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  1. First 2 hours of playing Livonia... I gave myself a disease and died of thirst and starvation due to it. RIP

  2. Maksim was born in Kaliningrad just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, an event that shaped the countries of the Baltics. Maksim was born into a family of scientists, both his parents working at the Kaliningrad State Technical University both with doctorates in Biochemistry. Maksim's childhood was fairly tame and he went to school and studied hard due to the pressure of his parents. Outside of school he participated in many sporting activities such as Ice Hockey and Football. In his teenage years Maksim became quite the athlete, representing his school and even going to mainland Russia to participate in competitions. Maksim ended up attending the Military University in Moscow, studying Military Law and History. After graduation, Maksim choose the Naval Infantry back home in Kaliningrad where he became an officer. After years of service protecting the coastal region of Kaliningrad, Maksim was approached by higher ups and asked if he would participate in the training to transfer to the Russian Naval Spetsnaz Reconnaissance, commonly known in the media on Russian Commando Frogmen. He completed this vigorous training and he was transfers. During the Baltic War, Maksim was deployed to Livonia acting as Reconnaissance where he ended up remaining after bulk of the Russian advance from Kaliningrad retreated back to the Oblast's borders. Maksim continues to send information to the Main Intelligence Directorate and Baltic Fleet Command on situation in Livonia with the help of his comrades in arms.
  3. Thinking of playing a Russian naval infantry character, anyone else interested in running around with me? 

    1. Ducky



  4. Any cheeky Russian military groups popping up soon? 

    1. DuquesneLR


      Irish is the new black atm.

    2. Greener161


      IrishRP is lame 

  5. Looks great but cant help think... 97th "Kovadlina" Artillery Battalion stares off into the ruins of Kirovograd before shelling the crap out of it once more
  6. The place is still irradiated as recently concluded by the 31st NBC and some random ass doctor. So you can go there and make your own RP just dont expect a staff member to do stuff in game to you like broadcasts etc. For example if you stay near the pit for a long exposure then you may develop radiation sickness and you can RP out vomiting often and then can seek medical attention. Have fun.
  7. POV: I was in tents initially chatting to the individual pretending to be a sort of preacher. At this point other individuals of my group entered the area and I continued to walk around looting tents. I heard @groovy willsky say piss off or die effectively two times as I was walking about but I actively didn't raise a weapon or involved with stealing the weapon.
  8. The AK-12/15 rifle has just recently finished testing in the real world and has been barely adopted into the Russian army. Heck after the outbreak I doubt they would of continued to develop it as theres more pressing matters. Also it just be the same as an Ak74
  9. This applies to all my CDF characters and COBR character
  10. Oh I was just making a jokey statement Wish you best of luck with this group if you get enough members though
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