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  1. Tarkov confuses me 

    1. Mugin


      Tarkov hates you

      Just like it hates everyone

  2. Just started playing apex, pretty fun even though I'm wank at it. 

  3. Greener161

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    "These lads can scream very well" ~ @Chernon Good time with you boys tonight, shame I had to log early.
  4. Updated character page, completely rewritten my backstory ish. 

    1. GMAK


      Looking real nice my man

  5. Greener161

    Halo on pc

    MCC will be released in stages on the PC in chronological order. First we will have reach with campaign, multiplayer and forge. Then halo 1, 2, 3 and ODST. Followee finally by shitty Halo 4.
  6. Greener161

    Whats your occupation?

    I study pharmaceutical science at university. I make drugs so hit me up if you want any. Other than that, in the summer I work in a good ye olde English pub.
  7. Greener161


    COBR Bois
  8. Greener161

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Awesome! Guess the 6b5s didnt make it in?
  9. Greener161

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    If I grind the CDF rep so hard will I get BTR-80?
  10. *A CDF soldier leans back on his comfy ass chair in Miroslavl picking up the microphone. He speaks with a thick Chernarussian acccent.* "No thanks, I'm good held up here in Miroslavl with the majority of the CDF. You cannot fight back the infected, it has been tried countless times. Plus South Zagoria is a shit hole anyway, too many bandits and such. There are much bigger problems than the infected you should worry about anyway. You more better off looking north across the border." *Shouting can be heard in the background of the speaker, someone of rank shouting commands in the very stern and angry voice. The mic drops and only static can be heard for a while before some broken Chernarussian can be heard which seems to be on the lines of violating the use of the radio again*
  11. Will the kashtan ever be fixed 😭 c'mon dayz devs. 

    1. Major


      I'm going to unironically buy you one IRL so you'll shut up.

    2. Greener161


      No I want to reeee

  12. Seems you actually read the lore this time unlike last time but you need to wait 7 days after leaving a group to make a new one. As I noticed you were in UN.
  13. Would anyone be interested in possibly joining a future CDF themed group?

    1. RogueSolace


      No, but im always up for allies

    2. Major


      CDF ew

    3. Cuteboi39


      Hello if you pay me 15 dollars a month I the infamous Padomichael will join your subpar/shit-tier group and make it 10x's better.

  14. Greener161

    Remove Radio Forums

    Fair enough
  15. Greener161

    Remove Radio Forums

    What about the event radio broadcasts though?
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