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  1. Greener161

    Where are my people? (Open Frequency)

    *Petr picks up the radio and speaks into it.* "Ano, there are Chernarussians. Look south."
  2. Greener161

    Map Extension

    Not an extension of current map but if small maps can be made that is set in Western Chernarus to be used in events. I'll be up for it. Think of a map set in Belozersk. We could have an event simulating the CDF vs BPR. Or the Takistani border or simply life in miroslavl or novigrad.
  3. Chernarussian is the only good RP. Tell me I'm wrong. Slava Chernaurs 😂

    1. Spartan


      Ur wrong

    2. Greener161


      You're a traitor to the Chernarussian cause. A fake Kozlov.

    3. Spartan


      Oh shit

  4. Greener161

    United Nations Supply Checkpoint (Closed)

    *A chernarussian grumbles into the radio* "The reason the CDF, NATO and UN end up leaving south Zagoria is due to self entitled cunts who see themselves above the free help they receive. You forget the mass evacuation of South Zagoria these forces conducted at the initial outbreak. You claim they did nothing to help so you attack and kill these military figures. Yet you couldn't make your sorry ass selves to the evacuation zones. This is why CDF stay out of South Zagoria. It's worthless to come there, you're just bait for the infected. I like my nice apartment in Miroslavl. Keep fighting between yourselves and attract the hordes away from the West."
  5. Greener161

    Kozlovská Rodina Media

    Where's our picture of the creepycloth?
  6. Greener161

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Slava chernarus! Good luck again. Rid this land of foreign scum.
  7. "As Doctor Smith has said camps have been exploited in the past. I would advise you to get a bodyguard of some sort."
  8. Greener161

    A guide to Roleplayers and Permadeath, and how to make it a little more reasonable.

    Like the idea of this. Might start doing it along with my CDF dudes.
  9. *Petr rests at his camp with his fellow comrades, the fuel tab of a ration kit burning in front of him warming food, as he flicks through several radio frequencies on the R-105. Upon hearing the odd remarks send by the Swedish man he begins to speak, his thick chernarussian accent coming across the airwaves.* "Dobry den mister Olofsson. My name is Petr Malik I too have observed this constant bloodshed but I don't think it is our place to deal with it. It will only cause you harm to your fellow men. Now on topic of that horde. I think you may of been mistaken of the horde's location, as apart of the 313th Signals and Electronic Warfare Company of the CDF it is one of our tasks to observe and report the location of infected hordes. I can assure you the only active horde that is a certain threat is miles north of Miroslavl. It is unlikely to cross into South Zagoria any time soon due to the weather. Perhaps you were lost in my country or you have be seeing things. *Petr turns off his radio and proceeds to take his food off the fuel tab that has been burning*
  10. Greener161

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    The free Russian movement exists in lore. It was posted a while back.
  11. Greener161

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    This right here! Slava Chernarus! MAKE THE CDF GREAT AGAIN!!!
  12. Greener161

    Frantic message from Belozersk - A Babuska's Cry

    *Petr yawns as he sits down on his chair in the communication centre in Miroslavl's Military hub. Only yesterday he returned to Miroslavl carrying a message from the BPR to deliver to his commanders. He idly sits rocking backwards and forwards on his chair listening into the radio waves, twirling a pen around his fingers. He flicks through several frequencies most being static or survivors calling for aid until it picks up this one. Petr jolts forward with his chair and begins to scribble down whilst flicking a button on the machine in front of him to initiate a recording* "This is Victor 1-2 Charlie, to Victor 1-0. Message from Belozersk recorded and being sent your way now. Out." *Petr finishes scribbling down his notes, and begins to transfer the message*