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  1. Signatures

    Max can i have the same as my other clan members but put Sgt. Alfie Peterson?
  2. DayZ StandAlone

    For Sure
  3. Cant take the gear from MI-17

    Leave DayzRP Kidding...... Or am I?
  4. My Weapon Pack Suggestions

    I would like to have new guns altogether the same vanilla dayz weapons get boring
  5. I would like to appologize.

    Stuff like that happens all the time. Civilian skins always look like zombies it is easy to misunderstand .
  6. Taking a Break

    You'll get through it life's hard most if the time.
  7. Not another one!

    Welcome Buddy!
  8. BYE

    Cya Buddy have a good one.
  9. DayZRP Bug Reports

    got kicked for harvesting comfrey what ever that is