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  1. Greener161

    Offical Elite: Dangerous Thread

    You made it to the holy land in space, congratz. I'll stick to flying about in human space killing people.
  2. Greener161

    o7 folks

    Goodbye mate, had fun playing the times we did.
  3. Greener161

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    For the first time in a while I felt confident about England's play, had some unlucky chances. VAR is shit and Im glad Kane exists.
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    Fallout 76 Thread

    I will buy anything fallout related
  5. The 1990s Maxim grew up within the Khruschoba’s of Belozersk, a rough working family estate where people struggled to even afford a weekly shop. His father was an ex soviet infantryman who had seen combat within Afghanistan serving his beloved country with pride and loyalty. Yet that counted for shit once Chernarus gained independence from Russia in 1991. His father kept his soviet past to a down low many families in Maxim’s estate were victims of vicious assaults from Chernarussian nationalists who wanted to seek out personal revenge due to an ‘opressive’ regime that they believed they lived under before. Yet the stories that Maxim were told about Soviet Chernarus was not bad but good stories of how the working class flourished within the city. Everyone had equal opportunities and that there was no overruling oppressive capitalist pig controlling the factories or the people. Growing up Maxim observed how his father became a withering husk being sent to work in awful conditions, the factory in which is father worked in was owned by a large Western Company. A company which didn’t care about their workers but by how cheaply they’re paying them. *A block of Khrushchyovkas in Belozersk* The 2000s Eventually Maxim ended up in the same destined future such as his father, working within the factories of Belozersk. Years went past and Maxim mainly observed from the background seeing his beloved city falling further into ruin despite the opinion of the general populace. Occasionally Maxim went on protests with others about the state of the current government and how a return to Russian control would be beneficial. Maxim over the next years provided more support towards the Movement of the Red Star and eventually travelled to the Eastern Oblast of Chernarus, South Zagoria. Upon arriving he ventured northward seeking an unknown individual he made contact with online. He managed to hike to the outskirts of Ratnoe before being smashed on the back of his head, the world fading to black. His eyes flickered opened, a smouldering fire before him, looking around masked men in various types of camos holding kalashnikovs. “The man from the West seeking to join our movement eh?” The men laughed in what seemed unison. Maxim endured a week’s worth of pain and torment before his captives released him revealing that they were Chedaki, the very people Maxim was seeking out. It was simply a test just to make sure Maxim wasn’t a CDF operative or anything. For months he trained in Guerilla warfare and was taught how to wield and effectively use a rifle. Maxim could wish his father could see him. In August 2009 the Civil War erupted within Chernarus, the thickest of fighting occuring in South Zagoria.Early on Maxim caught a bullet to the leg rendering his mostly useless for the majority of the war. His only experiences of actual combat was firing 4 rounds in a midnight skirmish. *Chedaki militants setting up a roadblock* The 2010s After the war Maxim went back to Belozersk, the city still a growing dump and hive for poverty. Maxim went back to what he knew working at the factories along with his father once more. In 2017, his life changed again with news of the infection spreading. Belozersk was cut off from Chernarus and in the Summer the Russians ventured into the city annexing it from Chernarus. This is what Maxim had dreamed for his entire life but it didn't feel right. Rumours spread through Belozersk of renaments of Chedaki uniting together planning to kick the Russians out. Maxim was conflicted seeing both sides of the story. On the one side being this is what he has always wished for and second this being a chance for Chedaki’s to form their own independent republic away from the Chernarussian government and to not to be pawns of the Russian government. Maxim chose the second option and towards the end of August, the Chedaki militants pushed the Russians out of Belozersk without much issue. In truth the Russians didn’t want to be there, they were expecting to fight Chernarussian forces not a bunch of militants. *Russian troops withdrawing from Belozersk* Maxim took a new pride within the newly formed Belozersk Federative Republic and fought within their militant ranks for the next few months fighting off CDF attacks, claiming CDF supply drops and pushing back the army of 100,000 takistanis that came knocking at Chernarus’ door. In 2018 Maxim was sent along with a few others to help the BPR establish routes within South Zagoria.
  6. Good luck but the smugglers route could lead to some issues. Im no LM but with current tensions between Chernarus and Russia being it is, probably there gonna be no fly zones. Chances of being shot down probably quite high.
  7. Greener161

    Cobra Kai Appreciation Kid

  8. Greener161

    The Rise and Fall of the Black Roses

    First group I encountered as I returned to the server. o7
  9. Greener161

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Because better dead than red.
  10. Precisely, we were very busy roleplaying yesterday and Major was frequently going AFK so probs hasn't had time to made a formal post.
  11. You can't tell its damaged, its called imagination. I just asked when I was there and eventually got a response from Major and hes sleeping right now so don't expect a response for a while.
  12. It's not powergaming I'm the only one whose simply gone and checked the base's damage status. I asked him before this question was posted and I got a response from him. Also the amount of damage a cruise missile does is very dependent on the type fired and the lb of the payload. Cruise missiles are highly accurate and not necessarily the most destructive of missiles. But thats all I got until a loremaster replies.
  13. I'm apart of Major's CDF group and I've personally visited tisy after the strikes to assess the damage caused. What Major said to me is that most of the base is intact just the cruise missiles were aimed at old ammo stores that had been empty for some time. So from my pov the base is still acessible but CDF are trying to keep people out because who knows when theres another strike. Hope this helps a tad before any loremaster comments.
  14. Greener161

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Ayy lemon bby we can be friends in character again <3 Good luck with the group
  15. I personally don't mind the halo that much as it saves lives but it makes the car look a bit shit plus the issues they had with where to put the camera on the cars in FP1 of the aussie GP was a tad annoying. I got into F1 around 2008 when I was a young kid seeing Hamilton win his first championship following by Jenson Button the year later was amazing to watch. Then in the following years when red bull dominated I really got into the sport. So yeah 2008-13 probs for me. McLaren is a good team shame last season they were troubled with mechanical faults.