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    The medics

    A true Doctor
  2. FireDude


    Well... Anything good inside?
  3. First dude rocking up thinking "Maybe if I show him I hsve no rounds he will comply"
  4. That clear moment of relocation that they didnt have any ammo. Then the knife at the end. Lmao this whole Initiation was a shit show haha
  5. FireDude


    Yo what? Hmmm
  6. FireDude

    My cup runneth over

    Quite an intelligent pick in terms of Camo and Guns. Mans trying to resupply the Chedaki!
  7. FireDude


    Moments later, the man would get up, turn around, gun down someone with a shotgun. Then get gunned the fuck down soon after. But hey, a campfire was within 50 meters of the situation so... But legit, missed district. Glad its back.
  8. Well shit gl, enjoy messing with the Dayz code.
  9. Yes, it is. However they have a very high chsnce of doing nothing. Honestly in my exp they don't work, but I dont know if this is still the case.
  10. O7 to the @ScarletRose and her group. Havent had much of a chance to RP recently but thinking back to those Camp Hope days, Damn its sad to see such a great group of RPs Archive. Cya soon I hope.

  11. FireDude

    When does a fun character become trolly?

    Its trolly when an extremely depressing or seriours part of the Rp they are around is spoiled by them. So be fun when its appropriate but if ya mate just got told he has cancer then dont be fun.
  12. *Imrich responds to the radio, sounding a little sarcastic yet judgemental* "Jméno Wolf Pack se může rozšířit dosti daleko a může se šířit téměř tak rychle, jak se pohybují základny ... Nicméně, diplomatické setkání? Tohle není válka, pane, nejsme všichni na schůzce na oltáři a diskutujeme o nejjemnějších aspektech našeho života... What is it you truly want?" (The name Wolf Pack can spread quite far, and can spread nearly as fast as they can move bases... None the less, a diplomatic meeting? This isn't war sir, we arent about to all meet at Altar and discuss the finer aspects of our life...) *The man then releases the PTT, just realizing that the man on the other end most likely won't understand his language and curses at how he must 'compensate' for non-natives*
  13. Ngl i agree but issue is performance. Maybe make s1 bigger again?
  14. FireDude

    Happy In the Forest

    That smile, that damn smile
  15. Dude had a 20 round drum mag and missed 7 shots.
  16. Why isn't this post getting more beans??
  17. FireDude

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *The man laughs again hearing the radio, the mans accent is difficult to take seriously and he needs to pause to speak* "Jeho méně času nyní muži ostrova, hladina vody se zvedne dříve, než to padá. Dali jste se na ten ostrov na odliv. Nastaví, jak dlouho vydržíte až do návratu" (Its less time now island men, the water level rises before it falls. You made it to that island on low tide. Sets see how long you can last till high tide returns.) *He lets go of tje PTT, thinking for a moment. Maybe he should become a poet, that came extremely easy to him*
  18. FireDude

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Imrich sits overlooking Tisy mili base, he sets down the can of peaches he stole from Yelenas bag and presses down his PTT, he speaks in his own language* "Jak muži bojují o skálu, pomalu začíná klesat. jak jsem uvedl předtím, pánové tento boj úniky na bolest a utrpení. Přeji vám hodně štěstí s novou ženou, ale domnívám se, že se chová jako ti z minulosti kvůli vaší silné osobnosti. A těhotné ženě, doufám, že jste se nepohnuli dolů na ten ostrov s růžemi, to by vám udělalo víc blázna, než jsem vás vzal. Doufám, že Lucka pro vás překládá ..." (As men struggle for rock, it slowly begins to decline. As I said before, gentlemen this fight escapes to pain and suffering. I wish you good luck with the new woman, but I think she behaves like those of the past because of your strong personality. And to a pregnant woman, I hope you haven't moved down to that island with roses, it would have made you more crazy than I took you. I hope Lucka translates for you ...) *The man lets Go of the PTT and returns to dealing with his back pain*
  19. FireDude

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    NGl, this funny as shit. London Lunges
  20. FireDude

    S1 :KOS in Novaya - 07-08-2019 2:23

    I also have the Clipped evidence of @Whiskayys Rp being cut off. Sorry for the voip glitches but what I am highlighting would be the man with the AKs-74u asks "What it your friends" Whiskayy responds with "Yes but I didnt kil-" He is then immediately gunned down, no punishment, no torture, very little rp other than "Simple situation" again not saying the rights wernt valid, Im stating that the kills were Ruleplay and only hurt RP, rather than adding to it in any way.
  21. FireDude

    MOD suggestion thread

    Yes please link steam page for these mods so maybe, just maybe, we can ask the devs to repack... Justa thought @DevTeam
  22. FireDude

    The perfect weapon

  23. FireDude

    Blocked means blocked

    -1 for this +1 to block @s and DMs
  24. FireDude

    Blocked means blocked

    I mean community posts are important to be viewed. I think you should be able to block being @ed or DMed but being able to just erase a post from your view seems like needless work from the team. Just don't read that person's post.... Agreed, in spite not everyone not being friends lets just avoid a system to ignore when we can just ignore them ourselves.
  25. Throw back to @Watchman when he attempted the same idea of trimming one stage at a time, talk to him maybe.
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