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  1. *Logan's eyes open widely as he hears the mans voice come across the channel and smiles as he hears the man is safe. He puts the radio up to his mouth and presses the PTT* "Nice to hear you're in the company of good friends again. I understand you cautiousness of your friends safety, but I assure you if I wanted to bring harm to anyone I already would have. Ive seen 4-5 groups come in and out of this military base today. Speak to your friends and hit me back up on this frequency. Ill be around this base for a few more hours and I'll be moving again. Be safe my friend" *Logan releases the PTT and leans back against the tree as he see motion in the distance, he pulls his binoculars up and see's another small group moving into the compound. He stands up and throws his pack over his shoulder and slowly starts creeping down towards the camp*
  2. *Logan sits at the edge of a forest using his binoculars to observe all men and women entering the Vybor military base in search of the familiar black track suited man he met a few days back. He has a black pen and notebook paper from a old book next to him that seems to have group descriptions, numbers and assorted equipment jotted down on it. He looks down and see's the radio broadcast freq he got from the man days ago and has a sense of fear not knowing if he can trust the man or not. He leans back and takes a swig from his canteen and pulls the radio from his belt and presses down the PT* " Hey bud, this is Logan we met a few days ago on the outskirts of Tisy and you gave me this freq before we parted ways. I know its been a few days, but I hope you're still alive and out there kickin. Im on the outskirts of Vybor Mil where we parted and was hoping to see you come back this way so I wouldnt have to transmit over the freq when i have no idea whos listening. Anyways ill keep this tuned in and check it at the top of every hour and on every half hour. God speed my Slavic friend and i hope to see you again" *Logan lets off the PT hoping his friend is safe and his transmission did not bring any harm to him. He continues monitoring movement in and out of the camp for the next few hours as he waits for a reply*
  3. logan_moyer

    Let us Begin [Mass Broadcast]

    Logan is sitting in his home on the hill of Severograd when he hears the mans voice come across the radio, his ears perk up as he begins the man transition from Russian to English. He finishes listening to the mans broadcasts and pokes his fireplace a few more times before picking up his radio and pressing down the PTT "Shit and I thought i had a strong accent, but I agree we need to quit fighting amongst ourselves and fight the true enemy of this country. I've ran into many peaceful muslims in my time in Takistan, but I've also ran into bad Muslims and that's why I'm in the country now. I feel that we should make sure that we don't target every muslims, but just the ones that are terrorizing the citizens of this country. They act like we don't have enough problems as it is with all these infected running around! Sir if you find yourself in Severograd than I invite you to my home on the Eastern hill all by its lonesome, I have plenty of drink and try to keep the fireplace stocked with wood. Be safe out there everyone. Logan sets down is radio and peers out his living room window gazing over the town hoping his voice his heard and this trouble will end in the country
  4. *Logan hears the womans voice and tries to hush the radio, he looks up to see the deer looking straight at him and he pulls his rifle up to no avail as the deer rushes off. Logan picks up the radio in defeat and presses the PTT* "Well thats unfortunate, I guess if yall ever get the hospital and pub back up and running just give me a holler.. I could really use a checkup.. *Logan looks down at his arm trying to guage if the wolf bite is infected or not, he looks out through the tree from his hunting stand hoping to find help for his injuries soon*
  5. *Logan is outside chopping firewood when the sound of the mans voice comes over the radio, he plants his axe into the wooden stump and pulls the radio from his hip* "I appreciate the welcome, glad to finally be somewhere with people!" *Logan clips the radio back onto his jeans and pulls the axe from the stump and continues cutting wood*
  6. *Logan sits on the couch in his new home in the upper hills of Severograd, he looks over the town as he kicks the boots off his feet and rests them on the coffee table. He stares in awe of the place that he heard so many stories about and proceeds to pull the radio from his jacket pocket and press the PTT* "I don't know if anyone can here this, but after 3 weeks of fighting my way through packs of wolves and these damn grayskins I've finally made it up here and honeslty i'm impressed! I slipped in late last night and I'm guessing thats why the streets were so empty... *He releases the PTT and cracks the top on a beer that is freshly cold and is satisfied that his new cooling system seemed to work, he sets his Magnum on the table and sets the beer down next to it and presses down the PTT once again* "I certainly hope by the time I wake up I can walk down to the town and meet some of you guys... Shit! Sorry! My names Logan by the way and I hope somebody can hear this cause I really hope I haven't missed the party and this town is still as populated as the other travelers said.. Anyways, I'm starting to rattle on so God Bless you all and be safe out there. *Logan drops the radio on the couch next to him and picks the beer up again and lays back to enjoy his beverage, he looks over to his rifle and grabs it and pulls back the bolt and proceeds to clean the old trusty rifle*
  7. logan_moyer

