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  1. Gib Russian military RP. That's what I want or an only LDF group. I need military RP as good as my time in the 31st NBC.
  2. The radio crackles to life, a weak signal emerging as a man with a coarse Livonian accent beginnings to speak. His voice is tired and he seems to be in pain. "Brothers... this is Szeregowy Wolanczyk of the 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Livonian Mechanised Infantry Brigade, it seems my luck is almost about to run out! Aaaah... kurwa. After leaving.... ugh... Andrzejow around two years ago me and my fellow comrades have been moving place to place. We heard that the mass the mass infected hordes that once roamed in the Nadbor region had left so we... kurwa! Man-aged to... head over here, unfortunately the rest... didn't make it. I'm asking for any help from any remaining LDF soldier in the region, my legs and left arm is beaten and bruised and I've ran out of food and water. If anyone is getting this message... ugh... aaaah find me loc-ated to the North of Swarog Military base in a small home located on the roadside... The voice on the radio fades.
  3. More crates, ammo boxes, etc. Those kind of things that actually make the base feel alive instead of just the tents. A good example of what Im talking about is the small camps at Balota airfield.
  4. It looks good but I feel with how big it is your missing out on the opportunity for a lot of detail due to your high count already due to the sheer size of it. Thats my opinion.
  5. Dawid was born to a working family within the Capital of Livonia, Andrzejow. His father was humble car mechanic owning a small business and his mother worked in one of the city's numerous schools. Years after independence from defunct Soviet Union, Livonia was prospering with economic boon due to the trade market being open to the West. Due to this Dawids father's shop grew in size due to his father seizing the opportunity to be one of the first within Livonia after independence to specialise on western cars maintenance. Dawid attended school and performed fairly decently and helped at his father's shop in his free time after school and on the weekend. Dawid became quite the mechanic at an early age but even with his success at school in his early youth he grades began to drop due to spending too much time at his father's shop. With little grades after graduating from high school, Dawid joined the Livonia Defence Force in 2015 where he trained as an engineer. Dawid was now apart of the Engineer Battalion. After training Dawid was deployed to Afghanistan in the NATO led train, advise and assist mission called Resolute Support Mission to follow on from ISAF to provide help to the Afghan National Army. Dawid at this time was based in Kabul where the majority of the NATO forces were based. The Livonian Engineer Battalion assisted in the maintainence of Afghan vehicles and training of Afghan engineer recruits. Only around 40 members from the LDF were deployed to Kabul, so Dawid saw it as a great honour to be apart of the select LDF representing his country. Despite the recent troubles in Afghanistan, deployment in Kabul was rather tame and peaceful, Dawid being able to explore the somewhat safe city and experience Afghani culture, he even learnt a bit of Arabic. After a six month deployment Dawid returned home to normal squaddie life and participated in NATO exercises within the Nadbor region. As the outbreak spread across Chernarus, the tension between Russia and NATO forces grew. The nuclear bomb that detonated in the Green Sea came a shock to Dawid and the majority of the LDF. Within the matter of a few hours Livonia was on high alert as a state of emergency was called by the president. Dawid remained in Andrzejow, along with the bulk of the 1st Engineer Battalion as they aided in logistics and ensured old mothballed vehicles were being immediately put back into service. The outbreak was rampaging across Europe and the slowly the baltic countries began to fall to Russia. Dawid could only watch in horror at the news and listen to the reports as his fellow country men battled on the Western and Northern borders. With the eventual successful defence of Livonia borders, the majority of the LDF withdrew back to the southern regions, abandoning the north. Dawid aided in the fortification of Andrzejow. With reports of Russian movement again in the northern region of Livonia a task force was created to deal with it. Dawid saw first hand the outrage of the populace. Riots became common occurrence within the capital as citizens felt resources were being wasted on a war that has no value anymore. Eventually the LDF struggled to hold the home front and the President was evacuated from the city. Dawid was in the middle of the collapse of the LDF as they lost the capital to the populace and the LDF on the western border retreated due to the lack of resources. Central command was collapsing and with NATO command in Poland falling, the LDF was on their own to tackle with the hordes of infected from Europe crossing the now unoccupied western border. Two years after the collapse of Livonia, Dawid wonders the Livonia countryside along with a band of LDF personal aiding those he can find and hoping to regroup with other LDF elements and restore somewhat order to a wasteland of despair.
  6. But the CDF... But I guess a switch would be good.
  7. First 2 hours of playing Livonia... I gave myself a disease and died of thirst and starvation due to it. RIP

  8. Maksim was born in Kaliningrad just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, an event that shaped the countries of the Baltics. Maksim was born into a family of scientists, both his parents working at the Kaliningrad State Technical University both with doctorates in Biochemistry. Maksim's childhood was fairly tame and he went to school and studied hard due to the pressure of his parents. Outside of school he participated in many sporting activities such as Ice Hockey and Football. In his teenage years Maksim became quite the athlete, representing his school and even going to mainland Russia to participate in competitions. Maksim ended up attending the Military University in Moscow, studying Military Law and History. After graduation, Maksim choose the Naval Infantry back home in Kaliningrad where he became an officer. After years of service protecting the coastal region of Kaliningrad, Maksim was approached by higher ups and asked if he would participate in the training to transfer to the Russian Naval Spetsnaz Reconnaissance, commonly known in the media on Russian Commando Frogmen. He completed this vigorous training and he was transfers. During the Baltic War, Maksim was deployed to Livonia acting as Reconnaissance where he ended up remaining after bulk of the Russian advance from Kaliningrad retreated back to the Oblast's borders. Maksim continues to send information to the Main Intelligence Directorate and Baltic Fleet Command on situation in Livonia with the help of his comrades in arms.
  9. Thinking of playing a Russian naval infantry character, anyone else interested in running around with me? 

    1. Ducky



  10. Any cheeky Russian military groups popping up soon? 

    1. Duke


      Irish is the new black atm.

    2. Greener161


      IrishRP is lame 

  11. Looks great but cant help think... 97th "Kovadlina" Artillery Battalion stares off into the ruins of Kirovograd before shelling the crap out of it once more
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