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  1. She was an American agent and was going to Chernarus to investigate what was going on, what happened is that her friend that went with her thought she was dead, and then the Americans didn't come back for her. She got through a lot when she was in the US, and after losing her partner she started to get kind of crazy. But she also is trying to survive, and she needs to find someone to help her find a way to come back to the US. If there is a way. She also is looking for a dog that she meet when she was in the hotel at kabanino, because he makes her remember about the dog that she had in the US. Her boyfriend came with her. Yuri Socrates is looking for her and she is also looking for him because she thinks he still alive.
  2. Her name is Helena Kravsk , and she was running away from her life in Europe , Ukraine , she was only 26 and she wanted to do something of her life , when she was a kid a very bad man took her from a school of nans , and he took care of her , in a bad way , he used to abuse of her , made she cut herself , and when she got older , he made her kill his enemy that was getting powerful , she also had a sister that helped her to became a most normal person , everything that Thomaz , the man who " took care of her " did to her , made her get traumatized because he taught her to fight and use it against other people , wanting to forget all of that , she went to Chernarus , in 2009 to rebuild her life after the civil war that happened there , she had a friend there in Berezino , who she was living with . until a day that she woke up with some noises of windows breaking , and when she went to the first floor , there was a men and a women eating her friend , she was not the kind of girl that used to listen to radio or watch tv so she didn't know what was happening , so she took off the lamp from the room , broke it and killed both infecteds that were eating her friend , and said " no one ats my friend " in a Ucranian way , after it , she didn't got out from her house until her food was over , her food lasted 1 week , so she went to the shore , there was no one in the city but those things , she thinks that they forgot to evacuate her and her frriend ,so she is trying to get at Kabanino , where the parents of her friend must be and of course , she needs food and a ney way to follow .
  3. So , I bought this account from my cousin like 1 years ago, he bought dayz and sometime after and he was needing money , he had like 13 years old , so I took it to me , and now i'm very interested in rp because I already played a lot and wan't to play this one that looks like the best one , and when I try to log in its saying that I'm blacklisted and I already talked to a adm on TS and she told me to give all the information to the appeal , so please can you guys help me ?
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