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  1. alexnedea

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    How is Tanoa optimised though? Since Rolle kinda hinted at Tanoa, why not compare Lingor to Tanoa ?
  2. Hopefully I'll finally come back to DayZRP. I've been away since the SA gameplay is just too damn boring. Way too hard to find much on the map and instead of focusing on the RP i have to scramble too many hours just to find a gun with some ammo and whatnot. SA for me has become something I want to play but I don't have the patience to. Hopefully with this the old feelings will be there again, with more militarized RP that brings the rush in!
  3. DayZRP has it's own private hive. You will start fresh.
  4. Nope, server version is still red and infinite load screen is still there. Just tried one of the other servers(public ones) which have the version in green and it loaded in like 5 seconds instantly. Also seems odd that when joining one of those, it asked me if I agree to Battleye, where DayZRP didn't. Is There any way to come back one version of the game, or do I just wait until you guys go to the last version ? EDIT: Never mind apparently I had to join another server to ask me about agreeing to battleye and then come back here, you can mark this as solved now thx
  5. Using the IP already as the game seems to have 1 FPS and crash constantly when i use the server browser anyway. Verifying game cache right now will post if fixed thx
  6. So I just came back after a long time of not playing dayz at all. I have tha last patch, no betas opted in or anything at it is .60.133(numbers) and most of the servers have a green version, but dayzrp has it red. Steam downloaded the updates and everything on it's own so I don't think i can manually patch it back to plain 0.60 ? Anyways, this results in an endless loading screen after I enter the password(server is not full, I am whitelisted and my name is Andrei Lavru, should have no problems) Thx for any help you can offer
  7. alexnedea

    .59 Experimental Update #1 now live

    Have they added a couple of FPS too ?
  8. alexnedea

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    well that means im still not able to join all of you guys. As it stands, my computer simply cannot run DayZ at more than 15 FPS, while i'm right now playing arma 3 exile with 40-50 fps...
  9. alexnedea

    The Wolves

    Sorry guys had to go since you i first entered the red barn an was running like half an hour late. Also i'm actually very new to Convicts and never got to remember any names . The letter will most likely be sent to Sony Gunn given that my char is kind of scared right now of your 17262916 snipers
  10. I believe you should make an appeal for this and wait for an admin's response Also the fact that you made another account doesn't help you at all, as soon as you can't log in you should contact one of the admins on TS/E-mail or in extreme cases use the new account just for contacting them or appealing a ban/whatever, not trying to re-whitelist.
  11. alexnedea

    UNITED NATIONS [53rd NatresBataljon] [FEEDBACK WANTED]

    Looking forward to rob you guys No srsly now, the UN IMO should be permanently here, in a form or other, because in real life that's how it would be. The UN would instantly respond to such a crisis. Also i love the individual pics for each of your members
  12. alexnedea

    Weapon swapping while double carrying

    Playing so much Rp i forgot how easily you can get killed in this game lawl
  13. alexnedea

    Player Lifetime Progression Beard

    YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Now i can have a beard in game and no beard IRL