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  1. Karl Bakke

    My name is Karl. My orgin is from Norway where I work in the military as a ranger. My colleauge from work, Olaf and his friend Jon went to Chernarus on a hunting trip this summer. Nobody back home has heard anything, and the embassy in Moskow said that there was no way to get a hold of them. In respect of the familiy back home, I decided to enter the border from the North via Russia that boarders to Norway to look for my friend. It's been a loong trip so far, having to go a bit undercover as I got all my special ops gear with me. I'm running low on supplies, hopefully I will be able to go to the store in Chernogorsk as soon as I cross the border. I'm planning to cross it illegally as news back home has prepered me for what's waiting. I must try to stay in the shadows at all times.
  2. Olaf Aunegaard

    Hi, my name is Olaf Aunegaard. My orgin is from Norway, and my hobbies are hunting and hiking. I also enjoy a good coffee and have good barista skills. I also have a passion for surviving in the wild, but not to long without social contact. I work as a military police officer, my work is my passion. I have a girlfriend called Mia, and a dog called Quest. My favourite place is my cabin in the Norwegian mountains. In a few weeks, my and my friend will go hunting in Chernarus, we are really looking forward to that event!