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  1. OpticVC

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    Tyler Lorenze POV: Myself and @tossVC (Luke Runningham) moved into the tents where we spotted @hAwkzyyRP. Following an exchange of greetings, both myself and Toss initiated on @hAwkzyyRP. Hawkzy did not comply, and after a brief exchange of gunfire we moved towards the heli pads. (He was not in the wrong at all to do this.) After this, myself and Toss moved to the heli pads to back to up other members of our group who were attempting to capture hostages. I was shot and killed after initiating on a man in the woods, but following our brief exchange of gunfire with @hAwkzyyRP, I did not fire another bullet.
  2. OpticVC


    I told you all. Legends never die. Welcome back @NorwayRP

  3. OpticVC

    • OpticVC
    • AidanVC

    Your profile looks dumb 

  4. OpticVC



    Daltons Gang is approved 👀👀👀

  5. OpticVC

    Dalton's Gang

  6. OpticVC

    S1: KoS at Dichina Military Base

    I ran into a room, pulled out my gun, then shot you. I will not go back and forth with you any further until a GM tells me to post another response. Thank you.
  7. OpticVC

    S1: KoS at Dichina Military Base

    Tyler Lorenze POV: I am looting around the south barracks at Northwest airfield, when I run into @sick. I have no gun in my hands, and the man says, "Freeze. Hands up." I run around the corner, pull out my pistol and shoot the man who initiated on me. There was no prior conversation or roleplay leading to this initiation.
  8. OpticVC


    Brothers @JorrdanVC @tossVC

    1. Walnuts


      The only brother is Anatoly. Best not forget.

  9. OpticVC


    Man I just want my conspiracy theorist @SofiaWG back 😞😞

  10. OpticVC


    The glorious return of Dalton’s Gang 👀

    1. tossVC


      you’re so fucking cute dude 

    2. OpticVC


      I know 

  11. OpticVC

    Dalton's Gang

    Awe shit, here we go again
  12. OpticVC

    The Voices of DayZRP

    Best list right here: 1. Best accent @Ryan Shepherd 2. A true pirate @StagsviewRB 3. Kevin Mo Fuckin Nivek @AndreyQ 4. Chad voice @NorwayRP 5. Hands hands hands @Joe 6. John the Enforcer @NightlyVC 7. Daddy Vladdy @Kordruga 8. “Fuck we’re about to get initiated on.” @G19RP 9. Peaches @AidanVC 10. Second only to Joe @dawsonpark
  13. OpticVC

    • OpticVC
    • JorrdanVC

    JorrdanVC bruv

    1. JorrdanVC



  14. OpticVC

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    @Fae We understand that you were initiated on. We were misinformed that Domorodci initiated on everyone in the camp.
  15. OpticVC

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    I’m just going to throw my POV up now, since I feel it is necessary. Tyler Lorenze POV: Following Luke ( @tosstheball ) shooting and killing @Fae and @DookieCS, myself and @Andrew Jackson pushed into the town while Chase ( @Forest Gump ), Jaden ( @AidanVC ) pushed up onto the hill. Whilst moving into the town, myself and Andrew were fired upon several times from the hill. After calling out where I was shot from, Andrew and I continued into the town and moved towards the camp within it. We then stayed within the camp protecting the individuals within it.
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