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  1. *Bishop laughs, then struggles as a rush of pain runs into his body* "Psh! Youre talking a lotta smack for someone who just lost a fight to me, Ano?" *He pauses, taking a breath* "However, it was a difficult fight. I would love to see you and Sam in the ring! Lets get this going, Da?" *He lets go of the PTT, taking a harsh breath and laying back down next to the woman in his Tent*
  2. Gonna miss ya pal. Cya in bigger brighter storylines!!
  3. *An American Voice hits the PTT. He sighs after taking a hit of his Inhaler.* “This is Bishop Darkwood. Some may know me as Bishop Balboa! I think it’s time to prove my undefeated title....” *He pauses to take a breath* “Anyone can challenge me. I dare you. Ask the Bar folk, have yet to lose an honest fight!” *He laughs at his own confidence.*
  4. Yeah I was chilling untill I fit on my vest now I overhear every few mins. It’s ain’t that bad
  5. Just scrolling through this thread again. God damn this stuff just shows emotion, fantastic work.
  6. Always fantastic, Totally didnt Cry at all. Nope
  7. Glad I kinda bumped and forced my way into ya little Local gang. Bishop for CLF president 2020!!
  8. Good Rp with yall outside Olsha at the Lake. Short but a good introduction and sparked some long ass debate durng our personal group meeting. Will be seeing yall soon...
  9. Always a fantastic time with yall. Great to finally get to really get some personal time. I am totally holding that im now a sorta kinda Local over ya head now @Watchman
  10. Fantastic group of RPs in this roster. Meet most of you if not all already. I hope to be seeing more of y’all around Olsha and the region.
  11. Eyyy that’s how we get shit done. Thanks on the approval!
  12. This is fuckjng amazing.
  13. We kicking ass all day every day. Thanks for the feedback! We ain’t changing the family!
  14. Yeah idk. Some guns we can’t put in bags. But can fit in vests. Does it make any more sense that you can bust out an AKs74u outta ya chest pockets? No. But to be honest this hasn’t been as much of a problem this lore than last. And this conversation has been going on sense ya could fit em in ya bag. So I don’t think it’s gonna change.
  15. Lmao yep. Kept stumbling over em. We have fun during the end of the world
  16. Protect and serve!
  17. Place ya bets here! Maybe make it a poll for who will win? Shame I won’t be around for it. Still, I’ll keep my title as the undefeated fighter Bishop Balboa!
  18. I belive this was already a topic for extensive debate. I remember the poll we had a wile back. No, from my memory it’s a hard no. However, with proper work cited and no item shop access it may, may happen. Don’t get ya hopes up
  19. It’s simple logic. Anyone who wears a big backpack cannot be trusted. If you wear this, it is the maximum level of trust!
  20. Agreed. Let’s see some of these items not spawning as to limit the already heavy strain on the server with custom assets. Keep the rifle sling and Zippo. That is all I need
  21. “Something small”. But it looks dope as shit, however don’t think NATO would give a shit about this place.
  22. This looks fantastic. Just holding my breath until we get told we can’t use this one.
  23. FireDude

    A Meeting Of Minds.

    Seems you find more than a friend when we bump into each other constantly lol. Great to see y’all, RP is fantastic as always.
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