    To the Mayor of Severograd [Open Comms]

    *Logan sighs as he hears the broadcast, he finishes screwing on his new suppressor for his M4 and reaches to his vest for his radio. He bends his neck down to make sure they can hear him and presses down the PTT* "Caleb was it? Yes, I was the one who came and picked up my man and he informed me that he was threatened with torture, just to clear that up. When we was leaving town he insisted we go to the mayor to receive his rifle in which I won't tell a Russian man no when it comes to his firearms! We approached the said mayor and ask about the mans face mask and his rifle in which he tells me he does not have it. I insist that it was his men that talked the NATO men into capturing him for said Mayor. Then when i say these words the mayor says that NATO seized the weapon, but then donated it to the "Kingdom of Sevorgrad" , he then informed me that it is now Kingdom property and we will not be getting it back, but yet you say yall help out from time to time but you reply to the message for the Mayors ears? I know they had possession of the rifle and hostilities only grew in which you decided to pop your mouth off in the street to me, so i reckon you have a little more love for the kingdom than you put on, or you're the Mayors bitch boy. I don't want to spill blood and risk the lives of innocence, so I plead with you. Contact my boss or me directly and hand over the rifle and the munitions we lost, convince the Mayor that one rifle isn't worth the lives of his men and the people of his kingdom. Angus is right, Reputation is everything, but you're smarter than the loudmouth mayor and his ignorant posse. Convince the mayor, contact me, and lets put this to rest. I have faith we could work together if this turns out in the right way, I'd prefer if my orders don't involve switching my attention from the greyskins to Sevorgrad.... *Logan lets off the PTT and looks around to see all the members sleeping comfortably, he pulls a bible from his bag and opens it, he bows his head and says a quick prayer* "Lord, our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil... Amen.. *Logan feels a breeze as he finishes his words, and a thought that someone was listening comes over him*
  8. logan_moyer

    The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Logan hears the broadcasts and chooses to ignore them as he knows that Angus and Paul can handle it, he is tidying up a cabin in the woods, and setting up flashbang early warning systems. He hears a twig snap and he ducks behind the nearest tree, he reaches for his glock and loads a bullet in the chamber and peaks around the tree to see the lovely woman smiling at him. He greets her being very embarrassed and they exchange some words while walking into the Cabin" Woman: "Babe.. When you said you had a surprise I had no idea you meant something like this!!!" Logan: "I know you talked about missing home a lot and I thought I would try to recreate it for you so when you're swamped from your work you can come here and just unwind" *Logan looks and notices her scrubs have blood all over them and meets her gaze* Logan: "Hard day at work? Woman: "Awful!!! We lost two more today to that damn infection.. But enough about my day. How is the Radio Tower project coming along for Angus and Gordon?" Logan: "Its going great!! I got two generators working and I've heard faint transmissions from Moscow, it will take to few more days to get the transmitter powerful enough to reach Scotland, but I'm sure at least one more week and it will be ready! I just have to keep them thinking that you're the only reason I'm doing "business" in Gorka" *They both share a smile over the words and proceed to eat some dinner he prepared, she leans in and kisses him as he heard Angus come over the radio again and Logan pulls the radio off his vest and presses down the PTT* "Angus... The things we discussed last night about the operations this weekend, I must sadly say that I won't be able to make it down... I have more business in Gorka that is requiring my undivided attention. I'm sure our newest recruits can pick up the slack that will be left with my absence. I'll be back in a few days, I'll bring back a few bottles of Scotch to make up for it" *He lets off the PTT, to notice a large smile coming from the woman's face* Woman: "Have I ever told you how attractive it is to see the loyalty and love you have for those guys...." Logan: "They aren't the only people I have loyalty and love for..... By the way, I managed to get the shower working and there should be enough hot water in tank for you take a nice long hot shower... *She smiles at him and stands up and grabs his hand, Logan stands and hops towards the bathroom while trying to remove his boots and nearly falls. They share a laugh and the door slams shut*
  9. logan_moyer

