbing in

    Learning Dissection in a school, giving me Starship Trooper Vibes
  14. Now thats a sexy Uni, very Urban much Camo. Great work Dev Team!
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