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  1. Donald Finch

    Ban Strike (2 Months)

    I didn’t notice because I’m doing this on my phone and naturally signed in to my main email. And therefore didn’t see a name in the top right to notice I was using the wrong one
  2. Donald Finch

    Ban Strike (2 Months)

    Oh, yeah I remember now sorry that’s just prompted a memory my original was Andrew Lean I’m really sorry for not remembering this it’s just been so long. But yes Andrew lean was my original I honestly don’t know why I have made these accounts if I’m honest I just can’t literally can’t remeber. But as I’ve said previously I would really like another chance. Thank you for your time and having to go through all of this it’s just I can’t really remember why I made it. Sorry again for your time but I would really like another chance. Sorry for wasting all this time of yours. Here we go I’m sorry see I can’t remember which account I have set with which email. If possible could I have all my accounts removed so I can’t start on the website again this is all too confusing and I can’t remeber.