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  1. FireDude

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    hmmm, been waiting
  2. FireDude

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    Noahs Pov: So, I come into Camp Eden with a buddy I find along the way, he parts and I begin to RP in the camp, get into a fistfight and so on, at this point I have gained an automatic rifle and have been at the camp for about 45 min. Then someone comes running down from the east side of the camp screaming the House is coming the house is coming. Just about everyone runs their asses away. We have about 5-15 people get outta the gates when someone drops the initiation. We see about 30 people, all with matching armbands and automatic rifles. I throw my hands up and try to hide my rifle in a bush before the server crashes. I spend about 5 min trying to get back in due to UI glitches but eventually I join the hostages and lose all my gear. Ie: Gun, vest, belt, handgun, and Backpack. Everything except the pants and shirt, basically stuff I can spawn. Now we are moved to processing, the hostages are split between and we have half on the east side of camp and the other on the west. I am on the east with about 5 others. I ask why we are being held up and they respond with "We are just bored now shut up" (Along those lines). We are told to face the wall and shut up. Threats along the line of "Talk you get shot" or "Move you get shot" and "Turn your head at all you get shot" We are told to put our hands on the wall and not speak, if we move our mouse in Alt Look we get shot as proven. We all simply shutup and try and RP when we can. Most are limited to Emotes to rp. None the less we do get some good Hostage Rp from someone, no idea cause I couldnt look, telling us to put our hands down for handcuff search. Now we are still facing the wall and the event becomes a cluster, idk if more people showed up but whenever a command was given the people couldnt tell who due to not being able to move the head. At this point I have my Mic on double tap so I can take my hands off my mouse to avoid dying. Next we are moved into a building with 2 hostage takers because the the rest were gone to fight people trying to liberate us. We are told to put our faces to the walls again and never look someone in the eye, result to TPP for seeing. The two of the hostage takers, I dont know their names on forms, try and RP. You will need to forgive me because we were held for so long It all blurs together. One leaves and the other just sits in the room not really doing anything. Sometimes stating he was talking on his radio aka DC or Ts. He would kinda stand or not say anything. At this point @Mademoiselle is brought in, she was the one shot for turing her head slightly, and I ask my hostage taker to allow me to treat her. I was dying for some serious RP or anything that involved two people going back and forth. It a struggle but I am able to convince him and am told to move to another room. I am then given good RP by the man who brought her into the room who is then told to leave to fight. I attempt to Rp with @Mademoiselle and start Medical Rp but I am told to shut up from the other room when I asked her name. Long story short I completely cut off my Rp because I valued my characters Life more than the Medical Rp and just resorted to Steam and Discord texting @Mademoiselle to get the Rp done with. During this I hear a lot of gunshots in the shack next to our house and someone, maybe @NorwayRP say "Thats it, guns disabled" They shot all the guns in one building. At this point someone quoted rule 4.4 in the // chat and this incited the Hostage taker to state "So... Does anyone have any stories to pass the time? I dont really do the talking I just shoot people" Not much happened. Eventually I was able to move back into the room and waiting for a long wile with the same type of cringe and boring RP. Finally after about 15 more min more people come in, I believe it was @Eagle. He began to allow for some questions and actually got some good Rp from him. We were able to see why they were their, at least the IC Excuses and we are aloud to speak with is nice. We learn about the Chedaki and why they wanted to kill everyone and then they leave to go outside. We are told we will be released soon but then we are still kept for another 20-30 mins. Now we are bored again and I attempt to Rp with my one of the original two hostage takers, the one who brought @Mademoiselle back inside. He was GD and I play an ex-savior so we had some decent remembrance Rp and questions, I am aloud to Medical rp @Mademoiselle now that the other hostage taker is gone. Later we are finally let go after then all leave. We walk out, do some real Medical Rp on @Mademoiselle with others and try to get our gear back. Nothing is left, almost all the guns are taken except about 5, no plates and very few bags. We go to see the barn where all the guns have been destroyed to we couldn't use them. Now we just kinda lick our wounds and Rp in the camp again. I later log off about an hour and a half later. (BTW the picutre of the guns only shows half of what was inside, most was moves or taken by players cause It looked bad inside, more m16s and a few more bolt guns)
  3. FireDude

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for banning my son. (We arr not very original with names...)
  4. South of Kamnesk military base, right above the city of svet That's where you are, but only you can figure our where youre going.
  5. @FalkI dont know man, the discussion was about the opinions on the events and the people involved, This is not a court case yet and tbh it wont be, no grounds. Let the people talk and if they say stupid shit that is only flame give them points. As long as people are respectful let them discuss whatever they feel.
  6. FireDude

    [GAME] Name Mixup

    Firemoiselle @Firemoiselle
  7. FireDude

    [GAME] Name Mixup

  8. FireDude

    New Chip's adventure

    Yeah man, I'm honestly surprised How the shop is going, how U got so much stock still and how you haven't died. Good rp all around too, stellar performance.
  9. FireDude

    A rare sight

    Wow, its not strapped to the back of a crazy wild Roleplayer with 200 rounds and 4 coupled mags!
  10. FireDude

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Big O O F
  11. FireDude

    Death Match

    Erm... @Isaiah Cortez vs @Mademoiselle
  12. FireDude


    Eyyy, thats Me!!!!
  13. FireDude

    A Giant's Journey [Dominik Dvorak's Journal]

    Nice man... Becoming a true monkey in the trees.
  14. Mademoiselle

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    Psst, I think we had another son... ? 

    @YNW Jasper

    1. Falk



  15. Same. This is apparently a DayzRp issue, because if you join a default or non RP server the bayonet works as intended. The question is, are the bayonet we have added by us or by the base game?
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