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  1. day z or 64xday z?

    WHICH is known to crash? the 64 bit one?
  2. day z or 64xday z?

    Hello! Just got myself whitelisted and I have a noob-type question. I launch Day Z from Steam and now there is an option at the beginning for standard Day Z or 64bit Day Z. Which type is DayZRP US server?
  3. Hiya

    Whaddya know...I actually survived the Whitelist application and am awaiting review. The suspense is almost palpable. How will I know if my app has been accepted?
  4. Hiya

    I'm actually quite the "techno-moron"...whatever happened to the days of pencils, notepads, and a handful of dice? Well, two oopsies and a 4x hour wait to oopsie again. Such is the Bane of my existence in this digital domain...sigh
  5. Hiya

    Jeebs here...new to this server group, but an old man where Day Z is concerned. In every instance of Day Z I have played;whether it be Day Z mod, or Day Z Standalone, I have always played a Medic. Consider it my "calling" if you will. Roleplay Servers are relatively new to me...tried a few that eventually died out for whatever reason. But I still like the idea behind them. Expect my first words when we meet in game to be something like "Do you require medical attention"? I have been many things in the years I've played...assumed many roles and held many titles, but ALL I really ever wanted to do was help people. Simple enough on the surface, but a very complicated idea to actually pull off. Be that as it may, Jeebs will hopefully take to the Field yet again. That is, IF I can make the whitelisting...wish me luck