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  1. *The man quickly pulls up her radio and responds in a troubled voice* "Look we are unable to make it to your location by the castle, the elevation is too great for one of our members, Is it possible to make your way over to Lapatinio, I will be very grateful and will compensate the inconvenience" *The man pauses before pressing the PTT again* "Please, we have been suffering from our injuries for the past few days, we need a real trained doctor to help..."
  2. *A middle aged man with a distinct New England accent opens up the radio broadcast with a long sigh, his voice full of pain as he does* “This is a survivor recovering from multiple beatings and trauma to my ribs. We also have another beating victim and one gunshot wound recoverer. Please If you can hear us we are on our way towards the camp, please respond ASAP.”
  3. *The radio crackles to life, a middle aged man with a distinct New England accent begins to talk slowly on the radio, his voice quiet attempting to the woman he loves asleep. His voice has a distinct tone of swagger and confidence within him.* “This is Eddie Malone, a Reporter for the New York Times. I have been reporting within this country since the downfall of the Civil War and have been across this country more than a stellar world traveler. I was at Lapatino during both of these attacks and love the idea of another interview.” *The man takes a moment to look at his papers, realizing he just gave his best pen away he continues.* “I am certainly not a radio man and do not typically broadcast without a script but I am extremely interested in meeting another Reporter in these lands. Please contact me on freq, 59.9” //PM me on forms “And we can set up a official interview between companies. Im sure my knowledge on the events and state of the country would be invaluable and I wish to have a truly amazing story lined up for this country.” *Eddie lets go of the PTT and sets down his Radio. He then returns to his shared bed with his wife, looking over the scar on his wrist before drifting back to sleep.*
  4. Eddie has lost his charm man, shits been done to him. Without his reporting he is kinda at a lost. He was always a Wimp but never has it shown to people he interviews.
  5. FireDude

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    I cant speak for the past, im not upset just disappointing with this type of gameplay. They did it yesterday when they attacked Kab, I was again a hostage and saw little RP from them. Please Yall do good in Novaya just try and bring that down here during your combat.
  6. FireDude

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Look I wanna like yall saviors, but the only Rp anyone who was still fighting heard you say we will kill you if you dont surrender. I dont wanna make this an argument cause stuff like this happen and I understand. But It cannot be an accident to mute your mic and just spray down civis or combatants who wanna end the fight.
  7. FireDude

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Yo ok. This was Eddie Malone, I was the man who was forced to pick up an SVD and try to defend my Girlfriend. See, I was a combatant and had a weapon so I should have been shot I get that. Im just very disappointing with how it was handled, I tried to RP during this situation, I know you had Hostages during this situation and neglected to use them as a tool to RP and get this firefight to end. If you acted like you cared for your damn life you all would have tired to threaten the hostages lifes and said "We will kill all the people outside unless you come out, do you want all your friends to die today?!" Something along those line. Just because Kill rights are granted does not mean you MUST KILL ANYONE. One someone is killed I can see the BLOOD LUST in peoples eyes, you keep your mouths shut and start shooting up the place. I heard one fucking line from Saviors and it was Moody stating something along the lines of "Hands up or Die". Im not pissed about the gear or crap Im just sad that every event I see the Saviors its not even hostile RP its just PVP. Im sorry its just embarrassing to be apart of this crap, im sorry please dont just apologize simple be better.
  8. FireDude

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    @Watchman some good ass work here as always, any chance you could do some stuff involving Fire or something fitting burning?
  9. Oh no its official. Good Luck Eddie Malone, it aint gonna be easy now. More scars on the way. Also your RP fun as Awimba almost every scar my chracter has is caused by you or your men, like Eddies Fucked up left eye. Keep up the hostile RP and I hope to see your group keep the fighting spirt but stay away from shitty RP in favor for Gunplay, it would be a real waste of a good character story and curve. All in all you boys add danger to Eddies already fucked up life.
  10. FireDude

    The Highwaymen

    Y'all best be wearing all cowboy themed stuff, and when the repeater gets added on boy!
  11. Mademoiselle

    *When you find a real life photo of FireDude*


  12. FireDude

    The Highwaymen

    Well lets hope this group goes we'll, it would be awesome to have a group that may or may not exist looking out for the goodness in people. Rather than a group that acts on fear.
  13. FireDude

    The Highwaymen

    Fuck lets get some good guys back into the damned country. This is extremely intresting and I hope y'all make these FNV quotes in game. Really boya good luck, how are people gonna contact you btw?
  14. I have complete faith in your abiltys. I just hope y'all can truly bring this out to its full potential.
  15. I would be fine with a device like a mine that only causes effevts to the player like a stun mine. No major harm however, these could lead to good ambush situationa without inproper kill.