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  1. Noah sits in the Stary church. His face beaming with respect and happiness at he looks over the preserved house of the lord. He closes his eyes to begin a prayer. The words flow from his mouth like a waterfall, flying every which way. He speaks of his close friends and his father who he misses, but mostly of his wife and her stunning features and character. He opens his eyes as he thinks of what next to say, the church around him has long vanished. Now replaced with the Novaya courthouse, the witness stand built is a clear sign of the hard work placed into the place. However it is in disrepair, the wood splinters off and drops to the flooded floor of the once active gym. Noah's boots sink deep into the floor as he looks around the room. The moonlight begins to snake its way into the room between the busted windows covered by decaying boards. As the light shines on the room, blood is visible, sprayed across the walls and stands like a fine art painting. The red streaks glisten in the moonlight, beautifully coating the room in a deep amber color. The new found illumination shines bright on the many bodies floating in the flooded sweat room. They dip under and out of the water as they get pushed around by some unknown force, gently coaxing them towards the Judge chair. Noah watches in suspense as the bloody, dirty water, begins to pulsate like sea water washing up on a midnight beach. The water begins to push the bodies with more force. The corpses flip and roll over revealing the faces of the deceased. Skip, Moody, Toez and Jade all wallow under and above the water like perfectly placed art pieces. They align to the room almost perfectly as if placed by some aspiring artist. As Noah looks up from the floating decorations he turns his eyes to the witness stand once more. Now occupied by a beautiful figure, slumped over on itself. The moonlight glows around the now illuminated angel. Noah strains to see clearly but he has memorized the shape and curves of the figure and recognized the hair. His darling, loving wife, slumped on the witness stand she created, the halo that rests above her head broken and warped like a piece of steal under too much pressure. Her body is bloody, but just enough to shine and glisten even more. The perfect placement of the figurehead. Noah fella nothing from the sight, his eyes simply move on as if the body where a picture he passed along every day. His eyes would however fix onto the Judges chair, a large towering figure looms over the gym like its king and ruler. Stands, tired and content, is Pogo. Bearing his signature white suit decal-ed with blood and dirt in the most blissful way imaginable. His eyes look deep into the scene, scanning the figures and placement of every piece and brush stroke. His mask, half broken, shows part of his cheek, a white beaming smile. He Stands, tall, with his steal sharpened paintbrush in hand. The blade dull from use, ad it drips onto the canvas a mixture of blood and mud, the perfect combination. Noah looks at the man, his body suddenly shifting and shaping like a toothpick. Being molded and moved by the waves, being placed into his designated spot in the painting. His limbs twist and break off as he is dropped to float in the corner under his wife. His eyes peal from his skull and drown in the muddy waters. His torso flips over, facing the sky, the roof of the building had been blown off to reveal the constellations. The beautiful edition provides starlight to the painted scene. Noah takes a deep breath and looks at the stars, his eyes long gone yet he can still see. He slowly closes his eyelids, covering the spying sockets where his eyes once were. Suddenly, the sharp pain in his ribs return and Noah gasps for air. He throws his eyes open to see the roof of the abandoned building he dropped asleep in. His gear left thrown on the floor as he had passed out from sleep deprivation about and hour ago. Noah struggles to get up, his mind spinning with images of bloody waters and dead women. The thoughts leave him, like a one night stand after a bad night. He pulls himself up, his pain clear as he finds his shoes. He takes his lighter and curses to himself at the lack of Cigarettes. He takes the few steps records the door before collapsing. Noah would lay in the room, unmoving, unloved, and depressed as if he were dead.
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    Morning Peace

  3. Best thing in life is driving down back roads, windows all the way down and the radio so loud your ears ring when you get out. Screaming around corners like a bat outta hell and singing your damn lungs out of your chest. The whole damn world kinda gets left in your dust as the problems and shit gets blows out the window...

  4. We already got some solid green, maybe some olive and bark brown. Black would be cool but I honestly think the black and white one we have in game is good enough.
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    Bet You Can't Pretzel Like Me...

    Snap Crackle Pop...
  6. You bastard gonna make me fucking cry. Damnit man that music and the whole story. I loved your character man, and you as a role player. Please return when you are ready to storm the fucking country with your skills.
  7. That fucking dance and music man. I cant fucking believe I knew some of those songs.
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    roke on doode!

    When the fistfight goes terribly wrong.
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    Old School DayZ

    Classic with the thermal scope
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    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    nrl im kinda pissed I missed it but I was having a seizure and open chest surgery so...
  11. It takes a believable situation to get me into the zone. The whole situation was fantastic and really heart pulling. Most people didnt know the entire situation but RPed amazing. To everyone who was involved I didnt see one moment of poor RP or shitty playing. I wasn't awair that Noah and Mouse couod have that pull to call nearly 5 doctors to perform open chest surgery on Noah. Y'all were fantastic and really made the RP great. I am pulling Noah around into more shitty situations and I'm hoping I dont sound too cringe with my pain RP.
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    Open chest Surgery

