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  1. John Waters

    John always had an obsession with the army. From a young age you would find him and his father playing army guys in the backyard, or reading books on the military. John began his military training at the age of twenty in Fort Benning in Columbus. He had completed his training nine weeks later. He was deployed to Iraq in 2006, where he served four years. During this time, John best friend was killed in an ambush, which made him more of spiritual man. John was enlisted into the United Nations peacekeeping force in 2011. He did not find much action there, until being sent with a team of five men to bring supplies and backup to the UN forces in South Zogoria. They traveled by truck, but never arrived in South Zogoria. They were attacked by the infected, which led to John splitting up from his team. Eventually, found his way into South Zogoria and is now attempting to reach the UN camp in Barezino.
  2. Logan Miles

    Logan Miles was always the cool kid through out high school. Growing up in Texas he did a few years of football, but mainly focused on baseball. Logan was amazing at his sport. He was also big into guns. Logan liked shooting, hunting fishing, and basically anything he could do to get outdoors. His life went amazing until he became addicted to drugs his junior year. Logan began missing school more and more often due to this addiction, and eventually was kicked out due to it. His parents sought help for his addiction, but it didn't help. Logan's parents sent him to a military boarding school, and left him there for a year. It was here Logan developed an interest for the army. Logan was being sent off to basic training at the age of twenty, happier then ever. He quickly learned this wasnt for him. Logan would often talk back to his drill instructor and even attempt to insult him. He was hated by all of his trainees due to all the extra laps he was earning them. Logan quickly dropped out the army, begging a new chapter in his life. He became a bouncer at a nightclub, and years later landed a job as a bodyguard. This led him down an amazing path. The job suited Logan well, protect a man who has lots of money so you can take some of his money. It was through this profession that Logan ended up in Chernogorsk. A very wealthy man named Victor Olantino had employed twenty seven year old Logan for an overseas job. The pay was nice, but was the pay worth what Logan got himself into? Logan landed in South Zagoria on July 1st, 2017. Only a month later he found himself stuck in a world of shit.