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    @Walnuts RIP Sam 😭 He was a joy to be around. Looking forward to what comes next.

    1. Walnuts


      Love ya Brodes, may old man wisdom and heartfelt heroism guide you from beyond the sky.

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    I need profile song suggestions.

    1. SofiaL


      Marijuana - McGruff the Crime Dog

    2. Opticillunitic


      @SofiaLThank you for finding my new favorite song.

    3. bloodcrusader


      Hello there my dude o7

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    Taking a break. Don't know how long it will be. Looking forward to seeing you all when I return.

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    @AidanVC OpticilluniticVC?

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  7. Opticillunitic

    Dalton's Gang

    Thanks man, means a lot. Looking forward to our future encounters.
  8. Opticillunitic


    God that backstory looks so good. I wonder who did it? 🙂 

    1. AidanVC


      you mean guess who refined it


    2. Opticillunitic


      Give me credit for something nerd @AidanVC

  9. Opticillunitic

    S1 invalid initiation/kos stary

    @Mademoiselle I have no evidence, but this is Dannick's POV. https://plays.tv/video/5ce9c71968eaab90cf/wtf
  10. Opticillunitic

    S1 invalid initiation/kos stary

    McKenzie Mathis POV: I was speaking to someone across the street from this situation. Just before it happened, I walked off towards the Stary tents. The only information I have to provide is a radio call I received following the situation from Tyler Peirce (Dannick) informing me that Jake Powers (Powerjake) had been shot.
  11. Opticillunitic


  12. Opticillunitic

    S1 Griefing, R4.4, R2.2 Eden 01:30 2019/05/21

    Oliver White's POV: I received a radio call from a business partner informing me that the people of Camp Eden had been taken, hostage. Myself and my guys ran down, attempting to liberate the people, but were defeated in the firefight. I did not partake in the ruining of any individual's guns, as I never actually made it within the walls of the camp.
  13. Opticillunitic