  13. https://youtu.be/KaiYpoe7tKI
  14. Noah is sleeping, soundly and steadily, something he hasn't done in a very long time. He stirs slightly, his white pants fall off the side of the bed. His boys slowly begins to sink into the bed, deeper and deeper into the thin bed frame. He remains asleep, completely unaware of the whole that erupted underneath him. His single person bed completely consumes him, his backpack and recently acquired teddy bear remain on the bed, as if not affected by the sinkhole created. Noah drops into the pit, he jolts awake at the sudden drop as his entire body seems to lose all sense of direction and place. Noah now remains, floating in empty space, cold and awake he scans the surrounding blackness he now calls home. His eyes adjust to the blackness, allowing him to understand the place he is in. He is on the roof of the Novaya School, it is raining heavily and the two figures in front of him are close together, closer than most should. Noah, slugging through the flooded roof gets closer to the two figures. He yells trying to call to them, asking where he is. They only shift their positions, Noah can see now it is two women, making out on the edge of the roof. Noah is estranged, the figures wrap around each other like snakes, waiting to be carved into stone by some Roman sculpture. Noah blinks, and as he does the figures become recognizable as his own wife and Jade. They continue making out as their eyes open and pierce directly into him like daggers deep into his ribs. His body is completely soaked and his ears are thundering from the heavy rain, landing onto the roof like bombs on an enemy target. Noah screams, but his voice is mute, deafened by the thundering strikes from the death beams of his woman's eyes. Noah begins to stumble closer trying to get towards his wife, he endures great pain trying to move around the water that has become ankle high by now. His legs begin to feel heavier as the rain begins to drop harder and burn into his eyes. He throws his arms in front of his eyes blocking the rain that melts his eyes like fire. His legs struggle to keep the same pace as the water has come to his knees. He reaches out to try and grab the women, his hands burning as the cold water hits his skin. But as he closes his hands into a fist, they disappear. The twisted and contorted snakes no longer kiss on the edge. Noah looks around, his eyes squinting avoiding any skin melting rain for entering. His dirty blond hair drops in front of his eyes blocking his view of the rainy dark sky. As he moves the hair away he suddenly lacks the feeling of solid ground beneath his sore feet. His body drops as the sky quickly clears and the rain removes itself from the scene. He can now see the cold hard concrete below him, and he tries to break his fall with his hands he finds his body immobile. He falls limp as if he is asleep while conscious. His body grows closer towards the ground as he begins to understand his fate. He hits the ground hard, his body refusing to bounce or break the fall, rather slam to the concrete parking lot like a dart to the board. His arm snaps with a loud snap similar to a large tree branch breaking during a storm. His leg twists into unnatural shapes as he attempts to get up. The pain overtakes Noah as he passes out on the cold concrete. As his eyes roll back into his head the complete the rotation around his skull. When they return to forward face Noah is back in his single person bed, the covers kicked off him and the bed frame moved slightly. His leg has returned to its original shape yet is laid construed off the bed. His breath is quick and shallow as the pain in his chest is the only remaining from the Night Terror. However, as he tries to remember the extent of his injuries they escape him like convicts from Federal prison. Noah sits up, extremely tired yet unable to sleep. He grabs his pants and pack of cigarettes as he walks towards the door. He looks back after opening the door subconsciously expecting to see his beautiful angel wife, sleeping soundly at his bed. Instead he only sees his backpack and the pumpkin Pogo gave to him, untouched. Noah, sighs, the origin of his pain Alien to him as he reaches to the nigh stand to grab the pack of matches. He walks down the stairs and into the dark, chernarussian night with his face illuminated by the cigarette flame.
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    Le Vestige Media Thread

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    chernarussian conga line

