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  1. https://youtu.be/KaiYpoe7tKI
  2. FireDude

    Interview With A Community Member: Watchman

    O O F that was me! Thanks for remembering. Nice read btw
  3. FireDude

    Amnesty Who?

    Yeah, this discussion on Amnesty seems strange. If they are doing good and not fucking up, then they stay. But if these guys havent changed then boot them out, id just say everyone diserves a chance.
  4. FireDude

    Amnesty Who?

    Eh, people do change. Ive seen good folk come back and really do better, but I belive that anyone on Amnesty should have even stricter requirements and regulations if they get back in. Really make them fight to stay in.
  5. Supprised I survived. I didnt even mean to fall I wanted to go to bed but Noooo...
  6. Blinking red health, it was the perfect fall...
  7. FireDude

    The Frenchy is coming back!

    Yo, Wattup man how U doing?
  8. Always an amazing time with @Mademoiselle. Fun seeing @Meeks again and running into @Blane for the first time. I Hope y'all had as much fun as me. Noah has had a bad history with high falls. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/398206355
  9. *Noah presses down the PTT, his voice is calm and quite* "Ya lost him eh? Well shit, try looking around some more, but he probably found a place to lie down. Ill radio him in the morning..." *Noah lets out a long painful sigh as he looks at Hope, he smiles as she fell asleep before him.*
  10. FireDude


    where was this
  11. Good stuff man, that night time scsre was fucking great, bleeding and dying from thirst as we needed to ligjt up the windows to shoot the infected. That whole time with ya was great. Props to @Meeks for sticking around and running with us for so long. Also @steeltalen for the fun rp, you were the end goal and my god was it fun to reach ya. Also that fucking Corporal Claypool crap was funny as fuck. Gg man.
  12. FireDude


    Like I said its like leaving then walking in the same direction. Kinda funny how chill we were with each other.
  13. FireDude


    Wattup, I read the group page awile ago and figured the idea for strong and weak was dope. First time running into y'all and yes, y'all got a dope group going. Want to see more of ya guys cause so far, the rp was great. Keep it going.
  14. I agree, not a full suit but I suggested a wile back a long sleeve shirt that had a old knights arm. I figured it would add that makeshift armor and look dope. Its not only for knight RPs but for survivors trying to add stuff to prevent zombie bites, just a plated arm.
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