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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I have no direct link to a post because of the nature of the case. I was brought to question by way of voice and when I was interrogated by an admin in the TS I complied completely by giving my real date of birth. This, of course, resulted in my account becoming blacklisted. Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the blacklist is fair and follows the DayzRP rules completly. I wish to convey I am of proper age. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was born on 10/16/01 making me of age at this time. I have also sent an email to the [email protected] address with images that prove my age and legitimacy. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I hope to be unblacklisted from RP and wish to continue to play DayzRP What could you have done better?: I would have not signed up while being underage and have waited till I was of proper age to sign up.
  2. My name is Steven Walker and I am 27, American, and a Firearms dealer and historian. My story starts with my wife who I have been happily married for over 5 years now. Well, maybe not so happy after she found out I was cheating on her with one of my contacts. Being a sympathetic man I was looking for any way I could win her back. I was also trying not to lose half of my earnings from the gun shop that I own. Sadly it became apparent that the only chance I had to winning her back was to find her family ring that she was so desperately in love with. I knew that it was my only chance, however she was born in Chernarus and so was her family. This was a problem because, not following the news very frequently, i learned that the country was locked for locked for travel for some reason. However i had struck good when one of my past contacts who lived in Chernarus was sending frequent messages for more gun shipments. I was able to arrange a shipment of WWII Mosin Nagants for what he called "cause" in exchange for him finding a way to get me across. I was arranged to meet him in Ukraine and I would take a boat with one of his friends who was also trying to get into Chernarus to assist in fighting "Those things". I did do a little studying on the area and learned that my wife's ring was in Staroy and learned a little Russian. However on the boat ride their his friend was constantly telling me to stay down and keep the lights off. It felt like he was tense and we were smuggling something illegal by the way he was acting. However when I was instructed, not asked, to sleep he locked me inside the cabin. When I eventually fell asleep i awoke face down in the sand with scrapes and burns on my back and chest. It looked like i was tossed into a fire, that is when i felt the burning pain in my left arm. I was forced to walk along the coast past what looked like a destroyed cargo ship, I had no clue what was going on and was hoping to find a construction crew that could help me. I found nothing but broken crates.
  3. Born in Troy NY, he was put up for adoption at an early age. His new parents adopted him at 13 and gave him a new last name, Walker. However due to his step-brother being only interested in his own firearms rather than the people around him. John had always kept to himself and was getting increasingly shy only coming out through music which he loved. Once he grew to be 22 he packed his bags to move to Chernarus because he believed that a growing country such as Chernarus would appreciate music more than his own family. He got on a plane and headed to Chernarus pre outbreak. He lived in Chernarus for many months until he started to hear word about the outbreak through a radio broadcast. He knew that wandering would get him killed so he remained in his home for about 2 weeks. However a raid was conducted on his own home by what seemed to be his own neighbors, destroying his house and stealing his only food supply. Since then John Walker has wandered the wastes with a radio in hand, attempting to reintroduce music to the deadly wastes. During his time traveling the wastes he founded a PMC with some of the other survivors he had gathered in the world. Befriending a CDF officer he was able to get training via a CDF camp. However during a horrifying firefight with the VDV a few weeks later most of his squad was killed or wounded causing disbandment. After recovering from his own wounds he later assisted in founding a small group called The Jury. This group and its goals would become his only purpose until he can set up his own radio station and live in peace.