    The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Logan's ears perk up at the sound of a friendly voice, he plants his knife into the ground and sets his makeshift plate next to the fire to keep his dinner warm. He reaches up for the mysterious ladies hand and extends his neck to receive a peck on the cheek. The woman sits down next to him and he pulls a decorative plate from his bag that he found and cleaned earlier in the day. He pulls the pot from the tripod and pulls a few pieces of meat and some cooked veggies from the brew and hands the woman her plate, he smiles as her eyes widens and she sniffs the air, he holds a hand up motioning her to pause as he picks up the radio and presses down the PTT* "Hey boys! I don't know if any of you are awake, but I thought I should give a brief update on my location an... *he is interrupted by the woman as she reaches for his beard* "Babe your beard is getting so long, it kinda turns..." *He lets off the PTT quickly hoping no one heard the woman's words. He smiles and pulls back up his radio and presses the PTT* "Sorry! Where was I? Oh ya, I'm currently East of NWAF heading North to scour the old UN medical facility, and the VDV's old HQ... I should be back in a few days, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the event with all the trading groups. I have faith yall can make do without me and won't get your heads blown off or captured, I have some business to attend to near Gorka so I will be occupied" *he nudges at the lady and smiles at her* "I should be back soon enough with gifts for you all of course, anyways I'm gonna get off here I got something poking my ribs" *He releases the PTT and smiles as the woman is poking his ribs trying to get his attention. She see's her opportunity and jumps on him, causing him to fall back. They smile and share a laugh as she leans in and kisses him, Logan's face warms up and he doesn't feel that empty feeling anymore. He takes a deep breath and thinks to himself* "Maybe something here can make this hell seem like home......."
  10. logan_moyer

    Takin' up that offer [101.1]

    *Logan staggers over to the dead men, holding his hip, trying to stop the flow of blood. He rummages through their pockets and find a radio and picks it up and turns to 101.1 just in time to catch Angus's transmission, he presses down the PTT and gathers his strength to speak* "Hey Angus... Paul... *his words sound weak due to blood loss* no worries yall, its gonna be a lot harder to kill me than what these guys had to offer." *He releases the PTT to tie a IV bag to a branch hanging above him, he sits down and pushes himself below the branch. He pulls his hand off the hole to see its still bleeding. He sighs and bites down on his shirt and jams a disinfected rag into the hole.. he screams in pain. He grabs the radio and presses down the PTT and says softly* "I'm up north somewhere... those motherfuckers caught me in the hip once, but its nothing major.. "*He sighs in pain* "Those wolves came along just in time to give me the upper hand." *He feels a breeze on his head and reaches for his hat and notices a hole in the hat, you hear a gunshot over the radio* "THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS SHOT MY HAT! Nonetheless i'm gonna sit here for a bit and see if this wound will close up, run some fluids. I'm feeling kinda tired, I think I might take a nap and hopefully these wounds won't be bleeding when I wake up" *Logan hand lets off the PTT, his vision blurs and he passes out from blood loss*
  11. logan_moyer

    Takin' up that offer [101.1]

    *Logan is sitting with his back to a tree with bullets whizzing past him, he fears this might be his last chance to call so he presses down the PTT button and says in a calm voice* " Hey Angus, Gordon, anyone honeslty..." *he pauses trying to stay composed* "I''m in a bit of a sticky situation up north and I'm not sure if I'll make it home..." *gunshots can be heard with each word with the cracking of wood and the clanging of metal* "Ran into some boys up here who has a beef with you and it's kinda going downhill, Just wanted to place this call to let you guys know why I didn't make it home. Just in case, thanks for the journey" *The bullets fly as the last few words come out and you hear Logan return some shots then a loud yell. one final loud crack and the radio dies and the connection is lost*
  12. logan_moyer

    Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    *Logan walks out of the Rattray Corporation Headquarters, turning back to see his boss and his fellow employee's sitting around a campfire chatting and laughing, passing around a bottle of vodka he recovered earlier in the day. He admires how just 2 weeks ago these men picked him up off the side of the road and welcomed him with open arms, and how they've become a family to him. He hears the transmission on the radio and carefully thinks of what he's gonna say after hearing everyone else talk to the LT with anger and support, he presses down the PTT button* Oh Lt. Rodriguez, it's nice to see you made it safely to the new headquarters! I hope I can find myself out there sometime to see the new camp. God knows Angus will drag me out there for future meetings and supply drops. The family you speak of is actually under our care as of today, we met with them maybe 6 hours ago to determine the safety of their market, but also the safety of the owners and their wonderful son Oliver, I don't know if it will ease your mind at all knowing that they do have someone out there watching out for them, but we are getting them set up and resupplied so they can begin trading again. If you truly want my opinion on the matter, I say that the abrupt move and putting some distance between you and the VDV was a very good idea, I've encountered many groups who target the VDV as well as the UN because they associate with them. I spoke with many traders, aswell as regular civilians who believe that the UN would be better respected and better off honestly if they associate themselves with the military powerhouse that is NATO and the Chernorussian friendly CDF. Anyways, that's just my two cents, but I hope we cross paths again, you don't find many strong women like yourself nowadays. *Logan lets off the PTT button as he hears Angus's drunken loud mouth popping off at Gordon and Jared saying that he could take them both on with his hands behind his back, Logan sticks the radio on his belt and walks in preparing to stop the situation from going any further. The headquarters is filled with laughter again as Logan walks in and reveals a bottle of aged scotch he had stowed away intended for the Lt he just finished broadcasting too.*
  13. Any towns have a better chance? maybe further north near tisy?
  14. He guys I'm currently on the hunt for either a MP5K (just the gun, i have mags and attachments) and I recently found a UMP45, but I'm having a hard time finding the mags and healthy amounts of 45 ammo. I know that in a situation ammo and mags become scarce, but I was wondering where the best place to look for all 3 items would be? Thanks in advance!
  15. Logan Moyer is the middle child of him and his two brothers Luke and Landon. Logan was quite different than the other two focusing more on his wit with words to get him out of situations that him and his brothers found themselves in. Logan was a premiere student all throughout school and found himself with many friends and liked by many as well. The people he couldn't win over never made a hostile acts to his size, standing at 6'4, 300lbs he was quite the challenge for anyone who opposed him. At the age of 18 Logan tried enlisting as a Police Officer for his local community, but was denied due to his size. Next, Logan tried enlisting in the Army, but again turned down for his size. After being denied by both his local PD and his Nations Military Forces Logan seeked training in hand to hand combat, small arms and large arms training, and up to date recon and survival skills. While Logan was receiving his training he ran into a man named Trevor Armstrong. Trevor was a man who ran a local survival group and would teach Logan the arts of survival and how to use weapons from the weak Glock 19 all the way up to a vehicle mounted M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun. After Logan's training he seeked to go overseas and serve the many failing countries. Logan joined up with a Christian Ministry Group who called themselves "Silent Night Ministries" who's goal was to aid the people in 3rd world countries who's land was being ripped apart by Civil Wars. The group was looking for high trained citizens who was willing to earn a name for themselves for a good cause. Logan enlisted with the group and quickly became one of their highest assets. The story quickly takes a turn for the worst when they arrive in Takistan after already a tour in not only Altis, but Stratis as well as some parts of Russia Logan had become a experienced operator when it came to negotiations, advance recon, and of course combat. When the group arrived in Takistan all seemed well, Logan being 21 now he was able to be sent off alone to do scouting missions and decide where the best base camp would be. Everything went off without a hitch and it was just gonna be another easy tour. 3 weeks into the tour Logan was sent with 2 other men to negotiate with a local warlord who was giving the group difficulties when it came to giving relief to the locals, when they arrived they were all captured and questioned for the location of the base. Logan being the leader he was questioned first and to the best of their abilities he wouldn't break, the warlord stuck a knife through his forearm and killed both of his Logan's men right in front of him. The warlord growing impatient with him he shoots Logan and gathers his men to dispose of the body... Logan wakes up to a man and woman driving him through some dense trees, and sits up to be pressed back down by the woman. She says he was found on the edge of the Chernarus border left for dead and they just barely managed to stop the bleeding from both wounds, Logan then blacks back out and awakes to screams and gunfire. The date was July 9th and this is where his story truly begins... Three weeks into the apocalypse and honestly things could be worse! Logan met up with a man and his brother who go by the names Angus and Gordon Rattray. He's very skeptical about the two men cause he believes their motives aren't what they say, they say they are driven to build a trade network and try to help as many as they can, but he thinks they are driven by greed. Logan has heard of the Rattray Corporation before and the things they sale and the actions they take to the people who cheat them, but for now they are a roof over his head and food in his belly. Logan will keep a eye out and try and restrain from falling to their ways. Logan has a code he has to stick to so he remains the person he is. 1.Kill only when my life is truly threatened. 2. No drugs, drugs dull the mind and increases the chance of making a mistake. 3. Watch out for my own, a group is only as strong as their weakest link, I have no intention on being that and letting someone else fail the group. Failure means death. Month 3... His leaders of the Rattray corporation has left the and most the members with them, he escorted his dear friends to the border and informed them that he was staying, because he felt his work wasn't done in this country. Logan is currently wandering the wilderness alone looking for people in need of help cause he believes he should save as many as he can before this disease swallows this country whole...