    We're off to kill the Foreigners, the Foreigners who ruin our country!
  17. Why not? This is incredible work and I say keep going. Draw stuff that gets stuck into your head.
  18. Nice work holy shit, love it.
  19. Noah McKaine: I have ran into this Peter Griffin dude plenty at Novaya and honesty he throws his Impersonations on and off during downtimes at Novaya. He didnt even do it during the firefights, rather cheering in his normal voice. I guess it could be trolley but he shuts up when told and everyone RPs it as a dude who can do pretty well impersonations. I would say tone it back a little however, it can get slightly stupid and could fuck up the wrong RP.
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    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Cheers to the men whos Coms are crap but still get shit done in the field. Youre RP has come a long way since Eddies meeting, please keep it on the up and up boys and sorry if the Lawyer keeps kicking more ass than you.
  21. Noah walks, slowly through the marshlands of northern Chernarus. The white SPG Gas mask fit tightly over his head. He looks to his left and sees Artyom in his newly all black gear walking behind him. Noah smiles at his ‘guide’ who is apparently falling behind. As he does Mouse appears behind Artyom, her black leather jacket shines over the crisp Chernarussian sunlight. Her curves outlined by the layer of haze, defining her shape that Noah knows too well. His eyes grow soft behind the cracked Gas Mask glass. Noah continues forward, his feet struggling to walk straight in the marsh. The muffled sounds of the water splashing around him are suddenly flushed out and taken over with the sounds of a large horde of Infected below him. Noah suddenly is hit with this overwhelming smell of death and blood. Noah looks down at his feet and he is standing on the edge of the North West Airfield Factory complex. His combat boots are now replaced with Dress shoes and his White pants are clear in the noon time sunlight. His face is less constricted now and the gas mask is suddenly gone from his face. A enormous wave of guilt suddenly hits Noah, he struggles to remain upright on top of the 6 story roof. His hands begin to shake as he can hear Toes screaming for him behind. Noah begins to subconsciously mutter “Im sorry, Its my fault” As he begins to step forward as if robotically controlled to do so. His leg dangles over the edge as pebbles fall down the 6 story drop onto the infected below. Noah feels a immediate grab on his shoulders as he is pulled back onto the ground. His body shuts down, his mind going completely awake and aware of his current form yet his body contorts and shifts into unnatural body shapes. The unidentifiable man above him screams in some African voice “Da man is having a Seizure!!” Noah shakes and mutters words he cannot understand as he begins to slowly fall into the metal roof he has fallen on. His mind completely unaware. When Noah opens his eyes it is to the sight of a Pamyati gunman in full battle gear. Noah is sitting inside a courtroom, a place he knows too well. However he is not in the defense chair, rather the witness stand. Noah blinks slowly as he watches the Pamyati put on a formal dress jacket over his Gorka uniform and begin to ask him closed questions in a sharp angry tone. “Is it true that you caused your wife to consume massive amounts of painkillers?!” Noah sinks at the question and neglects to answer. The Pamyati restates the question in a faster more aggressive tone. “Is it true that you caused your wife to consume massive amounts of painkillers?!” Noah again neglects to answer, his voice escaping him. This time the ‘Lawyer’ is screaming at him and as he does Noah hears a familiar voice call Objection in the Defense side of the court. Noah peaks over to see Skip, the Novaya Lawyer trying to save his ass. Noah remains his feeling of extreme guilt, his face looking worried as he continues to look around the courtroom. Noah sees a Kamanici in the way back of the court, the Chernorussian holds a gun in his hand, aiming it at his darlin’ wife. Noah's guilt is suddenly flushed out with rage and he reaches for his handgun. He feels the 9 Mil in his pocket and grabs the Pamyati in front of him, throwing him as a human shield. Noah suddenly cannot see well as he holds onto the frightened man, a thick level of fog has suddenly replaced the illuminated court house. Noah begins to panic again, throwing the hostage he has taken around him keeping the shield. Suddenly gunfire erupts from above him, a large tower used to control Aircraft has erected itself 100 yards from him. The bullets ring past his head as Noah cowards behind the hostage he has taken firing his handgun back at the attackers. His hands shake as he begins to feel light headed and faint, He hears a loud deafening scream of a Irish woman and blood splatters over Noah's face. He looks down slowly, not minding the gunshots now ringing all around his head. Noah holds onto the hostage he has taken, bloody and limp, the man he took is no more, replaced by his own wife in his arms, dead. Noah is shaking even more, his hands cannot hold onto the handgun and his legs begin to lose strength. Noah drops the gun, then body, then his own weight. He falls to the ground for what seems like a hour before feeling the impact of the concrete on the side of his jaw. His eyes quickly close as a result of the pain. Noah's eyes open, his breath is lost as if he was just running and his body is shaped in a uncomfortable manor. The bed he lies in has the covers kicked off him, something he undoubtedly did in his sleep. He feels his cheek, knowing something should hurt for some reason, a fall maybe? Nonetheless, he is wide awake and slowly gets himself up. His legs are sore as he places on his jacket and pants. He looks at his wife in deep sleep on the bed where he once lie, she has become used to the night terrors he experiences and can even sleep soundly during them. Noah, after grabbing his jacket and radio, lights a cigarette with his match box. His face illuminated by the soft glow of the cancer stick as he allows the smoke to cloud around his face. Noah's expression shows only restlessness and regret for whatever he dreamed about. He would then open the door and slide quietly out of the room. Noah's shoes begin to walk him down the stormy streets, his face pale and smokey. Noah turns on the radio he strapped to his belt and listens to the 'Nightly News'...
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    A Confession

    *Noah lets the Cigarette burn in his mouth as he lissens to the radio, he grabs the device from his belt and presses the PTT. His Massachusetts voice echoes in the abandoned factory.* "Hello William, I would shake your hand if our first contact was not via radio waves. My name is Noah McKaine, and I am a defence Lawyer. See, I have been recently employed in Novaya, a large city ran by the Saviors. Have you heard about the saviors?" *Noah pauses, his voice calm and business oriented.* "We have Doctors, shops, a police force, and my favorite, a law office. I emplore you to visit us. Our doctors are experienced, and this seems like a confusion. Crimes cannot go unnoticed even in todays climate Willaim, however the plea of Insanity will provide you with the help you need to sort out this, erm, condition you suffer from. I can fight for you, as your lawyer if you choose. Please respond to this call sir, I hope to see you in Novaya." *Noah lets go of the PTT as he watches the cig burn out on the railing, he closes his eyes and waits for an answer.*
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