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  1. How LONG???

    thanks everyone!! I think i just needed reassurance. Thanks again. Cant wait to be apart of it. My story got denied lol. Obviously the person that denied me doesnt know much about how the military police works with the UN. ANd also how small a platoon is. I followed the lore to the T, The Lore says that the UN had a detachment north of svet. Any input on this would be appreciated
  2. How LONG???

    Does anyone one know how long it is going to take to get whitelisted? I have been waiting for three days now... Its torture!!
  3. Hello

  4. West coast running?

    Im an avid watcher if were talkin about the same. HAIL BLACKROCK!!!!
  5. West coast running?

    im talking about past bulota. Nice to see this is obviously an active community
  6. Who has ran to the far west coast? I love it!!!!
  7. Hello

    Hi everyone, I apllied on the whitelist just wanted to introduce my self. Any Vets out there?