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  1. British European Referendum

    Both have positive and negatives. In the end both outcomes are shit, the world is fucked.
  2. Massive thanks to this G who gave me some great illustration help on a personal project that I'm working on. Really recommend him as he was easy to work with and translated my idea's into art really well. +111111
  3. DayZRP Podcast

    It's good but I think you should get someone else to host. It's nothing personal but you don't read off a script very well and you talk very fast, but I understand that yeah it's probably just nerves. If you want it to sound professional, look for a different host and you yourself focus solely on the production. Apart from this it's a really cool idea, surprised no one else has done it yet.
  4. DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    now there's a face I haven't seen in a long while
  5. NOICENOICENOICE Did they rob you back in mod? 8) They've brought this group over to other servers back in the day and nothing but backlash ensued. who the fuck are you fam? SDS is some mad shit.
  6. Hall of Fame opens

    No, anonymous means they have elected not to show their HOF on the page.
  7. Hall of Fame opens

    /snipppp/ (◡‿◡✿)(◡‿◡✿)
  8. What do you listen to ?

    You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat [video=youtube]
  9. NorseFire Media Thread

    mems :'(
  10. The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "Ban Pat or I'm driving this URAL into the sea" - Bulldog
  11. Squad

    bump mans a proper good commander me/scooter/daheb/Cory/Reece/Longton play from time to time, hmu if you wanna game