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  1. Greener161

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Seems a certain guide will be useful
  2. Greener161

    United Nations Investigation Case: Ground Zero

    The place is still irradiated as recently concluded by the 31st NBC and some random ass doctor. So you can go there and make your own RP just dont expect a staff member to do stuff in game to you like broadcasts etc. For example if you stay near the pit for a long exposure then you may develop radiation sickness and you can RP out vomiting often and then can seek medical attention. Have fun.
  3. POV: I was in tents initially chatting to the individual pretending to be a sort of preacher. At this point other individuals of my group entered the area and I continued to walk around looting tents. I heard @groovy willsky say piss off or die effectively two times as I was walking about but I actively didn't raise a weapon or involved with stealing the weapon.
  4. The AK-12/15 rifle has just recently finished testing in the real world and has been barely adopted into the Russian army. Heck after the outbreak I doubt they would of continued to develop it as theres more pressing matters. Also it just be the same as an Ak74
  5. This applies to all my CDF characters and COBR character
  6. Oh I was just making a jokey statement Wish you best of luck with this group if you get enough members though
  7. Changelog 26/06/19: Added Chernarussian Russian military roots lore
  8. Greener161

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    Twas me thanks lads. I actually was dying for a shit irl
  9. Greener161

    What do you do for a living?

    Studying Pharmaceutical Science at uni. Currently developing a way to efficiently conjugate doxorubicin, which kills cancer cells, to folic acid. Effectively folate receptors are more highly expressed in cancer cells so idea is that my drug would target cancer cells rather than healthy. My project though is only chemically synthesizing the conjugate though as time and money restraints. And currently I'm on a summer placement working in a food microbiology and pathology lab. Long hours and I dont get paid.
  10. Alexej was born into a working class family in Miroslavl 1994. His father working in the local industry just outside of the city. Alexej upbringing was rough and tough, his father often disciplining him harshly for his inappropriate behaviour at school. In Alexej's defence he wasnt very fond of school at all and would often skip class to piss about with his friends. The education system within Miroslavl, especially Alexejs district wasnt very good anyway attributing to the vast amount of young men in the area going directly into the steel industry. At the age of 16 Alexej joined his father in the steel industry. It was hard work and very labour intensive. Alexej would come back home to his sweet mother covered in burns, bruises and all sorts of damage. Alexej hated the job but it was money at the end of the day and it's not like he had the qualifications to go elsewhere. Many young men like Alexej in 2010 after the wake of the civil war joined the CDF due to Kozlovs changes and benefits being given out to the soldiers. But Alexej isnt much a fighter, heck when three lads beat him up when he was 11 he just took it. His childhood friends went off with the CDF and occasionally returned home ranting about their good times and how many girls they slept with. Still Alexej refused and stayed working with his father. In the summer of 2015, Alexej met Hana. She was attending Miroslavl University studying chemistry and they met at a bar in the centre of Miroslavl city. From the moment they met they were in love. Eventually in early 2017 they tied the nott and settled down in a small apartment expecting their first child. After this life went to hell. The outbreak swept across South Zagoria, images and videos flooding the local news channels. Alexej didnt know what to do. Was he to remain or flee westward but no he became a fighter... Roughly a month after the outbreak life maintained somewhat normal in Miroslavl. Alexej went to work and returned home to find a CDF Sergeant sat in his flat drinking tea with his wife. A conversation followed and resulted in Alexej being giving his conscription papers. All men in Chernarus had to serve but Alexej thought since apocalyse was happening he hope they forget. He was given one day and left home the next with his first unit northward of Miroslavl to stem an infected horde. It was a horrid experience, men dying next to him but he survived time after time. It had been a while since Alexej been home, his daughter around two now. In 2019 Alexej was sent to the 31st NBC Protection Troops. This worried him, he heard of the rates conscripts died but what could he do. Atleast he knew that his family was going to be taken care of by the state now.
  11. Changelog 23/06/19: Added political standing map Added military districts Added 86th Brigade and 70th Brigade Added 31st NBC Protection Troops @groovy stannis
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