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  1. You bastard gonna make me fucking cry. Damnit man that music and the whole story. I loved your character man, and you as a role player. Please return when you are ready to storm the fucking country with your skills.
  2. That fucking dance and music man. I cant fucking believe I knew some of those songs.
  3. FireDude

    roke on doode!

    When the fistfight goes terribly wrong.
  4. FireDude

    Old School DayZ

    Classic with the thermal scope
  5. FireDude

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    nrl im kinda pissed I missed it but I was having a seizure and open chest surgery so...
  6. It takes a believable situation to get me into the zone. The whole situation was fantastic and really heart pulling. Most people didnt know the entire situation but RPed amazing. To everyone who was involved I didnt see one moment of poor RP or shitty playing. I wasn't awair that Noah and Mouse couod have that pull to call nearly 5 doctors to perform open chest surgery on Noah. Y'all were fantastic and really made the RP great. I am pulling Noah around into more shitty situations and I'm hoping I dont sound too cringe with my pain RP.
  7. FireDude

    Open chest Surgery

  8. https://youtu.be/KaiYpoe7tKI
  9. Noah is sleeping, soundly and steadily, something he hasn't done in a very long time. He stirs slightly, his white pants fall off the side of the bed. His boys slowly begins to sink into the bed, deeper and deeper into the thin bed frame. He remains asleep, completely unaware of the whole that erupted underneath him. His single person bed completely consumes him, his backpack and recently acquired teddy bear remain on the bed, as if not affected by the sinkhole created. Noah drops into the pit, he jolts awake at the sudden drop as his entire body seems to lose all sense of direction and place. Noah now remains, floating in empty space, cold and awake he scans the surrounding blackness he now calls home. His eyes adjust to the blackness, allowing him to understand the place he is in. He is on the roof of the Novaya School, it is raining heavily and the two figures in front of him are close together, closer than most should. Noah, slugging through the flooded roof gets closer to the two figures. He yells trying to call to them, asking where he is. They only shift their positions, Noah can see now it is two women, making out on the edge of the roof. Noah is estranged, the figures wrap around each other like snakes, waiting to be carved into stone by some Roman sculpture. Noah blinks, and as he does the figures become recognizable as his own wife and Jade. They continue making out as their eyes open and pierce directly into him like daggers deep into his ribs. His body is completely soaked and his ears are thundering from the heavy rain, landing onto the roof like bombs on an enemy target. Noah screams, but his voice is mute, deafened by the thundering strikes from the death beams of his woman's eyes. Noah begins to stumble closer trying to get towards his wife, he endures great pain trying to move around the water that has become ankle high by now. His legs begin to feel heavier as the rain begins to drop harder and burn into his eyes. He throws his arms in front of his eyes blocking the rain that melts his eyes like fire. His legs struggle to keep the same pace as the water has come to his knees. He reaches out to try and grab the women, his hands burning as the cold water hits his skin. But as he closes his hands into a fist, they disappear. The twisted and contorted snakes no longer kiss on the edge. Noah looks around, his eyes squinting avoiding any skin melting rain for entering. His dirty blond hair drops in front of his eyes blocking his view of the rainy dark sky. As he moves the hair away he suddenly lacks the feeling of solid ground beneath his sore feet. His body drops as the sky quickly clears and the rain removes itself from the scene. He can now see the cold hard concrete below him, and he tries to break his fall with his hands he finds his body immobile. He falls limp as if he is asleep while conscious. His body grows closer towards the ground as he begins to understand his fate. He hits the ground hard, his body refusing to bounce or break the fall, rather slam to the concrete parking lot like a dart to the board. His arm snaps with a loud snap similar to a large tree branch breaking during a storm. His leg twists into unnatural shapes as he attempts to get up. The pain overtakes Noah as he passes out on the cold concrete. As his eyes roll back into his head the complete the rotation around his skull. When they return to forward face Noah is back in his single person bed, the covers kicked off him and the bed frame moved slightly. His leg has returned to its original shape yet is laid construed off the bed. His breath is quick and shallow as the pain in his chest is the only remaining from the Night Terror. However, as he tries to remember the extent of his injuries they escape him like convicts from Federal prison. Noah sits up, extremely tired yet unable to sleep. He grabs his pants and pack of cigarettes as he walks towards the door. He looks back after opening the door subconsciously expecting to see his beautiful angel wife, sleeping soundly at his bed. Instead he only sees his backpack and the pumpkin Pogo gave to him, untouched. Noah, sighs, the origin of his pain Alien to him as he reaches to the nigh stand to grab the pack of matches. He walks down the stairs and into the dark, chernarussian night with his face illuminated by the cigarette flame.
  10. FireDude

    Le Vestige Media Thread

  11. FireDude

    chernarussian conga line

    We're off to kill the Foreigners, the Foreigners who ruin our country!
  12. Why not? This is incredible work and I say keep going. Draw stuff that gets stuck into your head.
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