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    Mademoiselle's Group and Character Page Graphics

    I got you, pay It back later ok...
  2. Fuck man... Well Noah's gonna need to learn about this somehow. Was gonna invite you to the wedding. Damnit.
  3. FireDude

    Fuck The Chedaki's Claims. (Open Frequency)

    *Imrich inspects his new rifle in his hand. He runs his hand over the carving on the dust cover. He presses down the PTT and a local accent inhabits the airways* "The Chedaki can make you say whatever they please, carve whatever they please, and be live whatever they please. The Red Star would have never done these things to one of its own people." *The man feels around his back, running his hand over the new Chedaki symbol* "We all understand, Ano? When someone states the name and how they support them you know they are not truly supporters. Guns to a locals head only bring more anger and death. We Locals have felt the pain from political powers, we will not let them win." *Imrich lets go of the PTT and removes the dust cover of the rifle for safe keeping*
  4. FireDude

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Lets have an admin show the playtime for these guys, I havent seen em around so maybe...
  5. FireDude


    Cause Noah is getting married in Russia, watch your step Mr shock, its hard enough to Convince Hope to let you come to the wedding after what you said...
  6. FireDude


    And realize youre a fake doctor... I joke I joke...
  7. Imrich Vakindi “Imrich! What the actual fuck man!?” Cried Dimir, Imrichs Neighbor. “You better not fucking try this man.” His Local Cherna-Russian Accent shrieking though his grinding teeth. He attempts to stand in the way of the Rifle cabinet but to no avail as he abruptly moves away from Imrich. “Dude, this is stupid, this isn't like Cowboy America! They will kill you for this!” Dimir pleads to the muscular man, his neighbor who was always such a kind and loving man turned quite and flaming with hot rage as he throws the Cabinet door open. “They are going to need to find me afterwards. Im not letting that Fucking Rapist go free, not from, Me.” Imrich speaks in a slightly less thick Accent as he has been taking English translations classes. Imrich grips his family's heirloom with a firm grip, inspecting the engraving on the side of the bolt. He smiles, he came from a long line of Hunters. His father was a boar hunter and his father before him hunted Elk to feed the communists, he is surely no stranger to a rifle. Dimir stares at the man, Imrichs once loving eyes now show Hellfire as he unloads the cardboard box of TulAmo .308. Imrich, with a strangely meticulous form loads five rounds into the rifle, one after the other without hesitation. He walks towards the door with intention in every step, his boots rattle the hardwood floor of his now ghostly home. Dimir, suddenly frightened of his Neighbor ends his war to stop him, he simply steps to the side to let the soon to be murderer walk outside into the cold chernarussian night, he didn't even bring a jacket. Imrich waits, shivering slightly ad he overlooks the Erine Family Farmstead. His body has turned slightly pale, and red in places from the cold. Nearly 4 hours have passed since Imrich had taken the rifle. Nearly 6 since the ChernaRussian Police declared Bush Erine innocent of raping and killing both Juley Vakindi and Bela Vakindi. Imrichs arms seem to go numb as his tank top absorbs the newly fallen snow. His rifle still firmly held in his hand, the tool of death turned judges Gavel for tonight. The Sun rises over the farmstead as Imrichs eyes begin to adjust to the new light. He looks down the hill to the farm, seeing the awakening and movement of two lonely figures, one smaller than the other. The field workers follow a bull as it pulls some form of farming equipment. Imrich smiles, a smile he has not shown in a long time. He raises his rifle to look down the scope. The two figures reveal themselves as Imrichs target and his 10 year old son. The elder man is pointing to the connecting parts of the trolly on the bull. The child looks on in clear frustration and a lack of understanding on how the trolly connects to the bull. The elder man smacks the child at his incompetence and continues to explain the uses of his prize bull. Imrich looks down the rifle scope with an overwhelming lust to pull the trigger. His body aching for revenge and true justice on the man who killed his beloved's. He looks at the two and his smile widens, the youngin would only come after him if his hellspawn of a father was killed, or worse, rape and kill more than just his wife and child. Imrich eyes the two and wonders the best way to cause suffering to the child and elder. His finger resting on the trigger, his eye, one closed and one on the boy picking the most painful place to fire. His head? No, the child would die too quickly. The shoulder? Maybe, he would most likely pass out from shock and be unable to watch his father die next to him. No, It must be the upper thigh. The Hellspawn would be unable to move correctly to try and help his father and would be forced to die from blood loss. Imrich smiles so great his teeth show, he lines the scope on the unforgiving child and his father. The .308 would pierce the gut of the father and land into the Child's leg clean. However, just before Imrich can squeeze the trigger the two move to look behind them. The mother had called out from the farmstead. This sends a shiver of satisfaction through Imrich as he watches the smile cross the Demon spawn child. Imrich knows this is the best time to take the shot, a time where not only would the child be forced to witness the slow death of his father choking on his own blood. But to force his own Mother to watch as he rapist husband dies next to his boy. Imrich lines the shot one more time, his hands steady and the lines of the scope aline with the fathers gut. The slow pull of the Eight pound trigger feels like a feather as if this was what he was meant to do. The wight seemingly removed from the trigger as if his wife and daughter themselves are helping him kill. The recoil brushing lightly off his shoulder taken by his tanktop like a pillow. The round, traveling faster than his own mind, connects with the target sending pink mist up into the crisp ChernaRussian air. Imrich does not look down the scope again, the cries of the boy as he attempts to hoist himself ontop of his father reach to his ears. The blood, staining the fertile soil sending the bull running towards the treeline. Imrich smiles as he lifts the bolt and chambers the rifle again, the casing launching down the hill smoking from its holy flame.
  8. *Noah presses down his PTT with some clear pain in his voice.* "Well, fuck...keep the dream alive I guess..." *The man pauses as he fights some pain* "Don't call it our trash, we didnt want to leave the camp. But... Im glad its being used. Stay safe Gen Z, I may take a stop by soon." *He pauses, then speakes again with slight sadness in his tone* "Will you be renaming the camp from Camp Hope/Pisces?"
  9. FireDude

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Damn yall just growing the numbers. Also nice little cameo today while Noah was, yet again, breaking down and getting shot.
  10. FireDude

    Group requirements revised

    What if an IC reason causes the Leader to sped down as the head officer and comes down to have someone the leader. This section of the Rule prevents this sort of Internal Rp
  11. FireDude

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    We are still a Family... We will not leave each other because of the ending of the group, the times we have made together not only will keep us together but this group will ring out for a long, long time... Thank you all for fighting for this group, thank you all who brought us supplies and thank you all who just simply Rped with us. A major shout out to the Dead Batteries and the Toy Makers for giving some amazing Hostile/Bad guy Rp. Your groups keeped us going and forcing our stories to continue in a good way. I hope another group with this amount of pull can come around soon after us. But thank you all for Role Playing with us. What is Dead may Never Die!
  12. Ok ok, gonna flame my character.... Its hard ok!! *Cries in Hopes arms*
  13. When the picture you get of Noah is him having a mental breakdown and crying in Hopes arms, yay...
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