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  1. John always had an obsession with the army. From a young age you would find him and his father playing army guys in the backyard, or reading books on the military. John began his military training at the age of twenty in Fort Benning in Columbus. He had completed his training nine weeks later. He was deployed to Iraq in 2006, where he served four years. During this time, John best friend was killed in an ambush, which made him more of spiritual man. John was enlisted into the United Nations peacekeeping force in 2011. He did not find much action there, until being sent with a team of five men to bring supplies and backup to the UN forces in South Zogoria. They traveled by truck, but never arrived in South Zogoria. They were attacked by the infected, which led to John splitting up from his team. Eventually, found his way into South Zogoria and is now attempting to reach the UN camp in Barezino.
  2. Logan Miles was born into an impoverished family in New Orleans, Louisiana. He spent his pre-teen years living in the St. Thomas Projects, a housing area for low-income families which was flooded with crime and illegal drugs. Logan grew up thinking hearing gunshots outside your home was normal. His father, a military veteran who suffered from substance abuse, was very abusive towards Logan and his mother. Logan's mother was a hard working, big hearted person. While Logan's father was out drinking and gambling, his mother was working two jobs on weekdays and three on weekends. Logan's father developed a serious debt from gambling and drinking. Before he could pay it off, he overdosed on heroin and died in the street. This left just Logan, his mother, and a lot of debt. His mother was forced to spend nearly all of her time working. While his mother was working, Logan was usually at a close friend's house or attending school. It was during this rough time that Logan and his mother turned to the Catholic Church for guidence. They made the time to go to church on Sundays, and at the age of nine Logan was baptised. Logan's life quickly went on the decline when he got into the wrong group in school. His grades dropped, worse than they were before, and he began getting in trouble in school. Fighting with other kids at school became a common thing for Logan, and eventually this spread outside school. At the age of thirteen, Logan was caught shoplifting with his friends several times putting him on the radar of the police. His mother tried and tried to discipline him, but she couldn't control him any longer. Logan's mother eventually made the decision to force him to live with her parents in hopes of straightening him out. However, by the time Logan's mother acted he had already gotten into drugs, alcohol, and had nearly killed someone in an attempted robbery (which was never recorded to police records.) Logan moved in with his grandparents at the age of fourteen, and was quite the hassel until he was almost sixteen. Logan would have screaming matches with his grandparents daily, and would be sneaking out to party every night. The thing that changed Logan's life was hunting. One day, Logan's grandfather handed him a gun and put four targets infront of him. It was then Logan found a love and a talent for guns, hunting, and the outdoors. He was a naturaly great shot, hitting targets hundreds of yards away at the age of sixteen. Logan could just pick up a rifle and be dead accurate. He also got into fishing with his grandfather, further deepening his love for the outdoors. Logan joined his high school baseball team, and quickly fell in love with the sport. He played football as well, but he did not enjoy it nearly as much as baseball. Logan would wake up at the crack of dawn to throw the ball with his grandfather. He was a great athlete, but he lacked in the self-discipline department. Logan's habits of skipping practice got him cut from the baseball team in his senior year. He never got to graduate a baseball player, something that crushed him deep down. Logan and his grandfather had developed a very strong bond over the years. It went from barely seeing the man to living with him, and boy did it change the two. Logan made hi grandfather appreciate the simple things in life, and motivated him to donate hundreds of dollars towards others who were not fortunate. Logan, through his grandfather, raised his grades, fixed his substance abuse issues, learned how to treat others with respect, and most of all how to shoot. Logan and his grandfather would find themselves prancing the house all year long waiting for hunting season to open, and when it opened they were the happiest couple in the world. Logan's mother stayed in his life by seeing him on weekends, and tried to stay involved in his school activities. With how good he was doing, Logan was going to move back to New Orleans with his mother at the age of seventeen. However, tragedy struck. Logan's mother was killed in a drive by shooting while walking home from work one night. It was believed the shooter mistaken her for another women, whom was gang affiliated. This took a heavy toll on Logan, nearly knocking back to his old habits. He was disappointed and upset he never got to prove to his mother he was a good kid, and he had never gotten to have a strong relationship with her. Logan took his mother's death as a motivation to push himself to be the very best he could. Logan finisheded high school with straight A's, and moved onto college. He got a part-time job and met a girl one night at a bar. Logan and his girlfriend, Ashley, began to have a more serious relationship. He was doing suprisingly good in college, and his relationship was going great. Logan and Ashley moved in together when they were twenty four, and Logan got his degree in electrical engineering at the age of twenty five. He landed a nicely paying job, and moved with Ashley to a nicer appartment. One day in New Orleans, Logan pulled out a diamond ring and got on one knee. She said yes, and Logan had the happiest but most stressful time of his life planning the wedding with Ashley. Sadly, once again Logan's life was struck by a sudden death. Ashley's car went out of control on the Causeway Bridge, and she went into Lake Pontchartrain. Her body was never found, and Logan's life was never the same. He lost his job, and developed many addictions with gambling, drugs, and achohol. He worked up quite the debt with a powerful Russian gang member named Vicktor Chiknov, and quickly got into trouble with Vivktor's gang. It was after Logan managed to kill two of Vicktor's men and severely injure one other that Vicktor saw an opportunity. Logan was offered a position in the gang with Vicktor, which he was going to use to pay off his debt. Logan took this offer, and worked his way up through the ranks over the years. At the age of thirty, Logan was one of Vicktors private bodyguards. Logan found himself flying to a foreign Russian country to guard Vickor in an arms exchange. They landed in Chernarus, only expecting to stay for one week. However, while staying in the international hotel in Chernogorsk, all hell broke loose as a deadly sickness swept the land.