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  1. My name is Karl. My orgin is from Norway where I work in the military as a ranger. My colleauge from work, Olaf and his friend Jon went to Chernarus on a hunting trip this summer. Nobody back home has heard anything, and the embassy in Moskow said that there was no way to get a hold of them. In respect of the familiy back home, I decided to enter the border from the North via Russia that boarders to Norway to look for my friend. It's been a loong trip so far, having to go a bit undercover as I got all my special ops gear with me. I'm running low on supplies, hopefully I will be able to go to the store in Chernogorsk as soon as I cross the border. I'm planning to cross it illegally as news back home has prepered me for what's waiting. I must try to stay in the shadows at all times.
  2. ----------- Olaf died of sickness from drinking dirty water, source unknown 7. november 2017 in the town of Sinistok while filling his water bottle. May be rest in peace ------------ Hi, my name is Olaf Aunegaard. My orgin is from Norway, and my hobbies are hunting and hiking. I also enjoy a good coffee and have good barista skills. I also have a passion for surviving in the wild, but not to long without social contact. I work as a military police officer, my work is my passion. I have a girlfriend called Mia, and a dog called Quest. My favourite place is my cabin in the Norwegian mountains. In a few weeks, my and my friend will go hunting in Chernarus, we are really looking forward to that event!