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  1. Being held hostage by the Lumberjack gang. Send help and syrup
  2. Be seeing y’all again soon?! Anyways been great fun the RP between and caused by talks characters. Let’s keep it going!
  3. The lore has been going long enough that it don’t really matter what y’all call em. I would enjoy seeing the extra effort to call them something different/unique but, zombies work.
  4. God damnit this thread is OLD... but damn nice pic.
  5. This mod pack is a direct example. As one of our devs stated it was a “Mess if sometimes stolen content”. I would love to see this. But do actually have any mods to prove this Idea if the preacher? Also, I know our mod team are fucking wizards but I don’t think it’s gonna happen realistically. Calling in @Watchman for his full detailed POV (Sorry buddy)
  6. FireDude

    Kill Dozer

    Hey! That’s me!!! KILLDOZER BABY!
  7. edgy FireDude incoming

  8. FireDude

    Fight Night

    Bishop Balboa!!
  9. Bro, bro holy shit!!! I love this character so fucking much
  10. Fantastic work. Keep it up as I know you will!
  11. “Sike Mothafucka!” Yeah that’s one hell of a Sike!
  12. Ok look. Ima be the one to ask... Where did the assets for the map come from? These look like they were ripped directly from Arma 2 or from a Port in Arma 3. Those are not public assets. Secondly, I doubt they recreated the entire terrain and assets for the buildings. -1 from me
  13. The Arma 3 Model used as an example looks excellent. However. If these types of clothing were possible, we would be seeing a loads of different stuff. Like trench Coats and unzipped jackets. IMO this is currently IMPOSSIBLE with the current Dayz Tools. And while our dev team are a fucking collective super genius, I don’t see it happening. -1
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