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  1. Takin' up that offer [101.1]

    *Logan is sitting with his back to a tree with bullets whizzing past him, he fears this might be his last chance to call so he presses down the PTT button and says in a calm voice* " Hey Angus, Gordon, anyone honeslty..." *he pauses trying to stay composed* "I''m in a bit of a sticky situation up north and I'm not sure if I'll make it home..." *gunshots can be heard with each word with the cracking of wood and the clanging of metal* "Ran into some boys up here who has a beef with you and it's kinda going downhill, Just wanted to place this call to let you guys know why I didn't make it home. Just in case, thanks for the journey" *The bullets fly as the last few words come out and you hear Logan return some shots then a loud yell. one final loud crack and the radio dies and the connection is lost*
  2. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    *Logan walks out of the Rattray Corporation Headquarters, turning back to see his boss and his fellow employee's sitting around a campfire chatting and laughing, passing around a bottle of vodka he recovered earlier in the day. He admires how just 2 weeks ago these men picked him up off the side of the road and welcomed him with open arms, and how they've become a family to him. He hears the transmission on the radio and carefully thinks of what he's gonna say after hearing everyone else talk to the LT with anger and support, he presses down the PTT button* Oh Lt. Rodriguez, it's nice to see you made it safely to the new headquarters! I hope I can find myself out there sometime to see the new camp. God knows Angus will drag me out there for future meetings and supply drops. The family you speak of is actually under our care as of today, we met with them maybe 6 hours ago to determine the safety of their market, but also the safety of the owners and their wonderful son Oliver, I don't know if it will ease your mind at all knowing that they do have someone out there watching out for them, but we are getting them set up and resupplied so they can begin trading again. If you truly want my opinion on the matter, I say that the abrupt move and putting some distance between you and the VDV was a very good idea, I've encountered many groups who target the VDV as well as the UN because they associate with them. I spoke with many traders, aswell as regular civilians who believe that the UN would be better respected and better off honestly if they associate themselves with the military powerhouse that is NATO and the Chernorussian friendly CDF. Anyways, that's just my two cents, but I hope we cross paths again, you don't find many strong women like yourself nowadays. *Logan lets off the PTT button as he hears Angus's drunken loud mouth popping off at Gordon and Jared saying that he could take them both on with his hands behind his back, Logan sticks the radio on his belt and walks in preparing to stop the situation from going any further. The headquarters is filled with laughter again as Logan walks in and reveals a bottle of aged scotch he had stowed away intended for the Lt he just finished broadcasting too.*
  3. The elusive SMG's

    Any towns have a better chance? maybe further north near tisy?
  4. The elusive SMG's

    He guys I'm currently on the hunt for either a MP5K (just the gun, i have mags and attachments) and I recently found a UMP45, but I'm having a hard time finding the mags and healthy amounts of 45 ammo. I know that in a situation ammo and mags become scarce, but I was wondering where the best place to look for all 3 items would be? Thanks in advance!
  5. Logan Moyer

    Logan Moyer comes from a poor family in the States, he grew up fighting to survive as his family fell through the cracks of the American system. Logan is a strong believer that one must make his own destiny, so he joined in missions at 18 and was sent with as a detail for Christians providing aid to the residents of Takistan. Being from Arkansas, Logan took no shit from anyone. Standing at 6'4 300lbs, Logan was a force to be reckon with even though for a man of his size and temperament he was patient and kind. While in Takistan he earned a name Omega from the locals. Omega meaning the end it showed that when the group was set upon by people wishing them harm they was met with a quick, abrupt end. Little is known of family or the total background of this character, such a large man surrounded by so many mysteries and questions.
  6. Character Loadout assistance

    Appreciate the help!
  7. Character Loadout assistance

    Hey guys, for my character I'm looking for specific items that I can't seem to come by. If anyone knows the best places to find a mosin, attachments and ammo, netting and balaclava (preferably dark colored), and binos (or rangefinder but i can never seem to find enough batteries). If anyone has any tips on where to find these items let me know. Appreciate it guys.
  8. BLOOD

    @Hope @Stitches @Brady I appreciate the help guys! I'm not looking to become a doctor or something of that nature, I'm building a character who is lawfully good. I feel having the character learn first aid from someone with experience would not only be great RP for me, but also for the person teaching. I've given my character the nickname/alias as овчарка meaning the sheepdog in Russian. I'm building my character around that mentality, I'm seeking first aid training first just for the fact that he who cares for the flock must have ways to sustain it. For future ideas I plan on seeking out advanced marksman, Elite Fighters (might approach the Regulators or Pagans MC) and experienced negotiator. I know I went into a lot of depth, but just wanted to give you guys a idea of why I'm asking about medical training and its not for a doctor player. Appreciate the help again guys!
  9. BLOOD

    Thanks for the answers everyone! I'll look more into it when I get off work and hopefully I run into y'all IG. Thanks again!
  10. BLOOD

    Yes, thats one thing i do in fact know how to do. I'm O+ with the current alive character, but I was also wondering if the site had a blood donor to see who I can and cant give blood too. Not to mention how hard it is to find empty blood bags.
  11. BLOOD

    So, I'm relatively new to this DayZRP community, and I don't have much experience with the medical system, nore the new life system. I've been trying to find characters in-game to RP teaching my main character basic to advanced first aid to no avail. Does blood types change with death? Does the website has a blood type donor table? What would be the best course of action to find my character someone to teach him first aid since L.I.F.E is gone?