    S1 Invalid execution -20/05/2019

    Oliver White POV: Received a radio call requesting our services at Camp Eden. It was asked that we kill the orange armbands, and saved the prisoners who were being held. Myself and Aidan were posted on some rocks, where we shot and killed several orange armbands. I was killed after pushing up to the wall to support Dany and Dannick. I had no direct view of MrPanda's execution, only a radio message informing me of it.
  14. McKenzie Mathis' story began in Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. A product of the 907 area code that didn't suit his personality. Fairbanks, the largest city in the interior of Alaska, was the seat of the North Star. An alien region to most, Fairbanks was known for dog mushing, northern lights, and, of course, the extreme colds. Just over 100,000 hearty souls lived within the Fairbanks region. McKenzie never wanted to be one of them. Alaska Center for Resource Families. The orphanage McKenzie found himself growing up in. His mother left nothing but a birth certificate and a tan teddy bear. On that bear, a heart. Within that heart, a simple name written in dry sharpie. The neat handwriting read, "Brodie." His name. His real name. Brodie was adopted just as he began to stumble around rooms. His tiny legs couldn't yet support the weight above. His undeveloped brain was unable to understand the situation. "McKenzie." That is what they called him. Not what his birth certificate said originally, but what it was corrected to following the adoption. McKenzie Mathis. The name never suited Brodie. In school, the bullied him for the name. It was too feminine. It didn't roll off the tongue. What is the name? Why does it define a person? Why does my bear not say, McKenzie? Why do I have blonde hair and blue eyes while my parents have black hair and brown eyes? What's wrong with me? (Backstory is WIP) McKenzie and Ripper made quite the team, pulling off countless robberies, small and large, with ease. Never losing a member of the heists to the authorities also added a nice resume for the two. This solid track record led to an opportunity with the Russian Mafia. Their biggest job yet. The National Bank of Chernarus. Things seemed to be going over fine until McKenzie realized it was set up. Someone snitched. The getaway vehicle barely made it down the street before crashing directly into a cop car. McKenzie watched from a rooftop as his partners were arrested. Following the botched job, McKenzie made his way back to Russia. He hoped to seek refuge with the Russian Mafia. - Adventurous - Talkative - Joking - Obedient - Honest - - Self Centered - Blunt - Stubborn - Unthoughtful - Doubtful - Manipulative - - Exploration - Smokes - Parties - Alcohol - Hip Hop/Rap Music - Drugs - - Egotistical People - Cowardness - Country Music - Vodka - Liers - Unfulfilled Promises ~ Head - Black Beanie; Black Baseball Cap ~ ~ Face - Black Face Mask | Avaitors ~ ~ Upper Torso - Flectron/South Face Gorka Jacket | Black High Capacity Vest ~ ~ Lower Torso - Black Jeans ~ ~ Feet - Black/Tan Working Boots; Black Assualt Boots ~ ~ Weapons - Steyr AUG/M4A1 | Baseball Bat | Engraved Hunting Knife | Combat Knife ~ ~ 7.62x54 Bullet Wound; Right Shoulder - Healed, Scarred ~ ~ Stab Wound; Right Breast, Healed, Scarred ~ ~ 4 Stab Wounds; Lower Stomach, Healing ~ ~ 9x19 Bullet Wound; Left Leg - Healing ~ - Accomplish the goals of Dalton's Gang through any means necessary (Failed) - - Repay his debt to Dalton (Complete - Paid debt by putting a bullet in him) - - Gather informants for Dalton's Gang (Failed) - - Leave behind a legacy (In Progress) - ~ 05/17/19 Return to Chernarus with a rebuilt Dalton's Gang ~ ~ 05/23/19 Captured Toy Makers for the first time ~ ~ 05/30/19 Befriended Constance DeVoe ~ ~ 06/02/19 Hostilities with Black Roses begin ~ ~ 06/04/19 Captured and interrogated by Black Roses ~ ~ 06/11/19 Betrays Dalton and The Gang. Kills Dalton but is severely wounded in the process. Saved by Alyssa Black. ~ ~ 06/18/19 Death of close friend Samuel Hobbs ~ ~ Anatoly Yanovich - Family; Closest Friend ~ ~ Alyssa Black - Family; Sweetheart ~ ~ Alexis "Red" Edwards - Trusted Friend (Gone, Not forgotten) ~ ~ Diana Huxley - Trusted Friend ~ ~ Constance DeVoe - Friend ~ ~ Bobby Kalo - Friend ~
  15. Marshall James McCreary was born to Ashley and Marvin McCrary on April 22nd, 1985. Growing up an only child in Raleigh, North Carolina allowed Marshall to consume all the love, affection, and time his parents had to offer as well as all the influence they could pump into his life. An adoring mother and admirable father set the standards high for their son, developing a god-praising, hard-working young man who found happiness in fishing, hunting, camping, frisbee, football, wrestling, and most of all baseball. Marshall was close with his mother growing up. They found common interest in literature, specifically folktales and Greek mythology, and enjoyed watching television together. Ashley, being involved in the public school system, expected academic excellence from her son and used every trick she had acquired through teaching English to high school freshman. While Marshall and his mother had a great relationship, he was a daddy's boy from day one. Marshall and Marvin had many common interests, such as football, hunting, fishing, and most of all baseball. It may have been Marshall's natural gift at the sport which developed his love for it, or maybe it was Marvin's tales of a high school baseball career. Either way, for whatever reason Marshall developed a deep passion for baseball in his early childhood. Marvin being from Massachusetts established the Boston Red Sox as the family team. The father-son duo cherished the annual trip to Fenway Park to catch a Yankees, Red Sox rivalry series. During his high school years, Marshall had an amusing baseball career and excellent academics. However, following graduation, he chose to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers by enlisting in the marines. At eighteen years old, Marshall packed his bags and shipped out to Parris Island, South Carolina. Marine basic training consisted of thirteen weeks with non-stop yelling, mental and physical stress, and many tests. Marshall struggled to get to know his fellow trainees at first, due to his somewhat shy nature. He managed to overcome this shy nature in a strange, but effective way. Marshall made an effort to motivate and lead his fellow trainees and soon to become friends. Following the thirteen weeks of basic training, Marshall was shipped out to the School of Infantry East, located at Camp Geiger, North Carolina. This consisted of an additional seven weeks of more advanced training, which focused more on-field operations rather than preparation. During his seven weeks at Camp Geiger, he learned basic combat marksmanship, grenade operation, identifying and countering improvised explosive devices, convoy operations, operations in urban terrain, tactical formations, land navigation, patrolling, and more. Marshall's graduation from the School of Infantry marked a new step in his marine training. He continued on to Fort Story, Virginia for the five-week Basic Reconnaissance Primer Course, which aimed to select marines who were physically and mentally fit to pass the Basic Reconnaissance Course. Marshall found himself continuing onto the BRC just five weeks later, however this time he wasn't required to relocate since Fort Story also hosted the Basic Reconnaissance Course. The Basic Reconnaissance course consisted of Marshall practicing day and night to learn how to operate behind enemy lines and how to conduct immediate action drills. Surveillance and reconnaissance skills such as photography with field and underwater cameras were also taught to Marshall, along with field sketching and range estimations. He also learned insertion/extraction techniques in Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts (CRRC) and Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST). In addition, Marshall learned more in-depth readings of maps and use of compasses to ensure a marine's ability to operate efficiently in four to six-man recon teams. Graduation from the BRC led to another transfer for Marshall's. Camp Lejeune, home of the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company, became Marshall's new home. Here he attended many courses. but three spotlighted courses would be the Scout Sniper Course (SSC), Urban Sniper Course, and Assault Climbers Course.
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